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In the past few days, I noticed that my computer is running very slow and there are a lot of error messages after startup and it gets really annoying because it hinders me to do the task that I need to do because of the unresponsiveness of my computer.

Being a computer technician I know that the problem is in the registry, however, I know that reinstalling my operating system and reformatting my hard disk will solve the problem but it will eventually delete my well taken care of files.

So I decided to download some free registry cleaner on the internet and most of them are crap and just a scam that puts annoying ads on my computer. What would I expect of free software right?

Some of them are legit registry cleaners and not a scam however it does not scan the registry to deep that is why there are registry errors that are still left. So the conclusion is I am not satisfied

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Getting to Know RegServe

I came across this software which is called RegServe however it is a paid software but the benefits of using it really hooked me up on buying it.

It is promising that it will scan the computer deeply for registry files that are corrupt and broken. It also promises the increased speed of your computer after using it.

The advantage of this software is that it raises the health and stability of your computer.

Trying out the RegServe

So I bought the software, because of the wonderful benefits that it promises on it sales page. After buying the software I got a download link and the license keys.

The software installed successfully without any hassle at all. So I started using the software and it was very easy to use even an ordinary user would understand because the graphical user interface is not that complicated.

It also corrects and updates automatically according to your preference you can change the settings on the options too if you want a scheduled update but it depends on you what I do is to set it automatically.

After the software was done updating it started to scan my system registry automatically and to my surprise, there are tons of corrupted, outdated and broken registry files that I have on my computer.

Other registry fixer programs did not detect those files only RegServe did that I was really amazed by the power of the software. After the scan was completely done took only less than an hour. My computer is back to its former glory.


Happy Customer of RegServe

This one of a kind program will help people like me who are having problems with their computer without the need to reformat and reinstall the Windows because as we all know we have the important files that we do not want to delete and it is really time-consuming to back up files.

I am really happy that I prevented a possible fatal crash that would eventually make my operating system corrupted.

There are also a lot of good reviews regarding RegServe apart from my own personal review many people have found good success in using the software.

This is a good milestone in the world of computer troubleshooting because you do not already need to manually find those unwanted and corrupted registry files on your RegEdit.

Because it is really complex to manually repair the registry files and it takes a lot of effort and skills to do that which non-IT people cannot do.

The price is relatively low for the benefits that you will be getting from this one of a kind software.

There is a lot of difference between the paid version and the free version of RegServe and what I can tell you is that go for the paid version because it has a lot more features.


There is an unlimited number of registry fixes that you can do on a paid version unlike on the free version the number of registry files that you can fix is only limited.

That is why if you want to make sure that your computer is already free from any registry issues then go for paid version especially if you use your computer for very important use like for business, work, or for schooling then you do not want to mess it up

.It is a good precautionary measure to avoid any issues with the registry files the future and to maintain the good health of your computer.

Avoid Buying from Other Vendors

What I can advice you in buying a RegServe software is that you must only buy from their official website to avoid scams and pirated copies of the software.

Having a pirated copy of the software takes away your privilege to download updates on your RegServe meaning after several months your software will be useless already that is why do not hesitate to buy a registered paid copy of the software to enjoy the full benefits of it.

My Final Verdict

Although there are lots of other tools that repair the system registry of our computers you cannot compare RegServe to them because this software is the epitome of all the registry cleaner programs that are available on the internet.


My personal review and the 5-star reviews that people are giving this software is really what this program deserves. The programmers behind this wonderful software are really genius simply because when you are using the program it does not eat up a lot of memory allocation.

For that reason even though while you are using the computer you can run the program without slowing down your computer.

And about the pricing, I think it is really a small amount because you will get a lot of benefits from it and prevent future mishaps on your system which will save you a ton of time and money from technicians and system recovery experts.

I would like also to express my gratitude to this wonderful software simply because it made my work (which is a computer technician) a lot easier because if a client goes to me and says that their computer was running slow then I will just run RegServe to fix those issues.
Get Instant Access!

Having said that I already save a ton of time while having an increased income because of RegServe!

The good thing about RegServe is that it does not require any specific high-demand specification to run the program meaning it can run on any specification of computers.

So what I can advise to you is that stay away from other registry cleaners because most of them are just another scam on the internet and just stick to RegServe.

You will just pay for a one-time payment and then you can use the software literally forever and the good thing is you will get the updates automatically when you connect to the internet however you can also change your preference if you want to update it manually.

I advise you to grab a copy of the software now until the price is not that steep because many issues regarding operating systems are coming up every day because of bugs and glitches that is why take the opportunity to take preventive actions for you to take care of your beloved computer.

laptop solution

Good luck in taking care of your computer and I promise you that you will not regret buying the software because it is a great starting point for you to learn on how to maintain your computer at a very low and reasonable one-time cost.

Just follow use your computer properly like shutting it down after use because not properly shutting down can make your registry files corrupted and thank you for reading my wonderful review and I hope that I gave you a good turning point decision to try this wonderful product.

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  • Easy to use because it has a user-friendly GUI.
  • Price is affordable (One-time payment)
  • Fixes not only common registry issues but the most complex too.
  • Speeded up my computer in no time.
  • Secured payment options.


  • The download server is not that stable I downloaded the small-sized installer for almost an hour.
  • The GUI is too plain and not that stylish.

Summary: RegServe is one of a kind registry cleaner that fixes up common to most complex issues in just a click of a button. It is hassle-free and has a 100 percent accuracy in resolving registry issues.

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