February 3, 2023
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Over the past years, there has been a significant need in the demand for great writers. More and more persons are enjoying the pleasures of earning a living from the comfort of their home through writing. This has been possible because they found the right means, have been hired by the right persons, and have been providing exactly want their clients need.

Are you a struggling writer? Do you think you have the potential to earn a decent living on your talent? Are you having a difficult time trying to land high paying jobs? If yes, Writer Help Wanted may be just what you need.

What is Writer Helper Wanted?

Writer Help wanted is a helpful online community created and designed by Ron Douglas and Alice Seba that promises to give writers, bloggers, freelancers, and persons looking for stay at home jobs all the help they need so that they can earn good money while writing by providing them with the required links and training.Writer Help Wanted Program

Who are Ron Douglas and Alice Seba?

Ron Douglas was once named New York Times best-selling author after selling more than 1 million copies of his books and eBooks. He has been feathered on Fox News, Good morning America and in Peoples Magazine for his accomplishments.

Alice Seba on the other hand, is a content marketing online experts with over 20, 000 satisfied customers. Amazingly she does all this within the comfort of her home.

How does it work?

Ron and Alice first start by highlighting 3 common mistakes that prevent promising writers from reaching their full potential. After they would have identified these mistakes, they work with you to correct them. Below are the mistakes that they highlighted.

Critical Mistake #1- Not knowing where to find high paying writing opportunities.

How this is corrected? Once you sign up, you will have full access frequently updated listings and featured job postings which will keep you in the know when new writing jobs arise. In addition, there are video tutorials that will be made available to teach you how to win these jobs as they arise.

Critical Mistake # 2- Simply Thinking that writing well is enough

Ron and Alice will help you to adequately market your skills so that you can be paid for your talent through access to their 5-Part Training Modules which will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know to earn a living from your writing.

Critical Mistake #3- Failing to learn from and model successful writers whove already accomplished your goals.

Get Instant Access!

This program will make available to you, videos of successful writers telling their stories so that you can learn from their mistakes and pattern after their success in an effort to help you climb the ladder of success at a much quicker rate.

What will I get?

After signing up you will get the following:

  • In-Depth Training Modules:Go from earning quick cash through writing jobs to earning passive income from your writing weeks, months and years from now.
  • Daily Job Listings:Get access to daily job listings, including our own featured listings. Stay ahead of the curve to snatch up the best jobs possible.
  • Case Studies ofProfessional Writers:Learn from writers who are writing for a living. Avoid their mistakes, emulate their successes and put yourself ahead of the curve.
  • Video Lessons:Learn how to spot the right job opportunities for you and how to apply for best results.
  • Handy Checklists:Make it easy to apply what you learn at Writer Help Wanted with a variety of useful checklists to keep you on track.
  • Must-Have Resources:Whether you need to build your website, sell your product or learn a special course, we’ve got you covered.

How much does Writer Help Wanted Cost?

If you order now, you will pay only $27 dollars for the entire package. Which is less than you will be paid for your first writing job.Writer Help Wanted Program

Have this program achieved any success in the past?

This program has been tried and tested by many, who are already reaping the benefits that it has to offer. Below are some of their success stories.

Jim D. said, “Thanks Alice, I just spent an hour inside the members area. Kudos to you and Ron. This is an outstanding resource for anyone who wants to write for a living. It contains all the advice and more importantly, the specific links where they can get started making money quickly and easily. In fact, it’s the most comprehensive resource I’ve ever seen on the subject!”

Kate R. said, “I’m always on the lookout for writers with expertise in wellness topics. Thanks to Writer Help Wanted I connected with an ideal candidate and she also has a background with internet marketing. Thanks to Alice, Ron, and team for making this happen. Game changer for me!”

Sharon M. said, “I’ve been a member of a few large writers’ services over the years, but this is the first one that offered an assortment of constantly updated resources in flexible formats that meet me where I am in my business. Best of all Ron and Alice are actively involved in the private Facebook group leading and responding to current issues and opportunities that busy writers and bloggers care about.” Sharon McMillan, City Living Guide.”

Susan O. said, “After reading an article in your group, I just priced a project at double what I would have and hour ago. My palms were sweaty as I waited to see if they would proceed… Then I received a phone call asking when can I start! No more underpricing… thanks Alice!”

What are the Pros and Cons of this program?


  • Offers help almost anybody. Wherever you are around the world, as long as you have an interest in writing for money, this program can help you. Whether your writing is good or average, this program will work with you.
  • Is easy to access. This program is available to you at the click of a button.
  • The price is reasonable. $27 is a reasonable price to pay for the promise of making thousands of dollars in the future.
  • Very attractive package. The package available for the one price is very comprehensive. It offers all you need to jumpstart your writing career.
  • Relevant materials. The materials offered are quite relevant to achieving your goals.


  • Presently, this program is only available online.

The Bottom Line

The reality is that there are many talented writers that are still struggling because they do not have the know-how to catapult their career to the height that it is capable of meeting. This program makes very practical promises that seem quite relevant in helping writers to earn a decent living. I would definitely recommend this program.

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– Direct access to high paying jobs and oppertunitiies.

– Video lectures tuturials by which you can develop strong writing skills.

– The system is easy to access for writers where they can find the perfect working oppertunites.

– Additional benefits along the purchase of this program which can help you achieve heights of success and increased earnings.

– Affordable price of $27 which is suitable for new writers.


Although the program will help writers find the perfect working opportunities, but there are no guaranteed results.

Summary: Writer Help wanted is a useful online community designed by Ron Douglas and Alice Seba to help freelancers and professional writers achieve heights of success. With the list of in depth training modules and job postings, you can boost your earnings by following the tips and tricks explained in this program.

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