January 23, 2023
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Synergy Spanish is the easiest way to learn the Spanish language. It is a proven shortcut system that has been used by over 500,000 people worldwide.

The program was developed by Marcus Santamaria, who is not an original Spanish speaker. After their marriage, Marcus and his wife Elena moved to Mexico to be near family. However, Marcus did not speak a word of Spanish, and he needed to learn the language quickly so he could interact with his Spanish family.

As an English teacher, he was tasked with teaching English as a second language. Marcus felt like a fraud. He didnt even know another language. He decided to search for a way to learn and teach Spanish that was foolproof. Marcus says, Believe me, Spanish was not easy for me I struggled! Marcus quickly discovered the traditional textbook way to learn Spanish did not work for him. What he needed was a different method of learning Spanish.

This is such a unique way to learn a language that age is not a barrier to learning and speaking Spanish. (One of Marcus oldest students was 96 years old!) A simple change in your approach to Spanish will open up the language for you. You will quickly impress your Spanish friends and native speakers with your ability to speak the language. If you want to speak Spanish well, dont be afraid to download Synergy Spanish and find out what thousands of other people have discovered you can learn Spanish quickly.

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The Trick to Synergy Spanish

The course that Marcus Santamaria developed teaches that you only need to learn 138 words. Marcus utilizes a fast track method and a step-by-step action guide based on patterns. You put these 138 words together in patterns, and you are quickly learning entry level Spanish.

The system employs a strategy known as the 80/20 rule or the Pareto principle. This rule states that 20 percent of your efforts bring about 80 percent of your results. You employ the same theories in Synergy Spanish. There teaching program includes 68 structured audio lessons plus a guidebook to help you along.

Each lesson is about 15 minutes. Students learn the synergy words and verbs that can be used to construct almost 88,000 Spanish sentences and phrases.

A memory technique is used with the assistance of the audio and workbooks. You can find these audio works and book by downloading them.

Once you have downloaded the program, you can play the audio files on your computer or mobile devices. Do be aware, however, that the program is focused on Mexican Spanish versus the Spanish dialects used in Spain and South America.

You will learn to put short phrases together to form the core questions needed to ask for directions, prices, greetings, and where the bathroom is located.

There are no interactive modules or free demonstrations; the program focuses on an approach that is best suited to learning the language in a very short amount of time.

The program gets rid of much of the grammar and unnecessary fillers and fluff. It works well for those who need to learn Spanish quickly, and are not willing to go through the grammar exercises that are prevalent in Spanish classes.

The course is perfect for beginners with no prior knowledge of the language. It is a system that does teach survival Spanish and help you move around in Spanish speaking countries.


Pros to Synergy Spanish

This is a program that uses quick thinking and learning to be successful. If you want a logical way to learn Spanish, this is the program for you. Eight pros to the program can be listed as:

1. A convenient way for beginners to learn Spanish. Everything is downloaded from a website and transferred directly to your computer. You can use it at any time. There is no set schedule.

2. The program is considered very fast track. You discover how to combine Spanish words to create full sentences. This helps you speak survival Spanish in about seven days. Dont be afraid of the phrase fast track. The program is designed for learners of all ages.

3. The program is inexpensive as compared to other language learning programs. The cost is very economical. If you are interested in purchasing the program and do not want to download the audio files, a hands-on version will come right to your door.

4. The program focuses on what is important in the Spanish language. It leaves out unnecessary words and phrases that you will not use in regular conversations.

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5. You have online support and coaching through email. This gives you an easy way to interact with Marcus and his helpers. You will receive an email that guides you through questions and answers. Ask all the issues you want and get the answers you need.

6. You dont have to learn so many words and phrases nor are you graded in any way. Forget the Spanish books you are assigned in regular Spanish classes. This program does away with irrelevant materials.

7. You have a 60-day money back guarantee. You can never go wrong with this guarantee!

8. There is a free trial of the program that includes the first four chapters. If you find that you cannot learn or dont want to learn Spanish quickly, you dont need to go on with the course.

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Cons of Synergy Spanish

Of course, with every product, there are things that will not be perfect. Some of the criticisms of this program are:

  • It offers a very shallow way to learn a language. It will not teach you the Spanish you may need for all situations. There is no business practice; this is survival Spanish.
  • The program stops when you have gone through the interactive audio sessions online. There is no more to the program. The program only works via audio and workbooks. There is no classroom or teach intervention.
  • The program focuses on Mexican Spanish and does not teach other dialects.


Does the Program Work?

This language learning program has proven to be very effective. It is a method of teaching and learning Spanish based on patterns. You only need to learn 138 Spanish terms to be able to survive in a Spanish country. You learn to put these words together to form phrases and sentences. There is a memory method used in the program, but you will not learn this technique until you purchase and download the program. If you prefer a hands-on method of learning, you can have the program sent to you via the mail.

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– You can get complete grip over the language by learning the 138 basic words and phrases as explained by the author.

– Great focus on the most important aspects of Spanish language so that you understand and communicate without any inconvenience.

– Audio and video lectures by which you can learn the exact pronunciation and meaning of words.

– Facility of online support by which you can get an instant solution to each of your problem.


The program requires detailed study and focus to learn the language properly. Moreover, it is only available online which means you need to stay connected to follow the program.

Summary: Synergy Spanish is the most effective language learning program developed by Marcus Santamaria which can help you get complete grip over the language within weeks. By following the video lectures, tutorials and learning tips as explained by the author, you can get complete proficiency over Spanish language which is guarantee.

RatingRated 4.5 stars
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