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With the boom of technology and the expansion of the Internet in worldwide, many new industries have started and shown high growth rates standing right beside the other major player industries of the market. One of the many industries is the e-commerce industry.

The world has changed and along with this how people buy and sell things has changed as well. E-commerce means selling and buying through the Internet and it is commonly called online shopping. Online shopping is more a fad within society but has established its base in the roots of the world. Amazon, eBay and AliBaba being the top players in the e-commerce industry, we have several more names in there.

The industry is worth about 1.2 trillion US Dollars of revenue and 40% of customers buy things online.


With an increasing number of platforms for online shopping, the usage of customers increases. Plus, the busy world increases the urge to buy things online be it your dress, shoes, make-up or grocery. Each and every brand has moved forward with selling products on the go. The portals which bring buyers and sellers together earn crazy amounts as the dealers get an easy platform to showcase their products and customers get one platform where they can buy things cheap which has thousands of choices to choose from.

These websites have a traffic of over 1 billion customers every day. With increasing usage of mobile phones and tablets and smart watches coming in as trends, users now have many platforms for online shopping as per their need and preference. The advent of 3G has given the boost to online shopping whenever wherever. That stated, the more people coming in, the more websites earn from the advertising on their website by Google Console.

Now deciding to be part of the e-commerce industry, you need to understand how things work on e-commerce platforms. The process is very simple yet needs attention.:

  • One needs to get registered as a seller on the e-commerce platform and manage the products being showcased by them.
  • Once the products are there, people will start buying your products as soon as they start appearing in your search results.
  • After a sale occurs, the e-commerce website will confirm the order shipment and the payment processes with the customers.
  • You will get the order from the website along with all the shipping details and payment procedures.
  • The funds will accumulate in your seller account that will be transferred to your bank account every 14 days.
  • So whatever you earn is in your pocket in a period of 14 days and no later. These companies are registered publically and there is no fear of a scam on you.

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Entering an e-commerce business as a seller is the easiest business you can start with minimum investment.

You simply need to find the products at low prices and sell them at higher prices on the e-commerce website. With billions of people visiting the website, your product will soon get a boost and start selling with some good reviews. A study suggests that the seven big trends for the e-commerce industry in the next few coming years is the consumer, the device, the selling, the merchant, the marketing, the advertising and the service.

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When you enter this industry, you already have the consumer who has his own device with him round the clock. Advertising and marketing are pretty much taken care by the e-commerce website already. Service is the forte of the website again. So you get a full fledge customer coming in to buy the product. You just have to showcase it on the rack in a good way and earn money.

But before starting the business, wouldnt you think of which product you should sell to get the highest amount of customers to buy? Obviously, you should go for the products which have the most searches by the customers. How would you know where you could find the particular product at the lowest wholesale prices which youre going to sell on the online portal? These are some questions which can confuse you and with minimum knowledge you will just waste your time and make no money on the e-commerce website at all.

The business seems easy but it also has many hacks which you need to figure out before starting and entering the world of e-commerce.


Your ultimate directory to your e-commerce business hacks is SaleHoo.

  • SaleHoo is an online portal which promises to help you earn the best amount of money in the least possible time.
  • The e-commerce industry particularly has three major hacks which you need to consider, and the directory provides you with solutions to all those three hacks in an easy way.
  • SaleHoo provides you with complete insight from the researchers about which products are selling the most on which e-commerce website.
  • The keyword searches and Google insights have pretty much summed up the behaviour of a consumer on a website and what leads them to buy something.
  • This directory guides your way through it so you can select the best product you want to sell which will make you some great amount of money.
  • Once you have selected the product, you need to find suppliers for the product with the lowest possible cost. SaleHoo has a list of genuine suppliers from the market which provides products at the lowest prices available.

Finding a trustworthy supplier who doesnt ditch at the last moment is very important as your performance is at stake in the e-commerce website as well. If you take an order from customer, you need to be sure that your supplier will complete the project as well and on time.

  • The wholesale prices SaleHoo provides you are competitive in the market and the list of companies they have on board are all big names who are genuine and least interested to scam you from some dollars.
  • Moreover, the membership with SaleHoo will get you great tips and counselling on their forum where they have thousands of businessmen like you who have great experience in something youre starting right now.
  • SaleHoo also has online blogs which discuss the trends with products and suppliers so you can stay up-to-date with the market and don’t miss out on any major happenings which can affect your business.

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Customers who have used the SaleHoo services are delightful of their experience to deal with the best suppliers, to get important tips from people on forums and exceptional services from the staff of SaleHoo. The satisfaction led them to use more and more of SaleHoo and recommend it to others. The package will be worth every penny you pay as youll earn much more than you can imagine.

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– Register, showcase and sell your products to potential buyers through SaleHoo for which you need no training.

– Extra services which can help you connect with manufactures and suppliers with the lowest rate as well.

– No risk of scam or fraud as each company is registered and authentic.

– Earn maximum profit by finding cheap deals and sell them through SaleHoo.


SaleHoo does not gives any protection against any risks associated with bulk purchases for which you will have to judge market trends by yourself.

Summary: SaleHoo is an online e commerce website which is designed to connect suppliers and customers for business incentives. Whether you want to sale your product or find some genuine suppliers, SaleHoo can solve all of your online trading problems so that you can earn maximum profit.

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