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If you want to learn a few Spanish phrases to get by or want to speak Spanish like a native, Rocket Spanish language program has the answers. Included in the program and tips, awesome tools, audio lessons, and the way to speak Spanish using words and phrases that are common.


Rocket Spanish gives you the opportunity to find tons of Spanish language resources that will help you learn Spanish. You do it all online, study Spanish grammar, find the words that are useful in everyday living, and even learn popular Spanish slang.

Once you have gone through the Spanish Rocket program, you will sound almost like a native Spanish speaker. The pronunciation tools from this program are excellent!

You actually listen to how native speakers speak. You repeat after them, record yourself, and hear your own accent. Rocket Spanish gives you a huge vocabulary and improves your pronunciation and accents. You will gain a great deal of confidence when you need to speak Spanish to a native.

All the words and phrases in the Spanish lessons use Rocket Record voice comparison technology to help you get the correct pronunciation of words and phrases. After several weeks you should be speaking Spanish like a native.

How to Use Rocket Spanish

  1. The best thing about Rocket Spanish? You are training your ear for the Spanish language. Teaching your ear to hear Spanish is hard to master, but Rocket Spanishs program Hear It Say It! is one of the best in the language business. Randomly select audio tracks from each lesson and play them. Listen to the track, record yourself saying the word, compare the way you sound to the native speaker, and rate how well you understood. This is one of the most powerful tools to tune your ear to Spanish.
  1. Test your writing skill with Write it! Write It helps you to improve your written Spanish. You can write grammar-correct sentences and understand your sentence structure. All you do is click the audio, write down in Spanish what you hear, click reveal to see the translation and your answer is automatically rated. You can do this over and over.
  1. Know it! is the third phase. This phase is designed to help you think in Spanish. This is a self-testing tool that puts you on the sport. Know It randomly selects English words out of each lesson and prompts you to record yourself saying the Spanish translation. You compare yourself to a Native speaker, and rate how well you did. You do this over and over if you need to. This test helps you to maximize you Spanish understanding and speaking. Just think, you will quickly come up with the right translation when someone is speaking Spanish to you.


Learn Spanish Words, phrases, and grammar!

The lessons in Rocket Spanish are designed to help you learn tons of basic Spanish words, improve your Spanish pronunciation and travel to Spanish-speaking countries with no problem. Our useful vocabulary lists will help you learn Spanish for the real world.

Spanish phrases come into play after you have learned the basic Spanish words. Included in Rocket Spanish are lessons that teach you common phrases.

  • Common Spanish phrases
  • Romantic Spanish phrases
  • Spanish weather phrases

Spanish grammar can be a bit tricky, so take the tie to read and study these lessons:

  • General Spanish grammar
  • Spanish question words
  • Spanish verbs, adjectives, and pronouns.

Get Instant Access!

Whats in Rocket Spanish?

Download the program and watch Rocket Spanish take you from beginner to intermediate, to good conversational levels. You do this through:

  • Interactive Audio Lessons
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Progress Tracking
  • 5 Recall-enhancing testing tools
  • Language & Culture Lessons
  • Voice recognition modules
  • Flash Card sets
  • Advanced Learning Techniques
  • Progress Tracking
  • Phrase Finder
  • My Vocab vocabulary builder
  • Badges and leaderboard access
  • 24/7 Forum and Email support
  • 24/7 Lifetime access
  • Free updates

Bonuses include a coupon for great discounts on any of the three levels and a sixty-day money back guarantee.


Advantages of the Program

  • Easy way to learn Spanish and speak almost like a native
  • The course is only $149.95 per level. This is far below the prices of other language programs.
  • If your internet connection is unreliable, request high-quality audio CDs. The 20 CD packs are $299.95 per level.
  • You are working with live native speakers on the audio packs. You listen to how Spanish is natural said and you try to copy it.
  • You are not sitting in a classroom getting only a fraction of the language.
  • You will not mindlessly parrot the same phrase over and over with a room full of classmates who all have different pronunciations.
  • You dont have workbooks and grammar texts sitting on your desk, and you try to figure out what they are saying.
  • State of the art teaching method.

Disadvantages of the Program?

No one is sitting next to you making you learn the language. You are on our own; so use your time wisely!

spanish words


There is no excuse not to learn Spanish when you have Rocket Spanish right at your fingertips. Just download the program and try it yourself by only using a few minutes a day. Learn Spanish at your own pace and on your own time. You can listen to Rocket Spanish during your commute to work, while you are at the gym, hiking, walking the dog, doing housework, or anytime you are running errands.

Rocket Spanish can be used on any computer, tablet or smartphone. You really dont have an excuse not to learn a different language. Think of all the possibilities that will open up to you.

If you are not convinced that the price is worth it, read these testimonials:

I’m very pleased with my decision to learn Spanish, and Rocket Languages has been the best language learning software I’ve used so far (I’ve also used Rosetta Stone & Pimsleur!)

William McGill – Miami, FL, United States

I have a 30 minute commute, and use Rocket Spanish every day. I had Spanish classes from 1-12 grades. I can say I’ve learned more in 1 year of Rocket Spanish, than I did in those 12 combined. I highly recommend this product.

Robby Springer – Saint Louis, USA

I am taking Spanish in high school. The teacher is excellent, but I feel I am moving too slow. I purchased Rocket Spanish, listen to it at home and work, and my Spanish has improved 100%. My teacher is highly impressed! (But I am keeping my secret to myself.)

Jan Lasiter, Boise, Idaho, United States

You cant go wrong by purchasing this program. Pay your fees, download the program, and learn the language. If you have issues and are unable to understand or fully use the program, just return it within 60 days for full refund.

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– Time effective- The course conserves you a lot of time that would have otherwise been wasted trying to learn the course offline.

– Internationally recognized- The course is internationally recognized meaning that the standard of what you are getting are very high.

– It is an easy way to learn the Spanish language- Compared to learning offline, this becomes a very easy way to learn the language.

– Comes with CD and DVD version that you can rely on if your internet connection is unreliable.


– You can only access the guide through the internet meaning that getting access to the guide offline may be very impossible.

Summary: Rocket Spanish is course that is useful and will help you to learn the Spanish language adequately with no hustles. The course or the program has been used and trusted all over the globe since you will get to learn the language at the comfort of your own couch. Therefore, get in touch with the Spanish language guru and show your aptness in the language and the only way to do so is by getting access to this wonderful course. By clicking the button below, you are sure to get the course at a very low price.

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