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You must be tired of buying services or follow forecast tips in newspapers and none of this really working out for you.

If you follow the advice of the experts, why don’t you win? Why do you spend more money betting than the profits you get? How long will you feel cheated?

Then, surely you think “I need some help that really helps me win” every now and then.

Well, Racing Wins proposes to be a solution.

Racing Wins claims to be a tipster that only requires five minutes of your time to become a winner.

A kind person, Mr. Pete Thomson has created this tipster to help other players who share their tastes as racing fans.

What taste? Well, win in horse racing bets.

horse race bet

It’s definitely sad to see so many tips and tipsters that offer wonderful things when they don’t fulfill what they promise.

So, if you’re tired of losing all the time or want to start playing with an efficient support, trying Racing Wins is an idea.

Why is Racing Wins different from other tipsters?

Because you have up to 20 weekly tips that will help you make the right decision at the time of betting.

And this is ideal for you even if you are totally new to horse racing.

He even has tips for the four types of bets.

You can bet on Third Best, Outsider, Next Best and Nap; the latter being the most likely to win.

However, with Next Best, the attack rate is very good. Especially with the tips provided by this tipster!

Next Best and Third Best may be less frequent in generating victories, but they are the ones that give more profit in terms of quantity.

This part you can trust!

This is because each type of bet has been proven, each time yielding a successful result.

The best thing –and that could give more truthfulness to this service– is that since it’s not part of the newspaper ads, a small circle of people takes advantage of this.

That said, you will always get the opportunity price you need.

Racing Wins has experts who want you to win, giving you advice on which bet you should make, which ones are made per day and in which way you can win.

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What are the benefits of Racing Wins?

  • Great probabilities to gain.
  • Little investment, lots of earnings.
  • Use email for your follow-up.
  • Reduces your chances of races with big losses.
  • Only the small risk that exists when placing bets.
  • Teaches you the complete results.
  • With this tipster, things are different from usual services.
  • They review each result with complete detail and comfort from your home.

Who ensures that RW works?

There is a lot of people that guarantee how much this tipster has worked for them.

Mr. Mike Brown comments that he has increased his betting bank after using RW since the points system has given him security and certainty in each of his bets.

He used only £10 in his bets. Now, use £20!

His profits have multiplied.

This is only possible as Pete and his experts make sure to share an efficient and accurate points system.

Most of the tipsters do not offer the results in a disaggregated way, while Racing Wins shows you a table with every detail explicitly.

This table shows you the horse, the probability, the profit and much more.

Even the winning rank generates that they have obtained in that bet. Having everything set in a perfect order for you to review and take the best decision.

horse racer

How much does all of this service cost?

Mr. Pete Thomson expects his tipster to be functional for everyone, not just high-risk takers. So there are few plans for you to get into this service.

  1. There is a special plan with a payment of £ 4.08 a month. This is a limited offer and is not applicable to everyone. But guarantees some tip-exclusivity and a monthly warranty.
  2. However, the most popular alternative is monthly tips. In this way, you receive at least 20 weekly tips and pay £14.95 per month. This option is more expensive, but also gives out more and better results which is why it is the most popular pack of Pete’s service.

In addition, the service constantly counts with other limited offers:

  1. There is a special offer for newcomers of Racing Wins. You just have subscribed and acquired the service before August 31, in this way you will get a 73% discount.

Payment and contract

Usually, the services are contracted by month, but you can also go for an annual subscription if you are sure about the investment, and you can change between payment methods whenever you want.

After you convince yourself that Racing Wins work, you continue to pay monthly or pay for the annual package.

There is another way, a freeway!

If you would like to further test this program before actually spending money, you can only register on the official page with your name and a personal email. Then, you will receive free advice for your bets in a lower frequency and quantity than paying members!

horse racing

This is a free advice.

Depending on your decision, you can choose any type of bet.

Although NAP is the most likely to become a win, the Third Best and Outsider will always bring the most money in return.

The advisable thing is that you keep a mixture of these bets so that you avoid long losing rolls and keep the amount of your bank at an opportune level.

About the legal disclosures

This service is registered, works entirely via online and allows you to unsubscribe at any moment when you desire to. This gives you some certainty that you won’t be forever attached to the service as happens with some SMS and online advice tipsters.

In the downside, the unsubscribe button is not safe, since they don’t make questions when the user decides to cancel the subscription. If you do it by accident you will lose your money.

Get Instant Access!

WARRANTY: What happens if it does not work?

Mr. Pete is quite secure of his service, and as this is he offers a total refund within a 60-day guarantee if you are discomforted with the service or can prove that most of the tips were wrong.

Basically, their policy is to give you a nice 60-day test drive. If you didn’t make any money with their tips or just don’t like the way their system works, you can drop out and get your money back at 100%.

No questions asked, no hassles, no harassment.

This is how the service works

All suggestions are sent to your email, and then you have to follow the registration instructions to continue receiving the tips.

The schedule of the councils is stable

All tips are sent between 9 AM and 10 AM on tip days.

Sometimes the tip days are between Tuesday and Saturday, but never on Mondays and Sundays.

It is always good to have a rest. Don’t you think?


My verdict

Racing Wins seems legit, it has great reviews online from happy customers and even offers a 100% refund if they fail to offer an accurate and comfortable service.

All things said this is a great tipster to generate profits from your bets without having to pay for more expensive options like a personal tip adviser, and also, as they work in a team, will probably grant better and more viable results than race holder.

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  • It is extremely clear when reflecting on the results and constant when sending you the advice.
  • Allows you to take clearer decisions when it comes to your bets and even offers clear suggestions by listing.
  • This tipster is based on months of study and monitoring to be able to offer a more reliable service.
  • You save time, money and peace of mind, and you receive earnings in return!


  • The service works only online which reduces the access to people who are not a fan of technology.
  • The listings and tables can be hard to read at the beginning if you are not used to the race systems.


Summary: Overall, Mr. Pete offers a nice tipster service, and it surely is worth a try if you are looking for a more economical alternative to your classic race analyst. It ensures some great results and works in a legit and trustworthy way. So, subscribe now and start showing off some extra earnings from your bets.

RatingRated 4.5 stars