January 23, 2023
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Research has proven that there are many benefits to be derived from learning a new language. These benefits may range from cognitive, to social, to economic, to emotional. Although Japanese is not listed among the top languages in the world, there are many incentives to be derived from learning it. Think about this: Japan has the 3rd largest economy in the world, therefore learning a little Japanese might not be a bad idea after all.

Do you have some spare time on your hand? Are you interested in learning a new language? Do you plan to visit Japan sometime in the near future? Now here is a chance to learn a new language and in so doing extend your knowledge base and widen your scope of experiences. Rocket Japanese can help you to do all of this.

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What is Rocket Japanese?

This is an online language course created by two friends, Mark Ling and Jason that promises to teach you Japanese in a fun an interesting way. It makes use of quizzes games and videos so that it makes learning Japanese a very interesting experience. What is interesting about this program is the fact that it gives you a choice to decide how in depth you want to go into the language and based on that decision, you will then choose a package that works for you.


Who are the Creators of Rocket Japanese?

Jason and Mark Ling are two friends who started this program in 2004 while they were in college. Jason had a deep love for French while Mark was more interested in Spanish.

Both Jason and mark had a working knowledge of techniques that can be used to teach foreign languages but they saw the need to modify these techniques so that they can create ideal strategies to teach foreign language. At first they started to experiment with Spanish and after one year of research, they came up with Rocket Spanish Premium. After much success, Jason and mark on went on to launch Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese Premiums.

To date, these two geniuses have managed to establish one of the leading foreign language systems in the world having over 1 000 000 subscribers.

How does Rocket Japanese work?

This program works by using a combination of strategies that have been successful in the past to teach foreign languages. These strategies include:

Pronunciation Mapping

The most challenging thing to do when learning a new language is to learn the pronunciation. This is because we have already trained our vocals to pronounce the words in the language that we are accustom to speak all our life.

There is special software provided by Rocket Japanese that allows you to record and practice pronunciation of simple words and small sentences. It works by allowing you to repeat the pronunciation until it sounds similar to that of a native Japanese speaker.

Games and Quizzes

Each available package comes with a variety to games to add some flare to the learning process. The amount of games varies depending on the package that you chose. The premium package has 25 games, while the combo package has 50 games and the works package has 75. The games offered are geared to build your sentence construction and vocabulary skills.

There is the word master games in which you will hear speakers making certain sounds which can be translated into real Japanese words, phrases, and sentences.

The quizzes can be taken after a number of lessons to test your knowledge of much you learned so far.

All the games and quizzes need to be accessed via the internet.

Interactions with fellow learners

This is an interesting feature of this program that allows you to interact with other persons who are on the program. You will have full access to the forum where you can post questions and view questions posted by fellow learners. This feature does well for boosting the motivation of the learners since it is a constant reminder that they are not alone.

Mobile Version

This program is also available in the mobile version that has the same feature as the computer version. It can be downloaded on any android or iOS phone.

What is included in the package?

The Rocket Japanese package comes with:

  • 31 audio lessons which is on average 20 minutes each long. This equates to about 13 hours of lessons.
  • It also comes with the written conversation that is in the audio lessons along with the English translation at the side.
  • Some of the common expressions covered are greetings, food, nigh life, family, business, and cultural activities.


How much does Rocket Japanese Cost?

As mentioned before, this program is available in 3 levels. Below are the price details at reduced price if you order now.

Premium Package: $99.95

Combo Package: $249.90

Works Package: $259.90

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What are the pros and cons of Rocket Japanese?


  • Available Certification- This program is among the few of its kind that offers certification after its completion. Upon successful completion, you will be certified as a Japanese speaker.
  • 24/7 customer support- the dedicated teachers of this program are available round the clock to answer any questions and queries that you may have. There is also the learners forum in which you can discuss difficulties, share concerns and motivate each other.
  • Lifetime Membership- As long as you sign up to this program, you will become a lifetime member and as such will have access to all available updates and upgrades.
  • Available freebees and Bonuses- With your subscription you will gain full access to online Japanese vocabulary sessions.
  • Makes use of innovative approaches- This program makes use of fun techniques that will make learning more interesting and memorable.



  • Compared to similar products of its kind, this program is a bit pricey.
  • Learning Japanese is a bit more difficult than it appears to be promoted in this program.
  • Some persons may learn faster than others.

The Bottom Line

Learning something new will never go out of style. This program presents a unique opportunity to learn a new language in a fun and creative way. I would definitely recommend it.

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– Learning of Japanese language through games and quizzes.

– Audio lessons and tutorials to aid you in pronunciation and speaking.

– The followers of this program will be given a certification upon successful completion.

– Accessible in mobile devices so that you can learn on the go.

– Online service portals available from where users can get any required assistance.


The program costs higher as compared to other similar courses and might not yield similar results for each person.

Summary: Rocket Japanese program by Mark Ling and Jason will help you get complete grip over Japanese language. The authors have eliminated the traditional learning methods and will make you become a native Japanese speaker by taking fun quizzes and games. So if you want to get complete grip over the language within days, Rocket Japanese can be your ultimate partner.

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