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With the love of spa products, you need an excellent guide that will aid in making the products with minimal inconvenience. Dont worry the handcrafters companion is a perfect solution for you and it wont let you down. Why the handcrafters guide? Thats the obvious question ringing into your mind. I assure you that with a list of 126 recipes, you have all what it takes to deliver the best.

The special feature about the e-book is that it not only teaches you how to make your favorite spa products but it advises you on the methods through which you can use the instruction into a profitable venture.


Author of the book and what the book is all about

With knowledge in indulging bath treatments, the exfoliation of both body srubs and aromatic body fragrances, the author clearly illustrates on the methods to use on the spa products to earn maximum profit. After conducting a comprehensive research for at least 8 years, Jane church wrote the handcrafters companion book.

Through Jane Church previous development of home baths and body products the author faced a lot of criticism before writing his own book. The author advises people who want to create their personal bombs, scrubs bath soaps, home fragrance product and bath teas. The hand crafters guide consists of 126 baths, recipes and body products which will make you to be in per with professional spa owners.

The guide will provide explanations on the perfect ways to create a variety of products ranging from the baths treatment, rich cream and butters and aromatic products. You can turn your home into comfortable spas by just following the well explained steps.


Recipes on the eBook.

The collection is more than even what you will crave for. With a collection of more than 126 recipes you will have power in your hands. Sometimes with the large array of recipes to choose from, you may have may be totally confused of the best choice to make. Dont worry, the eBook provide you with relevant insights through which you can vary the different types of recipes?

The handcrafters companion product features.

With a list of 126 recipes, you will have an easy task in the creation of spa products. The spa products created, can be easily customized to meet your demand both locally and commercially with a copy of the handcrafters companion guide, you will be subjected to the following discussed recipes, and additives soaks and bath teas.

With the list of recipes in hand you will be in a perfect position to prepare hot baths and cares. With the handcrafted soaps, you can prepare different types of recipes ranging from the classic ones to others with a different version. Recipes for balms, butter sachet and potpourri are among the few recipes you will discover with your copy of the handcrafters companion.


The handcrafters companion product benefits

You will not only get the tips for proper creation of spa products but there are a lot of benefits you may get from the purchase of the product. The first benefit of the product is that it will enable you to start a perfect spa business. Its a good idea to not only use the spa products at home but start a small business to later improve your standards of living.

The book will be of great aid in the teaching of the mode through which you can create a given brand from a probable list of products. From the e-book, you can learn on the methods to create body lotions, body scrubs just from natural beauty ingredients.

The product is sold at an affordable price in the market. Its such a darling price for 126 recipes. With the product, you will learn other product promotion features like the perfect way to brand your product with perfect images that captures customer attention. With the knowledge, you can develop other business alongside the spa one.

The guide is made up of the combination of the latest products in the market. With the latest product, you can develop products that meet your nutrition, skin and weight needs. The developed products may be used as gifts to friend and relatives or can be sold.

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The book is sold at an affordable price when compared to other beauty products in the market. You can attest to the fact beauty products cost a fortune in the market. The price of the book is just $ 27. With the purchase of the e-book, you will have an easier readability period as the e book contains a content guide.

There are addition bonuses with the purchase of the e-book. You will get the resource guide bonus, the lip gloss and lip balm handbook bonus and the making of the potpourri recipes. With the purchase of the book from the official website you will have a money guarantee period of 60 days. In case you have problems with the purchase of the book, you can contact the support center.


Constituent part s of the e-book.

The e-book contains the tips and tools which may get you started. The tip start guide has lot of benefits to the newbies. The second part addresses on the modes through which one can keep a given work clean and sanitized.

The remaining parts will address on the different methods through which you can take cautionary measures while working with the spa products. It will be a good idea to keep your family safe and sound and with the cautionary measures, you will be on a good page.

The labeling of your products appropriately, the calculation of financial records, the setting up of promotional tips and the sourcing and supplying of your list forms the main parts of the e-book.

The handcrafters guide bonuses

The main e-book has 3 bonuses .The bonus resource guide which is valued at $19 will be of great aid in the searching of raw materials, packaging among other supplies. The bonus guide will save you great hours which you may have used in researching. You will have ample creation time with the e-book.

The lip balm and lip gloss handbook are valued at $19. The guide comprises of 29 different formulaes through which you can keep your skin moist always. The last bonus is the special report bonus book. The special report bonus e-book is usually valued at $23. With the purchase of the main e-book, you will save $23 which is a good plan.



The handcrafters e-book provides knowledge required in the creation of a wide range of skin pampering products. The product is real and with a 60 days money guarantee period and the additional bonuses, you can be starting a viable business.

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– DIY methods by which you can make up to 126 various spa products.

– Effective and easy to understand methods for which you need no professional assistance.

– You can start your own business by introducing uniques products and recipes.

– Along with the purchase of this book, you will be given 3 more programs worth $19 free of cost.

– Money back guarantee by which you can get a complete refund of your payment within 60 days.


Although the e book contains a number of methods for the preparation of spa products, but you must be careful while handling tools for crafting wood.

Summary: The Handcrafter’s Companion program can help you create items of personal usage without any professional assistance. Whether you want to make body scrums, bathing essentials of fragrances, there are various helpful tips and tricks explained in the program.

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