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Some people really like doing woodworking projects, while others simply avoid any kind of DIY tasks around the house. If you have spaced out on your property and have been thinking of building a shed, RyanShedPlans can help you build one with little to no experience. At least, that’s what it claims.

Woodworking doesn’t just consume time; it also requires a lot of effort. Ryan Henderson, the man behind the course, wants to ensure that the time and effort you put into woodworking is not wasted. Building a shed is a dream for many people, but a vast majority can’t bring themselves to hire another company.

It costs a lot, and there’s no guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end product. More importantly, if you buy plans for a shed, you might find yourself frustrated at not knowing how to get from Point A to Point B. Having been frustrated with such plans, he decided to create his own set of plans.

In the following RyanShedPlans review, we shall see if it is actually all that it claims to be or just another scam.

What is RyanShedPlans?

Officially known as MyShedPlans, this is a comprehensive package or a course, if you will, that is designed to help you complete your next woodworking project with ease. The course contains 12,000 detailed plans with precise details and measurements.

Ryan has also made sure that there are step-by-step instructions and images for all the steps. It’s a compendium of 12,000 blueprints and shed designs. There are thousands of blueprints that include different aesthetic and architectural features.

The designs offered in the package can be further categorized into the following:

  • Craft designs
  • Storage shed designs
  • Shed blueprints
  • Garage designs
  • Rocking horse sheds
  • Birdhouse designs
  • End table designs
  • Picnic table plans
  • Dog kennels
  • Garden swingsRyanShedPlans Various Techniques

Keep in mind that these aren’t just designs or conventional blueprints. They are comprehensive guides with detailed instructions, a full perspective of the shed, the elevations, a comprehensive description, a legend including the materials, and various tips and techniques that you can follow.

However, you have to know that not all of the plans are as detailed as the others. There are some that only contain straightforward instructions, whereas you will find many with extensively detailed instructions and photos from different angles.

This is a digital product, so as soon as you make the payment, you will be redirected to the Members’ Area with all of the downloads. Inside, you will have access to thousands of PDF documents which include the plans. Access is instantaneous, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for email links.

Features of RyanShedPlans

The concept is fantastic. Sheds are in high demand, and many people want alternate storage solutions on their property. Instead of buying a prefabricated one or hiring a company to build one for you, RyanShedPlans gives you the knowledge, and the guidance, to build your own. In this review, I’d like to highlight some important features of the package.

  • The Sheer Number of Models

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why you might be inclined to buy this course is because of the sheer number of models and designs in the package. With 12,000 different designs to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice for a long time to come.

It’s not just the quantity that is the main feature, but also the variety. You can build something as small as a dog kennel or build something as large as a hangar. You can design something beautiful if you have space and then rent it for outdoor events! The implications are endless.

  • Attention to Detail

It is very difficult to imagine that you will be able to use all 12,000 of these plans. All of these plans are properly illustrated and detailed. They are also available in DVD format. Some contain a lot more detail than others, though. Simply put, if this doesn’t make you a fantastic woodworking craftsman, probably nothing will.

The number is so impressive that some might think of this course as a scam. However, you can just go through the countless reviews to figure out that this package really delivers.

  • It’s Easy to Understand

As mentioned in the beginning, RyanShedPlans was created to take away the guesswork involved in building a shed, even when you have the instructions. The designer realized that a vast majority of the plans being sold in the market were not even written by woodworking experts.

It’s one of the reasons why he decided to make his own compilation. Thanks to the DVD, it’s very easy to understand what Ryan is trying to show you. All of the plans are detailed and described as if they are being taught to someone with no experience. This is actually favorable because many people simply don’t have prior experience with woodworking.

This way, you won’t ever have to abandon a woodworking project because you couldn’t understand the next step. Each of the plans and designs come with the following:

  • Views from all Angles

Before you get started, you will be able to see precisely how the shed is going to look from all angles. By focusing on each angle, the course makes it easy for you to cover every facet of the design.

  • Step by Step Instructions

The course refers to them as “LEGO” instructions because the extensive detail with each instruction should leave no room for doubt. There’s no technical jargon or confusing steps, and the transition from one instruction to another is elaborate.

  • Complete Cutting and Material Lists

To ensure that you have everything that you need, the course also includes comprehensive material lists and cutting plans for each design and blueprint. This ensures that you buy exact amounts of wood and other materials as needed, which not only minimizes waste but also reduces expenditure.

  • 3 Dimensional Drawings

One-dimensional views offered by most woodworking plans are just not enough. It simply doesn’t give you the full picture. This course offers 3D views of each design, and you will know exactly how the shed is supposed to look from each angle. Again, everything is labeled.

  • CAD-Designed Drawings

By adding CAD drawings, you are able to see the exact proportions and dimensions from every angle. For people who have worked with hand drawings in the past and know how difficult they are to interpret, this is a big step up!

  • Labels for the Materials

Finally, there are labels for all of the materials that you will be using or the ones that you will need. This way, you don’t have to worry about discarding items that haven’t been used in your recent woodworking projects.RyanShedPlans Instructions

Ideal for People Who Want to Learn Woodworking

RyanShedPlans wants to break through the idea that in order to learn woodworking, you have to take extensive lessons and classes.

With this set of plans, you can easily learn the craft without any professional oversight. The details are elaborate and illustrative, and everything is so well-defined that it’s going to be easy for anyone to learn woodworking.

More importantly, if you’ve ever harbored a dream of starting a business to build things, this is the ultimate opportunity. These blueprints and designs come with a difficulty rating, so you can always start from easy and work your way up.

With enough practice, there will eventually come a time where you will be able to build virtually any kind of shed that you want. You won’t even need the blueprints.

Risk-Free Purchase

The course is backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee: no questions, no loopholes, no hassles. Ryan Henderson is supremely confident in his offering, so if you are not satisfied with the plans or feel that they don’t deliver anything of value, you can take advantage of the unconditional money-back guarantee.

You simply have to email them, and you can get your 100% refund back. There are also four bonuses included:

  • Advanced woodworking tips
  • Guide to making modifications
  • Supplier directory
  • 400 woodworking plansRyanShedPlans Will Make You A Woodwork Expert

The Verdict

For anyone who wants to get into woodworking, this is a fantastic way to get started. If you already know a thing or two about woodworking and want to elevate your craftmanship, this package will help you do just that.

It is comprehensively explained and covers just about anything that you would want to know. With 12,000 plans inside, the value for money is right there for the taking. There’s also a sample plan that you can download to get a better idea about the quality of instructions. All in all, it’s a very well-designed course for beginners or experts alike.

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12000 plans
Very well-described
Detailed illustrations
Cost-effective course


Intricate details might not be easy to understand for amateurs
The large number of plans may confuse woodworkers
Some plans are not as detailed as others

Summary: In this review, we shall look at RyanShedPlans, woodworking and shed-building course and whether it’s worth the money or not.

RatingRated 4.5 stars
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