The Laying Loophole Service Review – Does It Really Work? Scam?

The Laying Loophole Service
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You wake up in the morning; check your betting account and you see that your account is $200 richer. Many punters hope for this reality every time they place any bet but the reality is far from it.

What 90% of gamers get is constant frustration and panic. After checking the result of their stake, the feel scammed; like the universe has turned against them. They feel this every single day baring the occasional moments of meagre winnings.

While some might not be able to let go because of their addiction, others quit at some point with the notion that betting is not just their thing. They would rather spend their money at the bar to wash away their sorrows than stake another game.


But the important question is – why do a majority of gamblers lose money? Is it because they are stupid? Are they just plain unlucky? Is the universe trying to punish them for their past sins? Or is it because they always bet against the house?

Well, if you haven’t guessed it already, it’s definitely because they bet against the house. While 90% of punters are losing money on a regular basis, the bookmakers are coasting home with a constant profit.

Now the important question would be – why does the house always win? Is it because they are scam artists always looking for preys (well, maybe they are but that’s not the real reason)? Or is it because gamblers are just simply careless at placing bets and are consistently playing into the hands of bookmakers?

While the above mention reasons might be valid for one reason or another, it doesn’t explain why bookmakers can be right on so many occasions. The real reason why the house would keep winning is that they take less and less risk every single time.

So let’s say you placed a bet on your favorite horse to win a race. So many other players would choose different horses to win the same race. However, there can only be one winner which means that only one set of punters can be correct. The other participants just made the house a lot of money.

But fear not, as you are about to get one or should I say many over the house. Strap in as I review this new system that helps you fulfill your betting dream not just once or twice but every time you try.

The laying loophole is a product introduced by a fellow punter who once lost £2000 pounds in a single bet to the house.  He later discoursed a way to beat the house on a consistent basis and is now sharing this wonderful system with the world.

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How it works

As soon as you sign up for this system, you simply check your email box every day to gets bets to place on Betfair.  It is that simple. You don’t have to do any mental or physical work. Just sit back and watch the cash roll on.

You get to use the loophole that has been discovered by the proprietors to make an everyday profit on bet fair. The laying loophole only requires 5 to 10 minutes of your time each day. This time is the time spent placing bets since all the hard work has already been done.

Devil in the detail

Now let’s review all the specific reasons and benefit you’ll derive from using this service every day.

Delivery before sunlight

Obviously, you don’t want to get bets for games that are already expired or a few minutes before the game. You want your options to be clear to you way before each game starts.

What better time to receive selections than when you wake up in the morning. You get all the selections before the start of any game giving you ample time to decide which of the selections you are comfortable with and how much to place on each one.


Number of daily selections

If what you are looking for is options or you simply want to maximize your profit as much as possible then the laying loophole is definitely for you.  You get an average of 3 selections every day with each making you amazing odds.

Though the number of daily selections is usually depended on the number of sporting activities on any given day, you’ll always get the chance to wet your beak as the sun rises.

Sporting activity coverage

While some people stick to placing bets on just one sport others like to spread their tentacles in different sports. The loophole uses a set of rules that are applicable to many sports. This means you would not be restricted to football and horse racing bets alone.

Though the bulk of the selection comes from football and horse racing bets, you’ll also get picks from other sport that matches the metrics set by the proprietor of the laying loophole.

No betting knowledge required

When people ear of betting system, what comes to mind is the fact that they have to learn a new set of rules and terms. Others nurture the thought of being told to research statistics of one horse or team that they give up before they start.


You would not have to worry about these concerns with the loophole. The system simply gives you picks with specific instruction on how to use them. All you have to do is place the bets with nothing more.

Starting capital

So if you look on the internet you’ll probably find some system that works with one annoying caveat. You have to start betting with a lot of cash that you probably don’t have.  Even if you do, no right-thinking person wants to risk thousands of pounds on betting where there is always a chance (no matter how slim) that you’ll lose it all.

This system, on the other hand, only requires as little as £100 to start placing bets. With this amount, you can grow your betting balance over time without the fear of losing it all at once.

Stress-free betting

You can literally go to sleep knowing that your bets are guaranteed for success. You don’t have to sit in front of your computer all day hoping that a team wins. As soon as you place each bet you can almost certainly predict a positive outcome.
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Money back guarantee

Ill admits, asking a person to part away with money for something they are not sure would work is a hard sell. This is more so when dealing with gamblers many of which have been victims of several internet scams. They immediately assume you’re trying to scam them and all the reviews in the world would not convince them otherwise.

The laying loophole has however created an avenue to solve this problem with its 60 days money back guarantee. If you purchase this service and don’t make a profit within 60 days of purchase, your money would be returned to you with no questions asked.

How much is it?

This cost of purchasing this service is the best part yet. You get all the amazing benefits we have described only for a small fraction of the profit you’ll eventually make for using the selections consistently. The offers are divided into two to suit your pocket.

  • The monthly subscription to this service cost a meagre sum of £38 which gives you access to daily selection for the same time frame.
  • You can alternatively save money by subscribing to this service for a period of 6 months for £99.

These offers are one-off payment as you would not be required to pay any other hidden charge.


Our opinion

Most people going through their lives never finding any edge in anything they do but for lack of opportunities. The laying loophole service in our opinion is one of those opportunities. You’ll notice the instantaneous change in your betting game.

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  • you do not need to learn new rules to use this system
  • it is affordable.
  • it guarantees a daily return on bets.
  • you would become systematic in your approach to betting.
  • you only spend very little time each day placing the bet.
  • you can start with as little as £100.


  • it doesn’t apply to all sports bets.
  • You don’t learn the process you just get picks.
  • it doesn’t encourage independent thinking.

Summary: They say sports betting is a game of luck. this system ensures that the odds are always in your favor everytime you place a bet. You would be given the tools of consistent winnings on Betfair.

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