January 28, 2023
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“French, Spanish, Japanese, English, Chinese. I speak all of these languages”

How impressive it is to know someone who can speak so many languages.Learning to speak so many languages other than your national language is sometimes an interest, sometimes a hobby or sometimes Just a need.Not everyone has this interest or need.But those who have they want to have an easy and convenient access to it.

It takes a lot of effort, time, and energy to learn any language.Not only you have to attend classes at a learning center as a student, But also, you have to give ample amount of time to it.To practice and memorize it.Learning language has two components.Grammar and literature.Once you learn the grammar, that is the functioning and the basics of a language, it gets fairly easier also to learn and understand its literature.And after you master that language you start appreciating and want to read the extensive literature of the tongue as now you are accustomed to the language and understand its meaning more profoundly.


The language that we are discussing here is Hindi.Hindi is a difficult language. Originated and uses words of Sanskrit.And is the official language of INDIA.It has a little resemblance from the tongue Urdu.But Urdu has originated most of its words from the Persian language, so when you began to learn advanced Hindi, you understand the difference.The pronunciation and grammar are everything, just a slip of tongue over incorrect pronunciation can make a huge difference its is meaning, so in order to learn Hindi you need to focus on how you speak, and the way you talk.Also, there is a mass vocabulary of tough words that are not only difficult to pronounce but also difficult to understand.This makes HINDI one the most difficult languages, to read, to pronounce and even to write.

If anyone wants to master this language, one way is to join Hindi learning classes.But if you have a busy schedule and life, or find it difficult to go to a learning center every day, you are lucky to have found an option; that serves you at the doorstep of your home.

ROCKET HINDI is there to your rescue.

What is rocket Hindi :

Rocket Hindi is an online program; that makes you learn Hindi in the most convenient and simple manner ! Isn’t it actually rocking to have found a place where you can learn hindi sitting at your home, without any cost or effort, of going somewhere ?. Indeed it is.


What is unique about the program

Rocket Hindi combines all the aspects of learning.Its a complete learning guide.Whether it be audio lessons, video lessons, games or tests.It has it all.The program constitutes 31 audio lessons, which cover all areas of common conversations and scenarios.Travelling,eating,classroom every environment has been catered.

An absorbing and valuable feature has also been added to the program which you might not find in other language or specifically Hindi language learning programs. “Mega Hindi” is a word game.It’s built on your vocabulary and tests your audio skills. The feature makes learning interactive and fun.So that you don’t get bored or exhausted of learning in a classroom as an environment.

Also, it tests your cognitive and learning abilities.How well you have the grasped the knowledge from the learning program, and if you are ready to apply it.Research has shown that puzzles, games, and word problems sharpen your mind, and the lesson you learn through these methods retain in your mind for a longer amount of time.

But what has made rocket Hindi stand out and gives it an edge from other learning programs, is the feature that they have included in their program.They have included nearly 31 learning and cultural lessons, and around 1000 audio clips, to help you increase your vocabulary in various areas.

They cover major and most common situations and areas from a marketplace to a classroom, to a shopping mall.You can find conversations and common words that are used in all of these places, which also gives you practical and real life exposure to the language.

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Why should you choose Rocket Hindi over other Hindi language learning program ?

  • It is highly engaging and makes it easier for you to learn the language.
  • It provides you with extensive content and learning material, ranging from audio to video lessons, and games and puzzles to movies
  • The content is of high quality and well researched.It has been formulated taking into account the needs and understanding of the beginners.
  • Free trial course for 6 days.Now this is a real advantage.This way the program is giving people the opportunity to test the program, if they are satisfied, they can use the app if they are not they can opt for not using it.
  • The program is easily accessible by anyone.As it is user-friendly, so it makes it easier for people to use it.suitable for all skills and levels of people, not unique to any particular level of employees.
  • Valuable cultural information: The program not only provides you a wide-ranged learning but also gives you an insight of the culture of India, where the language is based.This makes it relatively easy for you then to learn the language as, as you can relate to their customs and culture, and also get to learn their beautiful culture.
  • The program also facilitates people who dont want to learn old and challenging words.They can use the version of Devanagari, that is modern Hindi, which is mostly in slang language and is fairly easier to learn
  • There is an also a recording tool in the program, which lets you compare your dialect with the dialect of the native speakers of Hindi so that they can compare that if their dialect is same as that of the dialects of Hindi speakers.

Concludingly Rocket Hindi is a comprehensive and interactive learning program, which not only introduces you to the beautiful language but also makes your life easy by providing you home based learning. So use this program at your comfort.Whether it be your iPod, MacBook, or laptop, you can just sit at your most comfortable place and enjoy the experience of extensive learning.


To subscribe to this program, you just need to pay an amount of $99.95 (RRP $299.95).This price is part of a special offer and is appropriate and affordable for all people so that everyone can benefit from its services.The affordability together, cost saving together with technological advancement makes rocket Hindi a leading program, and high on user priority.

Surely learning was never this easy, or this fun.Rocket Hindi made it rocking !

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– The program comes with some fun games that you can play as you learn this beautiful language making the learning process fun and enjoyable.

– The guide is very cheap and affordable. With some few bucks, you will get access to this program and reap a lot.

-The guide is self-evaluative and thus as you continue to learn, you can do some test to determine your level of understanding.

– The program has some bonus gifts making the program very enjoyable.

– As you learn, you can opt to record your dialect and compare it with the native Hindi speaker’s dialect


– The program is made to appear simple, and ofcourse it is very simple but you will have to play a role on your part which involves research and all that.
– It requires some level of commitment.

Summary: If you need to learn the beautiful Hindi Language, then believe me, you are reading what you ought to be reading. The guide gives you the opportunity to learn this language in a more comprehensive and detailed manner.

RatingRated 4.5 stars
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