January 29, 2023
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Back when I was in high-school, I tried to learn Italian. Our teacher – a very kind lady – was utterly incompetent in making the subject interesting and easy to understand. He made the same mistakes as many other language teachers make: they try to get you to learn an endless amount of separate words and grammatical laws instead of trying to teach it through practice, and obviously, I have failed. Apart from being able to introduce myself – by learning every single word of the text even though half of it I didn’t understand – I acquired no Italian language skills.

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A pity, I though, because it is a marvelous language, and it may be utilized in limitless ways both in professional and in personal level. But on the other hand, we had a great fun in the class, if not by learning, laughing at how incompetent we were in the language after we completely gave up the studying process.

Rocket Italian, on the other hand, offers a highly viable and effective method of learning the language. You are not completely on your own, the way you would be with only textbooks, and still, you are free to learn at your own pace and style. This freedom is what makes the performance ofRocket Italian so impressive, since the only thing that it needs in order for you to learn perfect Italian is your dedication, time and commitment.


Rocket Italian offers a chance to learn Italian for anyone. Whether you have a fortune to spend or whether you only want the free trial, and whether you enjoy an abundance of free time or only have a couple minutes or less than an hour each day to learn, you may choose the style of learning which suits you the best.


It includes a number of ways to build up and enhance your knowledge. You will receive access to interactive audio lessons that you can listen to while you travel, do the household chores, play videogames or participate any other activity that doesn’t require your full attention. You will also get an application for any Android or iOS device that helps you learn Italian wherever you are, continuing your progress where you left it on your computer.

If you have a microphone,Rocket Italian offers a built-in tool to test and augment your pronunciation of Italian words and sentences. Throughout the online course you will learn about the Italian culture and way of life, and study the laws and patterns of their grammar. With the use of FlashCards, you will be able to bolster your language your grammatical skills and your Italian vocabulary.

Rocket Italian offers you various ways to see how you are improving. You may use the recall-enhancing tools with which you cantest your knowledge, and you may also look at the progress tracking tool that shows you where you are heading, what parts of the language you have perfected and what parts require more training.

You will also get access to the Member’s Forum where you can access 24/7 support and guidance from other students and the staff, read and participate in conversations and receive great tips and techniques from others who already succeeded in mastering the language.

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The Theory of Learning

If you do not believe that you can learn Italian, even if you are not extremely committed or you don’t have hours of time to learn every single day, let me explain you how acquiring new skills work in our brain.

Our brain learns new knowledge by means of neuroplasticity. It is a method by which specific neural activities get strengthened in our brain. When you do a task or learn something, specific neurons fire. When you repeat the same task or recall the same knowledge, the same neurons will fire again, strengthening their bond. And as you repeat the activity more and more, those neural connections will become stronger and stronger. The way you are able to develop and grow any muscle in your body, you are also able to acquire any skill and knowledge through training and strengthening the muscles of your brain.

The other is the 10.000 hours myth. They say it takes approximately ten thousand hours to master a new skill, but in fact, it takes around 20 to become well-versed in it. Most people fail in learning a new skill in the very first hours of practice, when it is the most hard, when you have no idea what you are doing and you don’t understand half of the words around you. It is an extremely hard task to endure those first hours, but if and when you do, you will be able to proceed much faster and with much more ease in acquiring further knowledge.

Learning the language by using Rocket Italian is easier than you believe. It does not take 10.000 hours, nor is it impossible to master the Italian language and accent to perfection. Regardless of your age or your free time, this product was made to offer a new learning technique that requires less than an hour a day to become an advanced Italian speaker. Doing so every other day, you will get through the hurdles of the first hours of training within weeks, and you will quickly see the exponential progress of your learning curve. The more than a million satisfied customer of Rocket Italian should be enough proof for this fact.


Level Up

It offers three levels from Beginner to Advanced. All contain the interactive audio lessons, language and cultural lessons, several hundred lesson times, tools with which you can expand your vocabulary, track your progress, enhance your learning techniques, test your pronunciation, access the forum and email support and use the learning cards. You will also get a 60 day money back guarantee.

As a bonus content, all three levels contain survival kits that include the most important Italian words and phrases you will use in your everyday when using the language. Thelevel 1 package called Premium includes the Premium Survival Kit, the level 2 package called Combo includes both the Premium and the Premium Plus kit, while the most advanced package, the Works, includes the Platinum and the previous two survival kits. They cost $99, $249 and $259 respectively.


With over a million satisfied customers, Rocket Italian is the most effective way to learn Italian. It is highly customizable, fitting all lifestyles and ages, it offers highly helpful tools to master every part of the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, and it also gives a profound insight into Italian culture. I only wish I had such a skillful teacher in my high-school.

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– Select the learning methods with your own ease. With the facility to customize the training program, you can follow the theories and lessons with ease.

– Ultimate language trainer for the beginners who are unaware of the basics of Italian,

– Interactive audio and video learning lessons by which you can get basic language skills with ease,

– 100 percent authentic. In case you are not able to learn the language within 60 days, your investment will be returned at once


The followers of this course need to focus more on phrases and pronunciation to get complete grip over the Italian language.

Summary: Rocket Italian is the perfect language training program by which everyone can learn Italian with ease. Designed to help beginners, there various tips and methods by which learning is made simple and easy. So if you are determined to learn Italian language, this course promises to give you 100 percent proficiency.

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