February 4, 2023
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If you are searching for a sturdy and useful tool that can also act as a means of self-defense, then this Shockwave Torch review is for you. This article will show you a far easy way to keep yourself safe than going through the whole nine-yards of training, licensing, and maintaining a firearm. If you want a vigilant guard for yourself and your family that you can trust no matter what, then read on…

Have you heard of a tactical torch that can defend you?

Shockwave Torch Defend Yourself

Believe it or not, the crime rate is high, and you need to protect yourself. It would help if you had a reliable self-defense mechanism that is easy to operate and simple to learn. But do you have the time, money, and energy to learn a martial art or carry a noisy firearm much of the time? There is a cost-effective and straightforward method for the majority of people to ward off attackers, and it works whether you ever had training in self-defense or not.

Shockwave Torch is a tactical tool that is light years ahead of your humble flashlight. It is a powerful instrument that serves as a light source and a strong weapon of defense. It effortlessly fits into your pocket, a purse, a small bag, or even in the car dashboard. A flashlight is a vital aid in your survival kit but may also save your life.

You might be wondering what is so great about this widget? Look, it is:

  • Easy to use
  • Bright enough to put off an assailant by blinding him temporarily and giving you a chance to escape from the scene
  • Sturdy with sharp edges that can help you to defend yourself
  • A potent weapon in Shock mode
  • Highly affordable with the benefits that it provides

Working of Shockwave Torch

You only need to press the long oblong switch on the top to light a large area. You will also find a small circular button at the bottom that activates the Shock Mode. The resulting discharge of light and heat will send your opponent packing in seconds. The most significant benefit is that you do not have to learn anything complicated to use it – anybody more than 18 years of age can handle it easily.

How does the torch protect you?

Shockwave Torch by Patriot has a unique shock mode that activates a deadly force of 4.5 million volts to paralyze thugs. In the face of an attack, the 800 lumens brightness blinds your foe temporarily. You can also use the crenulated bezel to hit your enemy, especially on the face.

About the specs:

I have been using the torch for the last couple of weeks and found:

  • The LED bulb is extremely bright at 800 lumens and lasts up to 100,000 hours.
  • A sharp bezel that works perfectly for self-defense
  • The aluminum body is like a tank and does not break even if you drop it from heights.
  • The stun gun is deadly, and you can pack your attacker with a punch of 4.5 million volts at 2 amperes.
  • The superlight device weighs only 4 ounces, and I find that the rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium battery lasts a while
  • You can easily handle it due to its small size of 6.5 inches x 1.5 inches.

One of my lawyer friends finds the accessory an easy remedy to ward off surprise assaults… better than messy pepper sprays and easier to use than a firearm or a knife. You will find that the light illuminates an area as large as a football field. But here’s the kicker: the Shockwave Torch is the size of your standard flashlight.

Is there anybody else on the planet that uses this trustworthy companion?

Do you know that tactical torches find many bearers in the armed forces? You might think why all those navy seals, army rangers, army green berets, marine recon, delta force, and other armed units need them? The answer is straightforward: there is no unnecessary loss of limb or life, and the situation diffuses without much harm.

Have you ever faced a situation where you found suddenly face-to-face with an assailant demanding to empty your pockets or purse in a dark street? The tactical torch is the perfect means of defense for such a use case. You will be confident wherever you go with a defense system that you may find reliable.

Advantages over other self-defense weapons

Shockwave Torch Advantages

You may find other alternatives like stun guns or pepper sprays in the market. However, these do not easily go unnoticed. It might take you a while to get them out of your purse or bag. In contrast, you can carry a light without unwanted attention in a dimly-lit place…and that will seem only natural.

Distance is a crucial factor.

Mind you – at a short distance, the aggressor can seize your weapon and use it against you in case of sprays and guns. But a small flashlight is not likely to attract attention…and nobody will guess that this little toy can pack power to dazzle an elephant herd.

The element of surprise

Attackers often lie in wait for their victim and spring the element of surprise. By the time you react, they are already within distance to overpower you. You only need to push the shock mode button on the metal body, and the bad person will bathe in floodlight. You can pull a surprise on the thug that will give you a chance to escape while he claws air.


The ultra-bright light throws a beam that reaches up to 100 meters ahead of you. The compact, focused beam has an intensity of 800 lumens that can blind your invader for several seconds. You gain the upper edge as you can see everything, but your opposite party cannot. If the thug tries to get near you, there is instant blindness in stock for him. The stunning light can be devastating.

Cause pain

The well-crafted design gives you much-needed protection both through its shape and material. The sharp bezel and the metal body’s singular aim is to cut through the skin’s soft tissue and cause trauma. The LED bulb can bake your enemy with the generated heat at a short distance if he faces the beam for more than a few seconds.


The 4.5 million volt shock can generate unbearable pain short of stopping the heart or freezing the muscles. The tool can freeze the mugger’s movements for several seconds, whatever his size and shape.

The best among tactical torches

How does this compare with the other tactical torches? First, this is the only torch that comes with a Shock Mode. You can quickly operate the mode by throwing the switch to the ON position and pressing a small button. You can carry it safely by flicking the switch to the OFF position. Secondly, it comes with a stun light discharge of a massive 4.5 million volts at 2 amperes. Thirdly, it has sharp bezels. My experience with such products for the last couple of years tells me that nothing comes close to these 3-in-1 features.

Who will find this survival tool of the most significant benefit?

You will find this an ideal tool if you spend a lot of time outdoors. You can gift it to women who will find it stylish and extremely useful at the same time. It is also perfect an easy-to-use and perfect defensive weapon for old members of your family. Although it has a safety option, it is better to keep it out of reach of children, lest they treat it as a plaything.

Is the product genuine?

Shockwave Torch Money Back Guarantee

The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 60 days. I will bet that no scam product will give you such a lenient policy. Several trustworthy reviews, online and offline, reflect the genuine nature of the product. Rest assured that this is not something that will leave you repenting after dumping a box and taking your hard-earned money.

It might be worth your while

I will wager that the features alone make the Shockwave Torch worth a try. The mechanism works exceedingly well, considering its small size and weight. It will surprise you that such a little thing can pack such a deadly punch of power. It is one of the most reliable companions that you will ever have. Finally, the product’s reasonable price and Patriot’s full-refund policy will make you give it the go-ahead.


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• You need only to hit a button to stun a thug with a lightning charge of 4.5 million volts.
• The rugged and compact body does not need any maintenance on your part.
• The ultra-bright LED throws a narrow, compact beam of 800 lumens brightness.
• You can operate it easily with the help of only two buttons.
• You cannot accidentally zap yourself due to the safety switch that turns Shock Mode on or off.
• You can hold it firmly with its non-slip grip and wrist band.
• It can fully charge within a few hours.
• You can carry it conveniently without unwanted attention.


• You need to keep it away from children even though it has a safety switch.
• You can use this product only in jurisdictions that allow stun guns.

Summary: You need to take charge of your security today.
You may not have the time to take lessons in self-defense…
But you have a simple option that is easy to operate irrespective of age and health…
All you need is a reliable companion that can stun your attackers with photons powered by 4.5 million volts…
This Shockwave Torch review is an in-depth analysis of a powerful tool that can ensure you remain safe.

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