February 2, 2023
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Want to learn French before your trip to Paris? Or just speak French and sound impressive and romantic? Whether your want to just learn a few phrases or speak like a semi-native, you can download Rocked French audio course and learn to talk like a French native.

Rocket French has all the audio lessons, tips and tricks, and how to speak French confidently and best of all, how to understand French.

All the resources are downloaded right to your computer. The program is intended to help you learn the French language. You can get a handle on French grammar and learn many helpful French vocabulary words that will get you around France and other French-speaking countries.


How the Program Works

Listen to native speakers say common French words and phrases. Record yourself saying the same phrases, compare your speech to native French speakers, and keep perfecting your accent to match the natives.

Every lesson in Rocket French uses voice recognition technology. This is to help you pronounce words as close as possible to the native French speaker.

The program also uses a testing section that contains student-testing tools.

Hear it Say It! A track from within each lesson is played. You listen to the audio, record yourself saying the word or phrases compare your speech to the French speaker. You rate how well you sound and keep practicing if you need.

  • The program is based on dialogues. There are three levels in the program including premium, premium plus and platinum. The total course is more than 140 hours of audio for each program.
  • Interactive lessons include audio, language, and culture.
  • Lessons are divided into two parts. These are the lesson and then the testing section.

You listen to the full lesson

Listen to the conversation

Hear the pronunciation of each word

Read a transcript of the lesson

Engage in role play

The lessons themselves consist of a dialogue between Paul and Claire. Claire is a natural French speaker from Versailles, and her accent is flawless. Paul is more like someone trying to learn the language.

In the courses, you will discover that the words and phrases are common and what the native French speaker uses on a daily basis. There are even some slang words in the lessons. This is helpful if you are on the streets of Paris trying to order drinks in a caf.

  • The Testing Section is a vital part of the program. Here you will Hear it! Say it! You record your voice and compare your pronunciation to a French speakers accent and enunciation.

This section goes as follows:

Click the Get Started button

Listen to the audio

Click Reveal to see the word/phrase and the translation

Click on rating to continue

After you have gone through the lessons in Rocket French, find a partner. This is how you can find the mistakes you made in your pronunciation and the actual world.



The testing section contains translations and listening exercises

Write notes about each lesson and study them later

What Comes in the Program?

After your purchase the actual program, download the audio files, and note that there are other tools you receive free of charge:

  • A question and answer forum
  • Phrase Finder and Word Minder
  • My Vocab
  • More and advanced learning techniques
  • 33 interactive audio lessons, 31 French language lessons, 31 French Culture Lessons, MegaFrench Software Games
  • Bonus Pack

Take advantage of the forum to get your question answers in detail. This forum gives you a feeling of being in a classroom.

Phrase Finder helps you find the exact phrase you are looking for when listening to the audio.

My Vocab gives you a place to save the vocabulary words you want to learn for use at a later time. You can export My Vocab.


My Advanced Learning Techniques provides tips and tricks to learning French much quicker. You will find that repeating everything over and over is one of the best tricks you can use.

Pros of the Program

  • The program is easy to use. You can access many interactive audio lessons that are accessible and organized.
  • Add the lessons to your MP3 player.
  • You will have 20,000 vocabulary words when you have finished the course.
  • Your audio is delivered by a native French speaker.
  • MegaVerbs is a game to help you determine where you have problems.
  • There are a number of high quality learning tools and dialogues in this course. These are everyday French and prepare you for just about any type of situation. You can ask questions on the forum if you are unsure about something.
  • You can try out Rocket French for six days free of charge. This will give you a sense of what Rocket French can do for you.
  • It works on just about every operating system. Mobile apps include iOs, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and an Android app.
  • Customize the audio program for your needs. If you are planning on shopping in Paris, go to the lessons that are specific to that activity.
  • The program lasts a total of eight weeks. The beauty of downloading this program is you can retake it if you need.

Get Instant Access!

Cons of the Program

  • No detailed grammar sessions. If you have never taken French, the grammar rules and nuances will be confusing.
  • Prices are high. $99.95 for a premium download or $299.95 for the 20-CD pack (beginners package). The intermediate Rocket French Premium Plus is $149.95 to download or 299.95 for the 20-CD pack. Advanced Platinum is $149.95 to download or $299.95 for the 20-CD pack.



There are over 29 countries in the world who speak French, and this course teaches you words and sentences that French speakers use. There are no useless words that you can only find in grammar books in this package.

Rocket French is a very rich resource for French students or those who are on their way to a French speaking country. French learners can create their own vocabulary lists and make notes on the lessons.

You can double click on any word presented in the classes, and the word will be filed away in your personalized vocabulary section. You can select photos to enhance your vocabulary lists. There is a Motivation Center that helps you determine the best way for you to learn French.

This course puts the fun in learning and understanding French. Your learning time will be enhanced by up to 50%. There is no risk to purchasing this program. You will learn French, impress your friends and family, and if you are not pleased, there is a 60-day money back guarantee. You will not get this guarantee in any college class!

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– The program includes dialogues and mp3 tutorials which will help you learn French with ease.

– List of vocabulary and teaching lessons which contain step by step methods for which you need no assisstance.

– Money back guarantee. In case you are not able to achieve the desired results. your money will be returned immediately.

– High quality learning tools and vocabulary banks by which you can get complete grip over the language.

– Available in downloadable format so that you can take help from the program on the go.


The program costs much higher as compared to other similar language training programs and the followers need to spend much more time to learn the language completely.

Summary: Rocket French is the ultimate language training program which can help you achieve proficiency in French language within weeks. With the help of tutorials, guides and regular quizzes. you can learn the best french vocabulary on your own.

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