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We live in an age of constant technological advancement in which we will see ourselves confused and puzzled as we look at the world if we are not willing to always learn how the newest technology operates and how it may be used in the old ways of life. If, for example, we do not pay attention to the rise of cryptocurrencies today, we will find ourselves looking at the banking system tomorrow without understanding what is going on for that it will soon be taken over by a decentralized network requiring no middleman with instantaneous transactions free of charge.


And so is the case with many other niches. Another fine example of innovation soaring with high speed in front of our eyes is the video marketing industry. The niche of marketing has been constantly evolving since the birth of the internet and it seemingly culminated in blogging, but now a much more effective and efficient form of spreading the word about a product began to dominate the market which harnesses the power of YouTube and of video making to reach a much wider audience in a much smaller amount of time.

Watch Me Sell

Video marketing is much more difficult than writing a blogpost or contacting other bloggers to write about your product. In order for it to be really successful, and in order for you to truly harness the power inherent in it, it has to be made perfectly that compels the viewers to watch it in a primal, emotional level.

In order to achieve this level of perfection in the art of video marketing, one has to learn the secrets of the trade. There are numerous courses available online that offer lessons in video marketing, all claiming the same, that they will teach you everything about video marketing.

Maybe they do, maybe they do not. But the truth is that they far too often put too much emphasis on Search Engine Optimization, which requires a heavy investment of energy and time with a percentage or two increase in the end results, or on the art of creating the most engaging and interesting content. In both cases the student gains tremendous knowledge about one part of the video marketing industry, but will still remain clueless in how to actually make money out of it.


Video Traffic Academy is one of the most extensive and the most praised guide on the market that teaches you both Search Engine Optimization, the art of creating the most thrilling content, and the tools with which you can effectively monetize your videos.

Video Traffic Academy is a course created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs to help the customer grasp the basics and the potential of video marketing. It shows the endless way to use YouTube while running their business to spread the word of their product and increase their sales with hundreds and hundreds of percentage points.

A Free Outlet for Ads

The course of Video Traffic Academy consists of four basic modules. All of them are organized and easy to be understood even for those who are completely unfamiliar with this new kind of marketing model, know nothing about making videos or getting higher rankings in the search results.


Module one is the YouTube Channel Optimization. In order to upload videos to YouTube, you of course need a Channel. And channels respond to the search bar the same way blogs respond to Google or other search engines: they need to be tweaked and optimized until they climb to the top.

This includes using specific keywords and the age-old method of Search Engine Optimization all around the channel along with coming up with titles that instantly catch the eye or cover pictures the likes which no user can resist to click on.

This module also includes creating a pleasant and user-friendly channel interface that greets the visitor with a non-intrusive yet informative video and that effectively navigates her to the video dealing with the product to the checkout window.

Module two is the Video Creation page. Arguably this one is the hardest part which requires the most skill for the best possible results. Even though Video Traffic Academy guides the student swiftly and with ease through the art of creating the best and most entertaining and engaging videos, actually creating it will require a lot of time and effort. This video will be your chance to introduce the product for the viewer and convince them that this is what he wants. Because of this, one must pay the highest attention to the content of module two.

The third module is video optimization. Similarly to module one, we want our newly uploaded video to reach as many people as it is humanly possible, and to do that, we want to use the best and most efficient keywords along with Search Engine Optimization and many other things. The step by step guide of module three will help your marketing tool to get the best search results possible.

Finally, the last module is the After Upload Video Optimization. This module is yet another guide on how to have your video climb higher and higher in the search results even more to generate more views and have them translate into more purchases.



As it had been shown by studies over and over again, people much more prefer consume information by watching a video than by reading it. This is why anyone who invest time and effort into learning how to craft the most effective and engaging marketing campaign in video format will see his revenue double or triple. Whether it is used by a small, local business, an e-commerce site, by retailers, vendors, artists and in general entrepreneurs, using video marketing as it is taught by Video Traffic Academy is going to highly boost their profit.

For $97 you will not only receive Video Traffic Academy but also numerous bonuses.

You will receive a Directors Tool Kit to edit and cut a video until it reaches the ultimate wow-factor, Outsourcers Guide to Video which offers great advice how to cooperate with others in setting up your video marketing project and Faceless Videos, teaching you how to make just as engaging and interesting videos even if you are not willing or able to stand in front of the camera and talk.

Furthermore, you will receive access to the Video Traffic Academy Community where you can share your experience and learn from that of others, and much more.

Video Traffic Academy is an essential tool for anyone who is selling a product online for that it is a cutting-edge innovation that boosts the revenue of all who is willing to use it.


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– Professional video marketing methods by which you can make useful videos without any professional assistance.

– Once you have understood the 4 modules properly, you can boost your product selling number withing no time.

– Easy to understand and comprehend techniques by which you can enhance your revenue.

– Suitable for search engine optimization which is the most important factor regarding internet marketing.


The program requires some technical skills to edit and upload the videos over respective online marketing channels.

Summary: Video Traffic Academy is a beneficial online product developed to give you best marketing and internet selling techniques. Now generate cutting edge promotional videos to attract more visitors by simply following the methods explained in the course and achieve your desired outcome within days.

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