The Racing Insider Review – What You Need To Know About it?

The Racing Insider
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This is a complete review of the racing insider system

Meet the creator of the racing insider system

The creator of the racing insider system is Jenny K.

  • She started working with and learning from horses since she was a teen
  • She had worked as a backstretcher on the major tracks of the UK race circuit. In case you dont know, the job of a backstretcher entails cleaning stalls, also known as grooming, training and exercising horses at the tracks on-site stables.
  • She has lost countless amounts of money trying to win horse racing bets
  • Using her insider tips she has been able to make a 217.5% return on her investment



  • You will continue to post winning bets on a constant basis
  • You will have access to profitable tips every day. These tips are a combination of the analysis of inside experts
  • You can start with as low as 30, then, work your way upwards
  • The hit rate and winning odds will be made available for up to 5 winning horse race selections on a daily basis
  • You will not need to sit in front of your computer for 24 hours of the day
  • You will not need to make use of any software
  • You will receive your betting tips via email between 10.00 and 11.30am from Monday through Sunday
  • You can trade on all the major racing events of the year including the big festivals
  • You need not study any charts nor do you have to make any mathematical calculations. In simple terms, your prior experience does not matter even if you do not have any prior experience
  • You have access to free betting advice
  • You can use the tips for any race taking place all over the world
  • You can bet just like the professionals. This comes with lots of peace and strings of profitable trades
  • You do not to spend a lot of time executing your trades
  • You now have access to the tips being provided by high-priced systems
  • You have access to a really fast support. If you have any request, you will receive the reply to your request in less than 24 hours, mostly within 12 hours
  • Access to this system is limited so that you can continue to enjoy high winning odds
  • You are assured of winning right from the first day of your subscription
  • You have instant access to the system immediately after you make your purchase.
  • You can bet UK races no matter where you are in the world as long as your bookmaker can allow you to place the bet


What Makes Racing Insider Unique?

  • It has made +256 points in profits within 7 months
  • It does not require any high stake
  • Each information will be made available to you latest 11.45am each day
  • You will only receive betting selection that is right for the day. The betting selection you receive can be one or up to five for each day. What determines the number of bets will be the quality of the information



did a 5 trixie on the selections and ended up with a profit of around 1600

Hi jenny,

i joined the service approx. 3 weeks ago and it was my intention for the 60 day money back period to just paper trade the results and then decide whether to subscribe permanently or cancel my subscription.

the reason for this is that over the years, I have been sent literally hundreds of offers such as yours and many of them have been obvious scams, but in your case I thought with the money back guarantee there is literally nothing to lose and I could assess your service for 2 months (which seems a reasonable period to judge) and see it compared to the results that were highlighted in the publicity material.

for some reason yesterday, I thought on the back of a run of near misses that your fortunes were due to change so I did a 5 trixie on the selections and ended up with a profit of around 1600, so it is safe to say if results continue in this vein Im on board for the long haul.

I appreciate that having all three selections come in on the same day is unusual and I certainly won’t be doing multiples every day, but it has set me up with a nice bank to follow the selections as singles.

Thanks again




For you to be a success with punter, you need the right staking plan. With this plan, you will be able to turn your punting in to a real second source of income.

With this bonus guide, you will guided on the right path on how to have the right staking plan


If you are busy person, so busy to the extent that you will not have the time to trade during the week, then, this guide will help you in this regard.

Also, if with your present income schedule, you can only afford to bet only during the weekends, then, this guide will be of great help to you.

How to get started

For you to get started require that you take the following three steps.

These steps are

  • subscribe
  • receive your betting information and place your bets
  • profit and cash in on your profits


The Racing Insider system requires that you pay a monthly fee of 14.99. Also, there is no discount for the first month payment.

This means that your first month payment and subsequent payment for every other month is 14.99

Requirements to become a member

The Racing Insider system is not for you…

  • If you cannot accept losses. Not every day will be a winning bet. Thus, if you cannot the days of loss, do not subscribe
  • If you are so broke and you intend to go into debt to pay your subscription fee

However, the Racing Insider system is for you…

  • If you are willing to take the right action
  • If you put in an honest effort and you are consistent



60 days money-back guarantee

You get refunded if the tips you get did not work for you or the results you get contradicts whatever you have been promised. And you have 60 days to determine this.

To ask for your refund, send an email to jenny and you will get your refund without needing to wait, fill a form, or get bogged with any questions.


Whatever your decision is, you do not want to regret making the wrong choice. My advice is that you purchase the racing insider system.

This is because the betting information you receive is based on real analysis of the condition of the horses as opposed to analysis and study of charts of previous records. In addition, with this system, you are guaranteed a consistent source of income.

This income can either be your primary source of income or a secondary source of income depending in which one you chose it to be. Finally, you have access to jenny and her team of experts at any time of the day in case you are stuck, need advice or any question even before you make your purchase.

With the guarantee and the price at which this service is being offered, i am sure they are likely to hold true their scarcity statement of limiting the number of people they are going to let in to this program.


Click Here to See More Details About The Racing Insider


– Best for beginners as they can maximize the chances of win by following appropriate betting methods.

– Boost your earnings by placing correct bets.

– Bet like professionals on all horse racing events so that you can increase the chances of win.

– Regular updates on betting trends so that you do not make any wrong moves while placing a bet.


Betting depends on luck and the system does not guarantees win each time you bet,

Summary: The Racing Insider system is made by Jenny K which can assist you for betting on horse races so that you can get maximum profits out of your investment. So if you are a beginner and unaware with the rules of race betting, this program can help you in best regard.

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