The Hypertufa How to Manual Review – Scam, Legit, or What?

The Hypertufa How to Manual
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Decorating and planting in a garden can be a herculean task for the newbie. First, you have to pick the right plants for the weather conditions and environment. Then you have to make the decision of what planter to use.

In deciding on the planter, you are faced with several options. To make this decision, you need to consider cost, design and ingenuity. One planter stands tall above all others in fulfilling the above conditions – The Hypertufa planter.

This traditional looking planter is made from various aggregate held together by Portland cement. It is cost-effective, easy on the eye and preserves the plant better than most planters on the market. In addition, you can make it yourself to suit your personal preference.

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Generally, hypertufa planters are preferable for the following reasons:

  • They have a unique ancient stone appearance.
  • They are lighter than other cement stone available on the market.
  • They give you the latitude to be creative – you can make them into shapes that you love.
  • They can withstand the harshest weather possible.
  • They are the most affordable planters (they cost up to one-tenth of the price of other cement planters.

Getting To Business

So, now that we know the pros of designing your garden with hypertufa planters, one major problem still remains – how do you make hypertufa materials? The beauty of this planter is molding them into different shapes and sizes that you want.

Aside from the thrill of being the creator, is there any other reason to “do it yourself”. If you are a bargain hunter then this is for you.

For instance, a small sized garden trough costs an average of $50 dollars. Considering the price of this book and the cost of purchasing mixing ingredients, the guide pays for its self in no time.

However, using the wrong ingredient or lack of understanding of the entire process can waste your time and effort. Claudia F. Brownlie has created this amazing E-book to help you learn how to properly make this unique planter and other hypertufa made materials. “The Hypertufa How-To Manuel” which is in pdf format would explain the moulding process form A – Z.

Claudia brings her highly regarded experience as a hypertufa expert to bear in writing this book. She tries to simplify the entire process of moulding a beautiful Hypertufa planter in your garden.

Aside from her unquestionable experience, she also carried out in-depth research and made several professional consultations before writing this EBook.


The Hypertufa How-to Manuel is not relevant to making planters alone. It is relevant in making all garden utilities such as totems, troughs, spheres etc. The book gives a step by step approach to achieving this aim.

How the Book Is Structured

The pdf you get after making the purchase is specifically designed for the amateurs and sufficiently knowledgeable gardener.

If you know next to nothing about gardening not to speak of Hypertufa in particular, then this book would change that notion. In the alternative, if you already have a basic grasp of hypertufa material and its garden use, then this book would improve your skills drastically.

The How-to Manual also contains pictures strategically positioned to give a physical representation to the text. This practical approach to learning ensures that the knowledge derived from this book stays with you for ages.

Key Selling Points

This guide seeks to make you a guru by exploring the following points explained in this review below:


Safety First

When working with hypertufa ingredients, the gardener needs to be aware of the component of each one. For instance, Portland cement which is a key ingredient contains material that can burn the skin or irritate the eyes.

This book offers an informed guide on how best to deal with hypertufa ingredients to eliminate any physical damage whatsoever.

Avoiding Rookie Mistakes While Mixing Ingredients

Hypertufa can be exciting to mix and can be a colourful experience. But, as a rookie, there is the tendency to overdo certain things and not do enough of others. This is especially true when mixing the ingredients.

Claudia explains how to avoid these mistakes while mixing. Particularly, she explains the tricks of getting the water ratio right in mixing the ingredients.

Handling Large Recipe Amount

When the object to be moulded is large, the mixing process can take its toll on your back. To avoid this, the writer shares the practical skill you can employ to avoid losing your back in the mixing process. You would also be exposed to mixing positions that can help relieve back pain.

Ingredient Substitute

Nothing feels worse than moulding a planter that later turned out to look nothing like the real deal. This is sometimes a result of using bad ingredient substitute. You would learn the parameters of deciding the best alternative to use when your preferred ingredients are unavailable.



Choosing the Right Reinforcements

Reinforcement is more relevant in large mixing but might be necessary for small moulds as well. When they are necessary, they become very important. When the right reinforcements are not used, the mould can crumble in no time.

Though this book, you’ll understand the right reinforcement per mould so you don’t have to watch your sweat crumble before your eyes.

Learn Proper Curing Techniques

As easy as curing is, doing it wrong can be costly. The Tufa must be wrapped in the right container, kept at a particular temperature and left for a particular time. These considerations differ depending on ingredients and size of the mixture.  This guide would show you how to put the above considerations in perspective in curing.

Repairing Broken Tufa Items

Well, not everyone needs to make a new Hypertufa, some people just want to repair the ones they already owned but are damaged. Not to worry as you’ll also find useful tips and techniques for fixing broken tufas in this manual.

The Art of Moulding

Hypertufa is art after all. All the technicalities would be irrelevant if you don’t know how to properly mold the shape you desire. Though mastery of this art would take time and practise, the book offers helpful tips on perfecting the art.

Add On

If the words used in the manual seem too technical for your liking, there is an explanatory glossary at the end to help you understand better.
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What Do You Get When You Purchase?

The most mind-blowing fact about the Hypertufa How-To Manual is its price. For all the benefit described above, you only pay $24.95 and no there hidden charges. As soon as you make a payment you would be handed a Zip folder containing this amazing bargain.

If within 60 days of purchase, you have good reason to think the book is a scam, you’ll be given your full purchase price back.

Also contained in the zip folder, is another free material. So, you would be getting two for the price of one. This bonus eBook titled “hypertufa leaf casting project” offers ingenious expert knowledge about leaf casting.

The extra freebie contains 8 pages of carefully written information about the essentials of becoming a leaf casting expert.

What Are People Saying?

Don’t take our word alone for it. Many experts and purchasers have given this manual thumbs up.

Sally R who is a past president of the American Concrete Institute had described the manual as a compilation of sound technical and historical information.

Several purchases who have read this manual have lauded Claudia’s writing style as simple to understand. Others have also appreciated the depth of knowledge it took to write such a masterpiece.

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What We Think

No matter how many reviews you see concerning the product, there is nothing that can be said that would match the real deal. The real deal, in this case, is reading the manual page by page and watch yourself become an expert.

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  • It is easy to read.
  • The price of the eBook is a bargain.
  • The eBook has descriptive pictures of the molding process.
  • it is engaging to the reader from start finish
  • it is comprehensive from start to finish


  • The book is only made in PDF format
  • The book is made only for an adult audience.

Summary: you would speak to hypertufa expert like peers after reading this book. it is that good.

RatingRated 5 stars