January 25, 2023
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May be you are the kind that is tired by taking food substances that are not healthy enough and may be you are scared that the plants might cause some health issues. Well then, may be you are too wasted by some foods and plants that you take that are full of chemicals and that are not grown out of the ordinary soil and fertilizer (sometimes it is not needed). Be ready because what I am about to expose you is a system that will change all that.



There are no special requirements that are needed with this system of growth, the thing that you need to have is just a small yard-a backyard, and you do not need to have much time to perform all the activities that you may be doing, all the planting and all the gardening. With determination, and strength, you can find yourself growing some of the delectable organic foods. However, in order to achieve all this, you will need a guide that will guide you in all this process and this is none other but the Tiberian Growdome method. This is perhaps the most fundamental requirements that you need in order to thrive.

Tiberian Growdome method

This is a method that was developed by a Charles Patterson, a resident of the Colorado Mountains with the view of helping people to be self sufficient in everything they you do. It is a very comprehensive guide that will help you in your gardening practices and will help you to produce healthy foods that are of benefits to your health. It is outlined step by step to make sure that you learn everything that you need to know in the production of healthy toxic free food. It is very helpful at producing vegetable foods, the fruits and some of the medicinal plants.

The tiberian growdome method is not only helpful at making you grow healthy food; it will also help you save a lot of your money each month which would have otherwise gone to buy the food that you are now growing in your backyard. That is the power of this method.


Tiberian growdome is not only focused on helping you produce healthy food, it is also focused on helping you in the methods of the food preservation such as the freeze-drying, the caning method and many others like the dehydration method. All these are keenly highlighted in the manual and they are very easy to follow.

Climate and the gardening space

The tiberian growdome system of is not dependent on the climate and actually, it can work on almost every part of the world with the distinctions in the climate and the climate changes. You do not have to worry about the place you are staying, this method will very much work for you.

About the gardening space, this is not an issue; the tiberian growdome system does not require much for a space. Only a very little space is required. Remember, here we are into the method that will help at making the cost, the space and the effort so little and at the same time make the produce so great and rewarding. This system is the right one for you and you have to try it out.

Many people think that thriving in the farming industry, you will need to have a very big land, and your capital must be also equivalently large but with the tiberian growdome method, only a very little land and few bucks are required. You do not need to build a vegetable garden house.


Diving into the system

By taking a very wide outlook on the method and the systems of gardening that are done or advocated in the tiberian growdome system, you will notice that most of the people can actually do them even the teenagers and that forms the major distinction between this system of farming and all the other systems there are. In this system, you will learn the following most vital steps;

  1. You will need to do the assembling of the growdome. This will be needed in case you are into the method. Essentially, the growdome is very easy to assemble and gives one a very big advantage that it can be portable to almost any part where you need it to be. The growdome, if need be, it can be disseminated within a very short time and taken to another place.
  2. After building or assembling the growdome, you will need to build a hoophouse. This is not complicated as it may sound and actually, building a hoophouse wont even cost much of your time. By building this hoophouse, you will be creating an additional capacity to the growdome and with this; you could grow enough food for your family all the year round.
  3. You will need a structure that will even support you. Growdome itself, it cannot support you therefore, you will need to create a standup for the growdome. You can design it so that you are able to stand up inside. That is the beauty with these structures.
  4. With the tiberian growdome system, you can be shown how to create the reverse of the growdome. Remember that the growdome works in the climates in cold climate. Therefore, you can be shown how to effectively build the reverse of the growdome.

These are the four major steps that you will need in order to become successful in the growing of food that is healthy and of benefits to you and your family.

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The plus points of the method

There are many advantages and the plus points that you will get by using the method called the tiberian growdome method. Here are some of the advantages that you will get by using this powerful method;

  • Grow food that will feed your family on a balanced diet program. This will help to lower all your grocery bills and sustain all your needs.
  • The system is powerful in the customization of the size of the plants; therefore, you could use it for the preferred plants.
  • Giving the plants clean water that is also safe is the best thing that you could to the health of the plants. With the tiberian growdome system, you will be taught how to treat the water very cheaply and very easily and thus it will be safe for use in the garden.
  • This sounds so obvious but is very vital; you will be taught how to build a successful and helpful growdome.
  • It is very easy to use, operate and follow.

All these are the plus points that have made me recommend you the product because it is the best and will help you avert the dangers of consuming toxic foods and it will also reduce your cost of the grocery spending.



It is best that you get to shield yourself from the dangers of the GMO food and the toxic supplements that you buy as store bought foods. Averting from these foods could be the best thing and indulging in the awesome goodness of the tiberian growdome is not only healthy living, but will also save you a lot. Therefore, if you have read this then you are only half way into discovering all the benefits of this system. Therefore, go ahead and try it out.

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– Start living a healthy life by consuming meals made out from natural fruits and vegetables instead of ready made products from the store.

– Easy to practice methods required for growdome preparation.

– No need for professional assistance to make the system function and complete the job by thoroughly studying the guide.

-The program has proved to give best results regarding healthy and organic food development.


You will be required to have some technical skills in order to prepare the system on your own.

Summary: The Tiberian Growdome System is designed by Charles Patterson which can help people grow healthy organic foods no matter what the environmental conditions are. By properly practicing the step by step techniques to prepare the growdome, each type of natural vegetables and organic food can be grown without any guidance.

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