TradeMiner Review – Does It Really Work? Scam?

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Pros and cons of TradeMiner


  • TradeMiner is very easy to use software. It can figure out how to utilize effectively because it is instinctive.
  • The software is very good to be used on operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • The subscription charges are only once not on monthly basis.
  • It is very fast in analyzing and sorting of data of all previous years.
  • It can give details in terms of charts and graphs by mere double clicking on a stock etc.


1.This software lacks in covering every single stock, but those in the formats of DJIA, S&P 500, and NASDAQ can be covered entirely.

2.The software under-represent the ETF because of the limitation of their historical data, although this software comprises of most heavily traded ETFs because of their popularity and demand.


Product description

Gecko Software has fashioned consumer software TradeMiner. This unique software can be installed on machines having operating systems such as OS X, Linus or Windows. The basic aim of TradeMiner is to attract the various groups of investors by providing them research tools.

This software enables investors to have thorough details of trading histories of investments, forex tracks, and stocks. This software can also be used for identifying the trends of trading entities, the events responsible for the shrinkage or growth of market values, and tracking the history of over thirty years of the recorded data.

According to the tech company Gecko Software, the tracking, identification, and making use of the information delivered by TradeMiner can result in increasing the profit or certain investor using it over 80 to 100 percent if utilized correctly.

The claims of the Gecko Software make it evident why TradeMiner has become so popular among professional and amateur investors. Still there is a question that whether the hype is warranted or not? In the review of the TradeMiner, it will be elaborated that whether or not the Trade Miner delivers its claims to clients.

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Trade Miner is dedicated software; a research tool especially fashioned to scan the database of the investments, Forex markets, and stocks to find out the recurrent trends along with market cycles that happened to be profitable up to almost 80 to 90 percent, in some cases 100 percent. The details are also mentioned on the official website of the TradeMiner.

The major difference between other newsletters and TradeMiner is that it is software dedicated to the penny stocks. Instead to pay someone and act as a mentor for you, you pay the software program which in returns assists in designing the portfolio and making the perfect picks. This is how it is more usable than other ventures and this property makes it expensive too.

TradeMiner has a total of three different versions; Forex, Stocks and Futures or Investments. Basically, all the three types are different kinds of trades as well. The price for the cumulative three versions is almost $194, but if you will buy a single version then it cost up to $97 per version.

One of the reviewers of Swing Trade Stocks explains TradeMiner as software that is not just a trading system. The software can be utilized for increasing the odds of trade. This is because every stock follows a certain pattern in its entire history, but there is no 100 percent surety that the pattern will repeat itself in the future. This software is dedicated to the facts it claims. The patterns of past can be used to get an advantage in future through this software.


Product Features

Speedy delivering of results

The software is a user-friendly platform that permits its users to scan millions of fragments of market data flawlessly. After the identification of the historical trends, the software assists its users to find the best pick.

Analyzer of Graphs

There are numerous types of charts and graphs in TradeMiner that permits to see the outcomes of the history identifying the risk vs. reward and see through trade records of the history.

Trade Chooser

TradeMiner also assists to narrow down the trade lists of previous several years to a few trade lists that have the pattern of all previous year trends.

Trade Alerts

The software provides email alerts to its users to notify when the periodic trades are ready to start. The email alerts enable you to offer well-timed, actionable information whenever you desire for it.

Custom search optimization

The software offers you to create customized groups centered on numerous options such as margin per contract, price range, tic value or pipe, sectors, volumes etc. and if commodities or stocks are flexible.


Educational Support

The software is very easy to use and comprises of educational resources and extensive help for its users. There are a lot of videos that demonstrate the software itself along with its support center via email or phone number as well.

Trade miner offers its users the following guidelines:

  • The date of Entry: when the related pattern begins.
  • Date of Exit: when the pattern ends.
  • Profit & Loss: the extent to which the cash exchange happened over the past years (from 5 to over 50 plus years)
  • Exit Strategy: it suggests stopping from misfortune request state and benefiting targets.
  • Detailed history: it offers to review real exchange history of each exchange.
  • Prize vs. Risk: Level of risk that was gratified for getting an uttered benefit.
  • Profitability: the rates of profitability increases to a potential extent.
  • Style of Trading: the software ropes both long haul patterns for position swapping as well as brief pattern distinctive proof for informal investors.
  • Brokerage: the software works with any secure record; no exceptional programming is required.
  • Programming: no specific changes are required but everything is readily available.

The TradeMiner is a Java program software that is downloadable and ready to use when installing on the machine. It can be installed on ordinary PC, a Mac, or even Linux machine. The basic way to run the setup of TradeMiner is to disconnect the internet before running setup. The hardware requirement for the software is almost 2 GB.

Additionally, you will take in an extensive quantity all the more privileged the programming remaining mindful that it justifies every penny you will utilize how to benefit from this kind of endeavors soon and without much consultations.

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TradeMiner offers beneficial techniques concerning solving the issues rapidly. The software has several easy steps which can be learned quickly and easily. This software is basic for learning and accomplishing goals rapidly. TradeMiner demonstrates the straightforward and compelling path on account of its operations. This framework works in connection to our experience and precise evidence.

TradeMiner is suggested to you as its demonstrates numerous extraordinary benefits, giving 60-day cash back assurance on the off chance that you are not satisfied by this software. Try not to be a delay to have it on your machine; you can get to this marvelous item by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

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– Very easy to use and understand- The guide has been built with an easy to understand points and therefore you can put it to action with so much ease.

– Compatible with so many softwares such as the windows and the Linux and therefore, you do not have to worry about the kind of software that you are using.

– The software can be used at any part of the globe, it does not matter where you are living.

– The software charges the subscription charges only once unlike many other softwares which charges on a monthly basis.


– Mostly the software does not cover for single stocks. Therefore people who are interested in this kind of stocks might find it hard to trade.

Summary: With three kind of purposes, this software has set itself apart from all other softwares. It provides the investors with the information about the stock market, the forex market and the general investment. Therefore, lucky you, you have found this page and it means that you have made the first step towards greatness. Therefore if you need to really advance in these three markets just click on the red button at the bottom.

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