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The rocket language courses are frequently provided online; however these courses are also available on CDs. Rocket language courses are developed based on various steps so that the learners love to learn without boredom. There are countless people who want to learn different languages without having much time and money, Rocket language courses are designed for them.



Jason Oxenham is the CEO and Cofounder of Rocket Languages. The mission of these courses is to let ordinary people master a new language. There are no time or geographical restrictions for the learners. The German Course from Rocket Languages had also won the prestigious 19th Annual Best Educational Software Award.


German is the most widely spoken language after English, it is spoken in many countries. In the USA, it is the third most taught language after French and Spanish. There can be a lot of motives behind learning German, like career, employment, business, traveling. Mastering German mostly seems an impossible dream.

If you are Native English speaker than German might be easy to learn, but some people have the fear of learning this language. The German Language is phonetically spelled, if you understand the pronunciations of letters, it gets easier for you to read all the words. Then, if you understand the sound structure, it gets easy to speak out the word.

There are so many courses to learn German, but their effectiveness is zero. Sometimes, you are too busy to learn the language. One might feel that he/she is too old to learn, so it becomes difficult. All these are the de-motivating factors for anyone to learn the new language. It is all in mind if someone wants to learn then they can do it.

Some Language courses make things so complicated that people get demotivated and start to believe that they cannot do it. But Rocket Language Courses are designed while considering all these issues. The course is designed to have it at your convenience and have fun while learning. This factor makes difficult things easier.



The success behind the Rocket German Language course is research work based on millions of polyglots and people who overcame several difficulties in learning language through web-based technology. The courses are designed in small parts or chunks so that it becomes easier for learners. Following is the strategy adopted by Rocket Languages:

Make the best possible use of the limited time you have to learn German.

The interactive Audio Course is designed so that one might learn German in the gym, walking with the dog, doing house chores, during traveling, and etc. The Audio courses are easily accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Understand exactly how German teachers work for you to truly master their language.

German has a completely different sentence structure to English like most of the languages. This course has stepped by step, in-depth instructions for learning the mechanism of German with valuable cultural tips.


Reinforce what you have learned so that it sticks.

A major key to learning German successfully is remembering what you have learned. Each lesson has many tests to reinforce and recall the words and phrases in different ways.

Practice Speaking and Sounding like a native.

Speaking out loud and sounding it again and again activates key areas of the brain. Using Rocket Record, you can practice words in pure native German Speaker accent.

Access the most Efficient learning Techniques.

Over the last few years, there has been a great advancement in the learning methods. One of the most successful methods is to download an audio book in the target language, hear the dialogues and try to speak them simultaneously. Rocket German has 25Advanced Learning Technique articlesthat will give you cutting down the edge learning techniques just like this; tips and tricks that will significantly cut the amount of time you need to study.

Have a strong support network.

A strong network of native speakers and fellow learners is needed when you are stuck, for mastering the German language. Rocket German has 24/7 online access to the team of a tutor, PAUL WEBER, German teachers, native speakers and fellow learners.

Maintain the motivation and have fun while you learn.

The final and the most important method to successfully learn the language is high motivation and something exciting that grasps your complete attention.

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The system is designed to include various activities that will engage, motivate and keep you on track. Key features include:

  • Progress tracking: youre at-a-glance Dashboard, so you know where you are up to.
  • Rating system: As you go, you get to rate how well you know, words, phrases, and lessons. The more you know, the better your rating.
  • Badges, points, and the leader board: this works really well to keep you motivated and coming back for more.
  • Phrase Finder: so you can find words and phrases within different contexts throughout the course.
  • My Vocab: a handy tool for you to store any difficult to remember vocabulary.
  • My Notes: another handy tool that lets you make personal notes on each lesson for future reference.
  • Word Master Game: A fun game that gets you understands how the sounds made by German speakers translate into letters and words on the page.
  • Phrase Master Game: Another fun game that teaches you how the words fit together to formulate practical German phrases. You’ll quickly notice the patterns and conventions that apply when speaking and writing in German.
  • Optional weekly emails: reporting on your overall progress and pointing you towards recommending lessons.
  • Lifetime access: every Rocket German course is yours for life. 24/7.
  • Free upgrades: the team is always working on improving theRocket Express Learning System, and these new improvements are free.

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The courses are divided as The Premium, The Combo, and The Best Value Packages:

THE PREMIUM (Level 1):

  • This takes you from Beginner to intermediate.
  • The German speaking ability becomes good and conversational after finishing the course.
  • There are 33 interactive German Audio Lessons.
  • There are 31 German language and Cultural lessons.
  • There are 128 lesson hours in total.
  • The package includes 2051 voice recognition phrases and 64 flash cards.
  • The total Cost of this Package is $99.95 (after availing $50).

THE COMBO (level 2):

  • This package takes you from Beginner to Advanced.
  • The German speaking ability becomes very good and conversational after finishing the course.
  • There are 66 interactive German Audio Lessons.
  • There are 62 German language and Cultural lessons.
  • There are 256 lesson hours in total.
  • The package includes 4315 voice recognition phrases and 128 flash cards.
  • The total Cost of this Package is 249.95 (after availing $50).

BEST VALUE (Level 1, 2, 3):

  • This package takes you from Beginner to Advanced.
  • The German speaking ability becomes advanced conversational after finishing the course.
  • There are 99 interactive German Audio Lessons.
  • There are 91 German language and Cultural lessons.
  • There are 380 lesson hours in total.
  • The package includes 7014 voice recognition phrases and 190 flash cards.
  • The total Cost of this Package is 259.95 (after availing $189.95).


Below mentioned points must be noted;

Prices are in USD and does not include any online sales tax, VAT, etc. That may be payable.
Levels 2& 3can be bought individually at $149.95 per level

If you dont have a reliable internet connection then we can ship high-quality audio CDs to you. The 20CD Packs are $299.95 per level and free shipping.

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Almost 95% of the learners who have used this course are completely satisfied and speaking German with native speakers confidently. Some of the other country residents who moved to Germany are very happy in investing their money in this course. About 4% of the learners are satisfied, but the cost of the course is high for them. Some learners, who used other competitors packages, are very much upset at the money lost on buying such useless packages.


Rocket language is the best language teaching thing ever. Learners never enjoyed learning another language so much. Learners who have just started can talk quite well in german. The course is also available on CDs so that if someone has no internet connection, he/she can also learn the language with confidence.

Most competitors take only one angle with their learning approach. On the other hand, theRocket Express Learning Systemis different that we dont force a square peg into a round hole, we have specifically provided for a variety of learning styles. We recommend that you try the free trials of competing products and see what works for you.

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– The guide will teach you the German language at the comfort of your couch. You do not have to attend any class.

– It is a cheap program compared to physically attending the classroom.

– The guide will teach you everything and in keen details about the German language.

– You will get fun alongside the studies making it one of the best.

– The program is specially made to make you a real professional in the language.


– You might not get a chance to clarify something that you never understood and it requires you to be committed.

Summary: This is an online course that will help you learn the German language very fast through the incorporation of some sweet games in the learning process. With this course, learning gets easy and very fast such that you will not even realize when coming into completion of this course. Rocket German course as you will find out goes with your pace meaning that you are always in control. Join me on the other end as we enjoy learning by clicking on the button below.

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