January 23, 2023
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This product is very interactive compare to similar product in the market. It has a lot of games , lessons and tests that are very interactive to the learners helping them engage with the product.
The price of the product is also reasonably priced compared to other foreign language program. However this system falls short by focusing more on trying to make the product more entertaining and fun, rather than actually ensuring the learner gets to understand the language.

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It is confusing when a manufacturer opts to put all the information onto more than one CD rather than use a DVD which is capable of holding much more information. Ordinarily enough, to most people this seems as though it’s just an attempt to make the product appear more impressive, Rocket Korean uses a lot of audio tracks which are easily downloadable from CDs.

However in most cases most of the audio tracks can be downloaded onto an mp3 player or onto any other similar system, meaning that if you want to put your focus on one particular area of study or just go on with the lessons as they come then it’s a very useful way to do that.

In this case the audio is more clearer as compared to other similar products, The audio surprisingly has characters to take you through the lessons instead of you hearing just a voice which you can’t connect to.This personalization makes it a little bit easier to feel like you’re having an individual lessons.

  1. The games-Mega Vocab
  2. Mega Audio
  3. Mega Verbs

are a good addition to the course, but ultimately fall a little flat.

The best game is Mega Verb, working through verbs and tenses in a way that a lot of the simpler at-home courses neglect. However, the games overall seem as though they were designed to keep you occupied, and to have something else to fill up the space, as contrary to having innovative means to get you to learn the language.

Well written texts is the best part of this package.Most often, developers and designers neglect to really focus on the correct language with this kind of program.

This can be very a difficult thing to really convey nuance of meaning without personal explanation, so many of the software just skim over it. However, there was nothing wrong or misleading with the text presented here, with accuracy clearly being prized over cost.

This leads me to strongly believe that this will be the sort of course that I would recommend to people.The CDs contain several audio lessons and computer software with learning games.The effectiveness of these games will be discussed later, but in terms of technical quality, all is okay.

This, according to my opinion is pretty much the best way to describe this course; there is nothing wrong and nothing much right either.There are much more better courses to buy but there are much worse ones. All in all it really depend on what your learning style is as to how important you find this course.



There is a lot to offer with this program only that there hasnt been enough thought on any one aspect of it specifically. If you’re the kind of person who learns by doing, the variety of games might push you into buying this product. In Rocket Languages, they haven’t put much thought on how all these games might be of help to your learning.

Holidaying is the one of the best ways of learning the language. The program ha a focus on conversation of lighter tone. Simplicity in lessons is the main problem.

There is no real connection to the language. On the audio lessons, you will listen to an English sentence, then the Korean version, then a blank space for you to repeat it, then youll hear the Korean again. This is done repeatedly with little variation on the theme.

One of the more positive aspect that can be noted about this particular program is the Progress Tracker. This course is good for it shows your progress not only by how far along you have come in terms of how many lessons you have gone through and completed, but also with a variety of tests and quizzes at the end of each and every level.

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Its one of the interesting things about this course, being able to see exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and is very important in understanding just where you need to improve.

Once you have progressed through all the levels, you can apply for the Rocket Korean Premium Certificate.The certification is equal to levels A1 and A2 of the C.EF.R.L (Common European Frame of Reference for Languages); which making it a qualification you could legitimately put on a C.V.

There is so much missing from the content, with little professional language used at all.This isn’t meant for people wishing to learn and understand a language in its entirety, or even get to grips with the basics so they can learn more later.This is mostly designed for holiday-makers, and this is still a very useful tool for that kind of learning, it isn’t stated anywhere on the packaging or software.

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Rocket Languages are still a rare company in this field, and as such have set up a level and comfortable middle ground of pricing. This isn’t a bad deal as compared to other charging hundreds of dollars.It all has to do with the kind of a learner you are.If you are a repetition kind of a learner, this might be worth it.

The games are relatively fun but not in any way effective with their learning efficiency.The material offered are also interesting but not in any way satisfying in terms of content.Also, if you buy the online version of this program, then the upper levels of learning require an extra change, even though it is cheaper overall to buy the course in this way.

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– This language training program is very affordable, considering all the benefits and the fun moments with the program.

– This training program easy to use and understand. Compared to other programs, this one is a bit easy to use.

– The program is detailed. Comparing it to other program, this is among the best programs there is.

– Anybody can use it. It does not favor gender nor age. Therefore, whether it is for your usage or your children’s, you can be confident that they will benefit from the program.

– The program is fun to use due to the games it comes with.


– The Rocket Korean involves a lot of games and fun and therefore, one might easily forget the purpose of the program which is to learn the Korean language.

Summary: Rocket Korean Language training program that will help you to learn and understand the Korean language through interactive games that will keep you engaged and thrilled all through. This program is highly educative revealing all that you need in the mastery of the Korean Language. Make sure that you master every bit of the Korean language within a very short time by following the button below.

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