Complete Review: Does Abel Thomas’s Liberty Generator Really Work?

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Most of the people might be thinking of reducing their electricity bills by using alternate resources of energy such as solar panels and wind power. The liberty generator uses biogas as a fuel to power your house and can help you reduce the electricity expenditures of your house for about 80%. People are considering green solutions because of the increasing rate of pollution and everyday problems which need to be solved for using gas powered generators. The liberty generator is based on a system which can generate gas to power the whole house if you are having enough resources of waste available to run the system. Grid electricity might be the ultimate choice for the homeowners but for the areas where it is not available, biogas generators can prove much helpful.

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How does liberty gas generator work?

The liberty gas generator uses biogas as a fuel which is created by using household waste. In order to run the system, the usage of household waste can be economical because it is available in huge amounts in some areas. It converts the organic waste into biogas which in turn is used to power the generator. Moreover, the system is much easier to install and maintain by which you can operate it by yourself once installed properly.

Here are the key benefits of using the liberty generator

  • It will cut your electricity bill by 60 percent by which you can save on your electricity expenditures.
  • Easier to build and maintain according to your budget
  • Environment friendly and requires less attention to run
  • Can power your house upon proper generation of biogas.
  • Long term investment with future benefits.
  • There is no storage limit for the organic waste inside the generator.
  • There is no need of professional skills to run the system.

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Get your own power source

Being the most environment friendly generator, the liberty generator can help you get rid of electricity expenditures because it is the most convenient method for power generation. You can either select the readymade generator or prepare according to your choice. There is no need for any technical knowledge to build the liberty generator by yourself because you will be needing simple tools and some waste for the generation of biogas. When you purchase the system, you are given along a set of instruction which must be followed to get the maximum output. The instructions are delivered through a video along with a user manual which includes some images which might help you in installation.

As the generator runs on biogas, it is considered as the most inexpensive and easy to run system if you are having enough waste resources available. Building your own liberty generator requires dedication because you will have to provide waste to the generator regularly to get uninterrupted power supply. Some of the people might consider the generator as scam and waste of money, but this is definitely not true because it is being used in most of the homes where grid electricity is not available. As long as you feed the generator properly, your house will get power supply without any interruption.


Functionality of the generator

The liberty generator functions in a way by which there is no harm done to the environment. If you need any additional support, the instructions are available over the internet. To give your house uninterrupted power supply, the generator produces biogas from the provided organic waste. For proper generation, the chamber is sealed and is closed properly so that the gas could not escape. Moreover, the generated biogas can also be used for heating purposes inside the house.

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Why do you need the liberty generator?

Your home might be needing a reliable source of heating in the winters so that you do not have to spend a lot on the electricity bills. If you prepare the biogas generator by yourself, you can save the money which is spent for making your house warm. For the people who are having environmental concerns, they can go green by installing the liberty generator at their home if they are living in remote areas where electricity supply is not available. It can provide enough power generation for one house which can be used to perform the activities such as cooking and heating.

There is a vast amount of organic waste available in farms which can ease the installation procedure of the liberty generator. The areas which are having disposal problems for the organic waste, they must use it for the generation of biogas. If you are living in an area which is having power shortage or energy crises regularly, you can get benefit from this environment friendly source of power generation.

Although the system is a cheap power generation source, it has some disadvantages which are mentioned as follows:

  • You will be needing proper space for the installation of the generator so if you do not have availability of a large area, you cannot create the generator by yourself. In this case, you can purchase the generator to get uninterrupted power supply.
  • For the people who are living away from rural areas, they might have difficulties in the collection of organic waste which is necessary for the generation of biogas.
  • The system cannot be considered as an alternate for grid electricity because you will be needing a constant supply of waste to get supply of electricity.


Reduce your electricity expenditures

The liberty gas generator will cut your electricity expenditures but will not eliminate it forever. The generator can run on even a small amount of biogas if you are not having a proper supply of organic waste material. The cost to build the generator might depend upon your requirements for the power supply if you are planning to complete the procedure by yourself. Moreover, you can also avail additional discounts along with the purchase of the biogas generator. If you are able to dig a hole in the mud by yourself and seal it properly, you can follow the instructions to build the generator by yourself.


The liberty generator can be the best possible solution for the people who are living in areas which have power loss in routine. To run the liberty generator, the only thing you will be needing is organic waste which is available in vast amount in rural areas. The system generates biogas through organic waste which is used to power your house. To build the liberty generator, you will have to follow the work procedure as advised by the author. Moreover, this is the safest method to generate electricity as it makes no harm to the environment.

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– The liberty generator is easy to assemble as you will have to dig a hole in your backyard and use organic waste to run the system.

– Safe for the environment as the system does not emit harmful gases while operating.

– Reduce your electricity expenditures by 60%.

– No maintenance required and you can operate the generator even if you do not possess some professional skills.


The Liberty generator requires a constant supply of organic waste which might not be possible for people who are living in cities.

Summary: Liberty Generator is the best electricity generation source which can be used to power your entire house and you will not have to pay for costly electricity supplies anymore. The liberty generator is easy to assemble and runs on organic waste without producing harmful gases. So if you are in search of an efficient and reliable alternate energy source, Liberty Generator can be your ultimate selection.

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