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Membership in Traders Elite will give you a Trend-Catcher System, Price Flip, and Macro Levels. Michael Nurok, trader and author of ForexPrecog trading system, will give you the signals you need for profitable forex trades. The program provides you with signals by email, mobile alerts and full member access to the website. Traders Elite Membership is only $259 a year, and you do receive a $50 CashBack from ProfitF. There is a 60-days money back plan through the Clickbank payment processor if you are not satisfied with this program.

This program has been in business for over 15 years and over four years of signals. There are 7,000 members, and over 15,000 pips have been made. This is a sophisticated trading system that assists the member in identifying low-risk but high-probability setup in the market. You will have the key entry points, stop loss and targets as well as smart trade management tools to produce the best results.

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What is the Program?

Traders Elite provides you with forex signals that include price, target price, and stop-loss price. There are also instructions through the duration of the trades. Most Traders Elite Forex signals are based on EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD and on the Gold Price. You will also find information on Yen Crosses, ERUJPY, UDSJPY, and GBPJPY.

Members of the system get email alerts, full access to the Members Area, Traders Elite Trade Copier (you can copy Forex Signals automatically to your LiveAccount.

Download and subscribe to the trial and get the mobile app.

Register your email address and your metatrader account details, if you have them

Copy the signals you want daily

Key strategies that are traded include:

FX profiteer that combines market action patterns with moving averages, MACD and crossovers. These are signals based on 4-hours and daily charts.

Forex Price Flip. Market action and important reversal points are the strategies in this program. The aim is to find possible reversal points and to point them out. These types of signals are also based on 4-hours charts.

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Macro Levels strategy gives you pivots and critical consolidation levels. These signals are 4-hour, daily, and weekly charts provided by Michael in your emails.

Forex Trend-Catcher identifies the optimal time to buy and sell. The is strategy employs MACD and moving average crossovers.

Gold Profiteer combines all remaining strategies to trade with the gold price. You will also receive an analysis of other US crosses to forecast gold prices.

With your membership, you can use the Trade Copier to trade automatically and copy and trades on the books. Install the Trade Copier and set on Autopilot. You can adjust pending orders and take advantage of the re-open option. Traders may also remove some of the forex pairs by simply switching through the allow and deny pair instructions. You can manage risk by using manage risk scaling and lot scaling techniques that are in the book.

Traders Elite Trend-Catcher trading strategy gives you a high probability system for trading in the forex markets. You can download the eBook for free at This book gives you the opportunity to catch trends at the beginning of the traditional time frames. Watch Senior Trader Michael Nurok generate winning trades on a consistent basis. Follow his examples to master the system for your own personal trading.



Bonuses include the Trend-Catcher System that gives you popup alerts, signals for all pairs and symbols works on all time frames, and you have a lifetime license.

Bonus #2 is the price Flip Indicator. This is the primary price reversal trading system, Signals for pairs, and Popup Alerts.

Bonus #3 is the Macro Levels Indicator. This is not a free bonus; you will get the best winning binary signals to use when you deposit money into one of the recommended broker accounts. Then the software will get connected in the back end. The software only works with a few binary brokers.

Although this sounds a bit shady it is the best way to provide the utmost priority and prove the best and most winning binary signals to Elite Trader App member who are totally serious.

Remember these messages do not come free on any system; even Google.



The program consists of risk/reward tips and tricks, the ability to copy signals, and take advantage of the exact trades that are happening every trading day. It is a group of financial traders that help each other work through the journey of trading profitably. Members learn faster, develop awesome new relationships and avoid costly mistakes. This is daily collaboration, email alerts, and professional advice.

Hundreds of traders test their skills in the economic markets, and most of them lose their hard earned money and melt away. There are some that churn out profits over long periods of time and gain the wealth and security they want. To become a legitimate trader, you dont need to take individual courses or buy trading books, you do not need a huge amount of money to start trading. All you need is to treat trading as a business and not a hobby. It takes effort and perseverance.

You must keep a detailed record of your trades. Update them nightly and review them for weeks. This will give you a strategic advantage. Use a daily journal to post your observations and ideas.

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Become a specialist and choose particular market and styles that will suit you. Find and master multiple trading edges where there are positive results. Copy and reproduce these strategies.

Choose your information sources wisely. You can get caught up in the media circus, but you will not be able to determine what is real and what is a scam. Belonging to Traders Elite will give you access to signals, email updates, and professional advice.

To be an elite trader, you must learn from the best. That might be difficult since there are so many gurus everywhere who hawk their chat rooms and newsletters. Most of these people do not have the information, experience or track record your need to raise your trading game to the elite status. Sample as many teachers, as you can, to find out what works best for you. In the process, you will learn what you need in the trading world. Or, you can stop right here and order Trading Elite that gives you everything you need for Elite Trading.

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– Have three cool bonuses which are all tied to help you make great trades in the market.

– The platform will help you stop major loses instantly. If you have been making some loses, then this is the platform that you need to start using.

– The platform is made by precision and accuracy. this guide will turn all your loss making into profit making scheme. Therefore, it is a platform that you will need to trust to start making the profits.

– This platform gives you access to an elite trade membership where you can learn from other people and what they are doing.


– You will have to access the platform through the internet and to go over it, that might take some time.

Summary: As you trade, you will need to b a little more careful, precise and determined. The Traders Elite is a membership platform where member get instant notification and alerts from the forex market and thus chances of making reasonable profits are high. With powerful and accurate signals, you are sure that what you are getting is the best. Therefore, this is the program that you have to use if you are so determined to be a successful trader, which I believe you are

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