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Are you planning to move to a country where Portuguese is the official language and you are freaking out since you do not know even a single word in Portuguese? Or are you planning for a holiday or vacation in a Portuguese speaking country? You need to learn how to speak Portuguese quickly and easily. There are so many Portuguese learning courses and lessons offered online but most of the lessons are time consuming and hard to follow. Learning different languages should never be hard; it is supposed to be easy and fun. Whether you are a language enthusiast who is interested in learning Portuguese or you want to learn Portuguese since you will be travelling to a country where it is the official language; you can easily and quickly learn Portuguese with the help of Rocket Portuguese.

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About the Rocket Portuguese Course

The Rocket Portuguese course is a complete program that assists you to learn Portuguese and fluently speak in Portuguese without attending any lessons or classes. Language is an integral part of effective communication and without being able to use a certain language; it might become hard to communicate. Attending classes to learn Portuguese can be time consuming and can at times feel so boring.

The Rocket Portuguese is an effective course that is designed to help anyone easily learn the Portuguese language. The course has been made in a fun and interesting way so as to prevent you becoming bored and lose interest.

What to Expect In the Course

So as to help you understand what to expect in the course, here are some of the things that you will get in this course.

Interactive audio lessons

So as to make your learning easier and fun, the course has interactive audio lessons. You can carry these lessons wherever you go and listen to them. This can be a fun and very effective way for you to learn Portuguese.

Language and culture lessons

You will not only get to learn how to fluently speak in Portuguese but you will also get to learn all the details about Portuguese grammar and culture so as to make it easier for you to understand and use the language without any problem.

5 Recall-enhancing testing tools

At time, writing in a new language is easier but using the language in real life conversations becomes difficult. With these tools, you can be able to easily train yourself to use the language in real-life conversation.

Built-in pronunciation practice

The Rocket Portuguese course does not just stop at helping you easily and fluently speak in Portuguese but it also help you learn the accent though matching your pronunciation to that of your tutor.

Mobile app

The Rocket Portuguese course has a mobile app for android and iOS. You can download the app and synchronize it with all the devices you are using so that you can learn Portuguese when on the move.


FlashCards help you improve your skills and train your brain using numerous phrases in Portuguese.

Progress tracking

You can easily keep track of your progress in learning Portuguese and know what lessons you have not covered so as to be able to put more effort.

Members’ forum

You gain access to the members forum where other people who are learning Portuguese chat and share about their learning experience.

Lifetime access

When you get the full course, you get lifetime access to the full course. For the trial, it is free and gives you 24/7 access to certain lessons for 4 hours.

Rocket Portuguese

Unlike most Portuguese lessons and courses that only teach you how to correctly pronounce certain phrases in Portuguese and talk in the language, the Rocket Portuguese course helps you understand how Portuguese works so as to make it easier for you to not only read in Portuguese but to also talk fluently and with the accent like you are a native. Without being able to understand how Portuguese work, it might be so difficult for you to be able to quickly learn Portuguese.

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The course is designed based on the “chunking” process or Miller’s Law by Dr. George A. Miller. The theory states that the number of items a normal human can hold in working memory is 7 2. The course breaks down big and difficult courses about Portuguese language into small chunks so as to make it easier and fun for you to learn. If your body is fed with so much information at the same times, it becomes tired and it might be hard for you to recall what you have learnt. On the other hand, if you are able to learn small bits, you are able to understand and remember what you have learnt. It is scientifically proven that a human brain is only able to get small chunks of information.

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The audio lessons guide you through each day conversation and assist you to be able to use what you have learnt from that lesson in real life conversations. Learning how to fluently speak and communicate in Portuguese has never been this easy. You do not have to keep memorizing the phrases you have learnt since the course comes with a mobile app that can make learning easier and fun for you. The opportunity to interact with other people learning Portuguese even makes the learning process more fun since you get to make new friends and also help others or ask for help in areas where you are having challenges.


Many people end up feeling disappointed after spending money on Portuguese lessons and courses only for them not to be able to fluently use the language. Other people leave the course in the middle due to boredom. This may be the case in most language courses but it is not the case in Rocket Portuguese course. It is one of the easiest ways that you can learn Portuguese without any boredom.


Every day you will have something new to learn and a new challenge to tackle. If you are uncertain about spending money in a course that you might end up leaving in the middle, you can try out the free trial. I am sure that you will be back to get the full course since it is very interesting and easy to use to learn the Portuguese. Whether you are a parent looking for a great Portuguese course for your child or you are an adult who is interested in learning Portuguese, this course is ideal for everyone since it is easy to use and follow.

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– Interactive audio lessons and tutorials by which you can learn the best pronunciation skills with ease.

– 5 recall enhancing testing tools by which you can judge your learning progress and figure out any mistakes with ease.

– Simple yet effective tips by which you can get complete grasp over Portuguese language within weeks.

– Mobile application for both Android and iOS devices which means you can learn the best training methods on the go.

– Free trail service and customer support by which you can get an instant solution for any of your problems with ease.


The success factor depends on the intellect and learning skills of the followers as the course does not guarantees results at all.

Summary: Rocket Portuguese is a language training program which can assist you in learning of Portuguese language. With the focus on each aspect of grammar and pronunciation, the followers can gain proficiency in Portuguese within weeks. So if you are in trying hard to learn the language with best skills and abilities, Rocket Portuguese will surely provide you great assistance.

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