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Science has been cursing plastic for decades due to its exceedingly undegradable nature. The fact that it cannot be burned, churned or recycled allows the plastic to intoxicate our lands and the seas. However, to this date, not a single invention has been capable to replace the product completely.

Same has been the case with the paper towel-use. Nonetheless, we consider ourselves lucky enough to witness a substitute which can help save our environment- “the Nano Towels.”


What is the big deal about paper towels?

The paper napkins we use every day are actually intoxicating our environment. Despite the amount of convenience they have bought in the world, paper towels are barely disposable. Well, not exactly, as they do degrade eventually. But like plastics, the amount of time paper takes to decompose varies greatly. 

Here is how nature gets afflicted owing to the use of paper napkins:

  • They devour innumerable trees!

Using a couple of paper rolls in a year may not seem to be a big deal. So, let’s consider our case in terms of masses. According to a rough estimate, in the United States, an individual consumes about 80 paper rolls annually. The figure rises heavily when taken into account for the total population dwelling in the continent. That much amount can take up to 110 million trees to produce the goods. Woah!

  • They pollute the land intensely:

It is easy to notice heaps of paper in the form of sheets, notebooks, diapers, and tissues in any junkyard. The issue here is not regarding the time taken by the paper to degrade, but the increasing use of the product that is rising in great proportions. It has been estimated that paper use can load the landfills with 3000 tons of waste annually!


  • They use plenty of water:

On an average, the number of paper towels consumed annually by the USA alone amounts up to 40 pounds! Now that stack of a product also consumes 130 gallons of water that go in its making. The figure keeps on adding every year with ever-rising in the population

  • They are not just trees!

If you aren’t pretty convinced as yet, here is something that can change your mind. We would like to add to your knowledge that a paper towel isn’t all organic. In order to increase its absorbency, chemical-use is actively implemented in its production. Some of the chemicals include furans and dioxins which have been observed to contain carcinogenic and mutagenic properties. Most paper towels are even BLEACHED (explains their white color). Hence, if you go after paper napkins for the reason that it is hygienic and safe, you might want to give it a second thought.
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The chemicals may even enter your body with frequent use of paper plates and cups.

What should we do?

We certainly don’t discourage the use of paper products completely. However, a healthy substitute must be resorted to wherever possible, for its ever-increasing use is a thousandfold greater than the pace at which it degrades. This is causing intense land and sea pollution, with toxic heaps of used paper piling almost everywhere.


Of tons of paper wasted every year, a mere 2 percent is recycled

Nano Towels can do the trick to an extent beyond our expectations. They can replace your paper towels and paper napkins effectively and extensively.

Why should I go after Nano Towels?

  • It has no chemicals:

With excessive paper towel use, you are slowly subjecting your family as well as yourself to chemical intoxication. Taking into account the number of paper products we use yearly, the chemicals can actually bear significant health risks. 

Nano Towels are devoid of harsh chemicals.

  • It doesn’t harm the environment:

As the paper starts decomposing, it releases methane. Despite being regarded a biogas, its exaggerated production can produce climate changes. The amount of paper being decomposed all around the globe releases tons of methane gas, hence, can be deemed as a cause of global warming. 

With Nano Towels, the matter of decomposition does not exist. Moreover, it can be reused a couple of times a year. Discarding the towels shall not pollute your surroundings after all. 


Nano Towels can help you stay clean and green

  • It works better than paper towels:

How many paper napkins will suffice to wipe a tea spill off your kitchen counter? 4? 5? 6? Not definite, or is it? Well, with Nano Towels, the same task can be completed using a single piece. On the top of that, the towels require just water to wipe the stains away. You don’t have to run after bleach and other harmful cleaning agents. Just spill few drops of water and swipe the Nano Towel over the spill. 

The towel can be used to clean several objects such as glass, mirrors, wood, cupboards, floors, marble, sinks, tubs, tables, countertops, granite, and stainless steel. Unlike paper napkins, you don’t have to change the towel with every use. You can make your home spotless using a single piece. 

Need a soft and skin-friendly fabric to remove makeup? Nano Towel can wipe clean every bit of makeup off your face with just a few drops of water. Keep aside the harsh chemical-based removers. 

  • What makes the Nano Towels special?

As the name implies, the product has been created using “Nanolon.” Here, it is important that you do not confuse them with microfiber. Nanolon is, in fact, a next-generation fabric material produced using a unique protocol. The fibers are thinner than a human hair strand by many folds. A single piece of the towel can accommodate nearly a million Nanolons. This imparts the product with some unbeatable absorbing properties, and you can clean spills without dripping them on your way to the sink. 


  • You can save a great deal every year:

The price you pay for a paper towel roll at the store may not sound expensive. Now sum it up and calculate the amount it costs you on a yearly basis. The total aggregate may seem pretty costly, perhaps an amount that you could have salvaged for other useful purposes. Deeming it as a basic necessity, we spend after paper towels like crazy. An average (unbranded) roll may charge you around $3, whereas that with a notable name costs higher.

Nano Towels can be highly cost-effective in this regard. They can provide you with greater facilities without bothering your budget. A pack of 4 towel pieces may cost up to $19.95. Now, that you can reuse them over and over again, forget running to the store every month to get a bunch of tissue rolls.

For those who still hesitate about altering this aspect of lifestyle, let us tell you that the pack of 4 comes with ‘No-nonsense 30-day free trial offer’, and it is 100 percent risk-free. After all, it is all about saving your environment. So why not give it a try?


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  • The towels carry a complete 1-year warranty
  • They can survive up to 300-400 uses
  • You don’t have to breathe in toxins anymore. Nano Towels can clean your home without employing chemicals. It just uses water
  • A single towel can do the same job as half of a tissue roll does
  • Cotton towels don’t dry quickly and may absorb little water. Such is not the case with Nano towels
  • The towel can be used outside your home as well, such as in the hospitals, schools, cars, trucks, etc.
  • You can save several bucks with Nano Towels as they can last for 3-4 years


  • Nano Towels cannot kill bacteria and other micro-organisms. Disinfection can take place with the use of hot water. However, you can still use the towels with cleaning agents
  • Nano Towels need to be replaced between 3-4 years and need washing after every use

Summary: Nano Towel is a small, yet a remarkable step taken for the prosperity of our environment. This simple idea can have a miraculously positive impact on our climate. Cleaning tasks do not have to make use of paper napkins all the time. Nano Towels can work with greater efficacy. Moreover, it is versatile, as its use is not confined to homes merely. Just imagine paper-use being reduced to a fewer inevitably necessary uses.
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