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Though the railroads is constantly hiring, there are lots of applicants who get rejected on a constant basis. This is partly due to their ignorance and partly due to their lack of knowledge. The guide reviewed today attempts to correct this trend in case you have been applying in order to get hired but you are yet to be successful.

This review is about the railroad jobs guide by Sean Martin

What the guide is all about

The railroad jobs guide as you can imagine from its name is a guide put together by sean martin on how to get hired by the railroads.

Why Sean Martin is Qualified

  • This guide has been featured in trains magazine
  • He was once rejected but took time through hours of research, then, re-applied before he got hired
  • This guide has helped thousands of people get hired. Most of whom have failed for at least 3 times prior to having access to seans guide and help.



In this guide, you will discover…

  • 18 railroad sites and thus you will be able to check out which railroad is hiring and which one is not
  • The right step you need to take that will differentiate you from all other multitude of applicants
  • How to get a railroad job even if you do not have enough experience
  • The best means to get hired by a railroad. These best means are 2 in number
  • What to do to impress the interviewer and automatically be ahead of the competition
  • The tiny details you need to take off if you do not want to be off the interview before the final stage
  • How to know if the railroad job is the right job for you
  • The key areas of your life that will be thoroughly checked before you are offered any railroad job
  • How to handle a rejection letter or email instead of panicking
  • Previous career choices that the railroad must see on your resume. There will be a boost on your application if you have one or two of these on your resume. There are only 28 of such career choices
  • The legal way by which you can scale through the background check. This background check is mandatory so you cannot skip or try to by-pass it
  • Drugs you must never take even if it looks innocuous before going for a railroad interview. Also, the food you must not take when you are required to take a drug test. Hint. This food is a very common food
  • The 67 key words that must be on your resume if you do not want your resume to end up in the trash can
  • The word youmust say if you want to seriously attract the attention of the interview
  • The critical personal traits that the railroad is always look out for and what to do in case you do not have any of these traits
  • The 8 things that can act as a stumbling block to you getting hired
  • The other tests that are a must for you to pass that will be required of you aside from the drug and strength test
  • The 9 questions you cannot escape answering during the interview process and how you can answer each one without sounding like an amateur
  • How to determine the right class of railroad that is suitable for you. This is because there are 3 classes of railroad – class i, class ii and class iii. You will also discover the differences between these classes
  • The one question that can get you disqualified if you provide the wrong answer to this question
  • The insider information you must know before going for the interview
  • The questions you must ask any railroad trade school before you enroll there
  • How to determine the right railroad school for you
  • A completely faultless resume that you adapt and use as your own
  • How to use union websites and employee websites to obtain insider information
  • What you must not tell the interviewer if you want to get the job
  • The specific interview questions that always get asked in every interview. Having the right answers to this questions and being able to answer them correctly will boost the odds of you getting the job in your favor
  • The right way to dress for the interview. Please do not assume that you know this
  • The question to ask any railroad school. This question must be answered by them before you enroll there, otherwise, do not enroll there
  • The best way to create your own resume without it looking an amateur
  • Other perfect resumes that you can model
  • How to get justice in case you get laid off unjustly



The railroad jobs guide comes with 4 bonuses. These are;

Bonus #1. Sean Martin’s Railroad Jobs Coaching Program.

The mode of coaching is through the forum. It is more like a group coaching kind of a thing

Bonus #2. Interview Strategies By Bonnie Lowe

Bonus #3. The Railroad Builders.

This guide covers what you need to know about the history of railroads in North America.

Bonus #4. A Train and Locomotive Screensaver.

You will have to install this on your computer and then have a view of different trains

As you can see, these compliments the main guide and are not just a pile of junk in the name of bonuses.



The railroad jobs guide comes with a complete 60 days money back guarantee


Several successful case studies are made available on the sales page. This adds credibility to this guide.

Your investment

My opinion is that the value for this guide is as good as your first month’s salary. However, Sean martin is giving you access to this guide for $27.



You stand to gain a lot more from this guide because it will massively boost your chance of getting hired out of a multitude of applicants provided you invest and apply what you are taught.

The information provided in this guide is top-notch and on top of that Sean is giving a 60 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied. Thus, I believe this is a no-risk investment for you.

Also, you can have access to his forum where you can ask him any question that may be bogging your mind before you make the purchase.

One thing you must note is that buying this guide will not automatically give you the job, however, by investing in this you will be able to increase your chances of getting hired since you have tips and valuable secrets that will stand you in a good stead ahead of all the other applicants for the same job.


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– Access to various railroad sites so that you can apply to the job position of your choice where you seem less chances of rejection.

– Complete overview on the interview and tests procedures along with focus on legal requirements of railroad job positions.

– Money back guarantee. In case you fail to get hired after making your application by following the practices explained in the program within 60 days, your investment will be returned immediately.

– Bonus features given free along with the purchase of the program which focus on each aspect and requirements of being hired for railroad job positions.

– Helpful tips for people who are constantly being rejected for the job position as they can get solution for each of the mistakes they have been making before.


The program does not aims to get you hired for the highest paying job position but will surely help you find a permanent railroad employment.

Summary: Railroad Jobs Guide is a recruitment program designed by sean martin which can help you get hired by railroads. You can now get to learn the best resume preparation methods by which you can complete the application procedure and clear the required tests to get hired for the job position. So if you are determined to get a railroad job, this guide can prove to be of great help.

RatingRated 4.5 stars