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If you, like me, know next to nothing about sports, I bet you’re thinking the same thing I did.

Uh, so is he a bookie? Is he a professor? You don’t usually hear about academics moonlighting as bookies. Well, I’m about to tell you why you can be confident in Rich Allen’s system for betting success.

I think you’ll find it to be a pretty interesting story.

Rich had been on a years-long losing streak and was, understandably, frustrated that no matter what he tried, he just couldn’t figure out how to pick the winners. So he enlisted the help of a Russian professor with a PhD in statistics, who had never even seen an NFL game before. According to Jackie Gay on, the professor came up with a system and gave Rich 9 picks of winners and 5 picks of losers to avoid at all costs.


The proof is in the putting (er, betting).

Using the Russian’s system, Rich was amazed to see that 8 out of 9 of the winners won, and 4 out of the 5 losers lost. Numbers always speak for themselves, don’t they?

After that, Rich paid his life savings to the professor to forecast bets for every NFL game over the next year. He saw the pattern in the system and how to utlize it to best give you the winning edge.

Clueless about sports or the betting process? No problem!

Rich’s guide will show you how to decide the best picks. He not only teaches you what to look out for, but gives you the reasons why you’ll want to pick or avoid betting on certain teams. It was easy to understand, even for me, who is just starting to learn about the whole betting process.

Rich emails you daily picks and is responds quickly to emails and on posts on various sports betting forums. If you’re betting on college or pro football, you’ll get the picks a full day before the game.

See what it’s like to tilt the odds in your favor for only $7 for 7 days worth of picks.

I know, you’re probably wondering how he could possibly make a profit from giving away a week’s worth of picks at such a low price. Rich is just that certain in the effectiveness of his system, and he wants you to witness its benefits for yourself. Take a chance and bet with the best for less than the price of a full meal!


The “true” number.

Rich explains that you’ve got to look for a happy medium in order to find the “right” or “true” number to bet on. He says you don’t want to bet on a game when it first comes out because the bookies are chomping at the bit to get in and bet big. This is more than likely going to move the spread by a few points.

On the other hand, however, you don’t want to wait until the closing line (known as “Amateur Hour” among seasoned betters). That’s when everyone who waited is rushing to get their bets in. And usually whatever the general public’s impulsively betting on in a last-minute frenzy, turns out to be a Loser (yes, with a capital L). So don’t believe the hype!


If you “chase” betslike Don Draper chases liquor, you’re gonna have a bad time.

That is, unless you enjoy losing a lot of money in an incredibly short amount of time. If you find that you’ve done this in the past, don’t be too hard on yourself. You live, you learn, you do better (pun intended).

Sadly, it happens a lot more than you might realize. You can be relieved to know that, by using Rich’s proven methods for deciding the best picks, that no longer has to be your fate. Read on to find out how to keep your money where it belongs: with you! Whether in your bank account, your bra, your sock, your mattress…I ain’t judgin’ ya.

Temptation is not your friend.

We’ve all been there. Whether you were at the bar or just kicking back, relaxing, watching the game at home, there’s that pass or play that seems to come out of nowhere and change the entire direction of a game. You call your bookie because you gotta cash in on that winning streak. How could you not?

Sure, you’ll put all your money on that game because the evidence of that being a winning bet is right there on the screen! So your team, the dark horse out of nowhere, may continue to score points, or not, but eventually, what skyrocketed to the heights of the heavens comes pummeling down to earth, face-meet-concrete style. Splat!

Then when you are finally able to walk it off, your empty wallet doesn’t exactly boost your spirits. Even as a newbie to the betting world, I’ve experienced the devastation of this. Talk about a day (or, in my case, a week) ruined. That is why I want to share Rich’s expert advice with you now, to help you avoid making the same mistake.


You gotta have a plan, Stan.

Bet between 2-5% of your total bankroll on each play. Rich recommends closer to 2%, because betting lower means you can hold out during any remaining closing streaks and still stay onboard for the positive gains. Riding out the storm, so to speak.

Having a solid betting plan in place will help you resist the urge to throw your entire bankroll toward the illusion of a shot-in-the dark winner, and it’ll shield you from the disappointment of chasing that impulse.

Think of it like you would when investing in the stock market.

Rich’s rule of only betting 2-5% is the same rule my husband uses to invest in his stocks. For the longest time, he would look at stock forums and impulsively decide to buy or sell based on whatever the bulls and bears were spamming that day. He would get so frustrated because the guys on the forum said that (insert fly-by-night penny stock here) was going to blow up, so how was he losing money in it? That all changed when he started sticking to his investment strategy.

The wild ride on the emotional rollercoaster is common among betters and investors alike. Thankfully, Rich shows you how to avoid the heartache that comes with acting on an impulse, allowing you to enjoy the wins even more!

Start your winning streak by betting with Rich today!


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– Best practices for beginners who are unaware of the basics of sports betting as they can find the most helpful secrets to achieve more wins.

– Win huge profits out of your small initial investment by placing the perfect betting moves.

– The program is not fake or scam as the tips and tricks are based on real life betting scenarios.

– Easy to understand and comprehend moves so that you have increased chances of win.


There are certain risks involved in online betting and you must use your own intellect before investing huge amounts into betting as the results are never guaranteed.

Summary: Sports Betting Professor is the ultimate betting program designed by Rich Allen where you can find the most helpful betting techniques. So if you are determined to increase your wins for online sports betting, this program will help you in best regard.

RatingRated 3.5 stars