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Credit goes to Tim Crush and Julie Lavrinfor the creation of the amazing program. The official website provides the free version of the Magic Break out system alongside with a 14 page downloadable pdf. The main aim of the system is similar as its name suggest. Its just a break out system which is based on GBPUSD.

Where can you access the product? I bet thats the one million dollar question. It pretty simple just bank on the official website and other legitimate credible sources. The previous free version of the magic break out had experienced lot of love from the public. The authors decided to make improvements to meet all the clients demands.


What are components of the previous system and the current version?

The previous program had a manual with custom indicators. The current version comprises of a visual and an audible which are automated. You will be provided with advanced entry strategies which is well explained.

The current manual comprises of 30 page long manual. You will have the 4MT4indicators which can be set up to a visual and audible indicator.

Composition of the system

The system is very simple to set up. With the system the entry stops, target are mentioned which work efficiently. The reasons why we are trading with the special indicator is that the indicator will greatly make you successful. It will teach you with displine and proper money management.

With the system, you will identify many forums groups who spent countless time working on the new methods of the identification of new ways and new indicators. Whats really is the CCI indicator? The CCI Trend indicator for forex trading is a profitable trading tool that has been used for a long period of time by most successful traders. With the system, one will need to develop a comprehensive intelligent approach?

The probability of running out of profitable trades without the use of the indicators would be high but with the indicator, but newbies and even professional will bank on the indicator for success. The system will help you to filter out the bad trading methods which may lead to dramatic loses.

The system will teach you on the modes through which one can move from making losses and divert to the making of profit.


Learn on why trading is done by the use of the special indicators from the program.

With the development of different strategies, the main aim for someone will be to identify the given suitable indicators. The indicators that hit the market at the first time and amassed excellent profit.

Generally lots of people have ideas about different trading techniques and systems, the indicator that one chooses should describe one trading system effectively. The book recommends on you developing an excellent approach with any indicators which will increase your profitability.

Beginners will greatly require this comprehensive tool. For simple starts, they can bank on the tool for the identification of different swing lows and different swing high until they learn on the different methods to do so own their own.

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Magic break out rules you need to know for the system.

Be sure to identify that the market is trending up. A perfect trend can be identified from a given market by just looking at the favorite swing lows and swing highs. Always know that the price is always above the wave. With the knowledge that the price will always be below the wave, you can check on the trend of the wave. I.e. if the wave will either move to a swing low or a swing high.

Have the idea of identification of when the candle bodies will be above the upper wave. The importance rule will help you in the differentiating and the identification of suitable patterns that flows freely.

Practically implementation of the magic break out rules

If the bars had a practical yellow color for at least five bars. You need to wait and recognize if the bars will change to a green color. If there is the positive color change, you will proceed to the next level.

With the price tending up perfectly as stated from the magic break out rules. You will realize that the price can be either above the wave, below the wave. If indeed the price is at the level, you can proceed to the next step.

Recognize the magic swing patterns. Train your eyes in the identification of the suitable swing lows and swing highs. With much practice, you can be able to identify suitable swing lows and swing highs.

up the charts

The magic exit rule that you can learn from the program

With the program, you will learn on the following rules. First, you will be required to learn on the placing of the suitable targets. The first profile target can vary. It will be a good idea to bank on the first profit target.

With the placing of the proper first target, you can now place the second profit target. The next rule will be the identification of the stop loss target Monitor the second target to identify the next target.

How can you trade with the trend?

There are smaller waves and higher waves. You can easily choose the given wave to trend with. Although the strong trends offer big profits. Sometimes you may experience losses. The consumer market behavior is unpredictable. Bank on the magic exit rules to make enormous profits.

money talks

Distinction between trend and chop from the program

Some people will refer to chop as the horizontal movements. Other names similar to chop include the flat metal, range bound or sideways markets. By the use of the wave, you can distinguish between the two but you will be required to look closely. Make sure, you are able to determine the clock angle of the wave.

The market is always strong wave when the market is travelling at three clock. The strong uptrend is when the clock is travelling at noon. A strong down trend is when the wave is travelling at four oclock.

Can the system work?

The system can work if you only execute the plan appropriately. You just require to know when the signal can operate. Be sure to monitor the trends during all time soft the week in order to easily determine the signal. With the 24 hours support, you can easily find answers to your questions with ease. The advantage with the use of the system is that the system is 100 % efficient which is perfectly set. Sometimes, you may not be able to make profits if you choose a wrong swing lows.

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– User friendly; the program is user friendly and the user interface is very welcoming. Therefore, you get to enjoy using it more and more.

– No complexities; the program has no complex materials or system that will bring you chaos in the course of usage of the program.

– Cost effective; the software is very affordable and attainable to anybody who wishes to be an expert in the field of forex trading.

– Two version; you can either choose to use the free version or the the premium version of the software.

– Good support system; the software has a very nice support system which is up to the point of need.


– Accessibility; you can only access the software through the internet.

Summary: Magic breakout is a mega product that has proved worth both our money and time. The program has been made using the latest technology there is in the world of indicators rendering it one of the best programs to use. Therefore, consider using it for the maximum benefits.

RatingRated 4.5 stars