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They say that your internet resources are the face of your company, of the products you handle around the entire world, so the importance of this meant a huge headache for me.

Being new to the market, I really did not know what my options were. I was looking for ways to attract people and I studied everything related to digital marketing, from mail-order sales systems to social networks.

But, there was always that difficulty in finding support or support that would keep me up to date, that would allow me to carry less weight than the whole digital process represents.

Where could I find business consulting in the online marketing niche if it was a new market?

And it was then that I gave with instamember, a Plug-in service created by Suzanna Theresia that, although it does not work for any type of Online business, is a great help to organize a website with affiliation and membership page…


What is Instamember about?

Is an all in one plug-in that contains all of the items you might need that can help to easily create a site online with paid memberships.

Usually, you would need a degree in computer engineering or have been working as a code writer for some time to get this job done.

However, this full plug-in doesn’t require experience with that kind of platforms or there as I previously mentioned.

Instamember offers to bring the veteran’s experience summed into one single item and comes to the surface to innovate the entrepreneurs.

With this app, you can easily create a business where the profits are constant, and rather than getting paid for your product once, the service is paid month by month by each client. This means that your incomes will be more sustainable than with another type of online services.

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What do we know about Suzanna Theresia?

She is a product creator and Internet marketer that has been creating and promoting her own original products since 2009.

The first time she tried to create a membership site, she spends days looking for the perfect membership plug-in and could not find anything that would work seamlessly.

Instead, she had to purchase separate plug-ins to do the same job and, in view of the above, she created Instamember after finding out that in the market there wasn’t a single plug-in that included all of the things to develop your own membership site.

It turned out pretty fine in fact as soon as you download it because she didn’t launch it just like that. She tried and proved the product herself to check out it was done.


What makes Instamember special?

The instamember plug-in comes with example photos making it even easier to use it. It also includes new super handy material; for example, it includes a support desk, which saves you a LOT of time that you could use making more profits doing something else.

In addition, it brings the licensing options that can be renovated up to one year, self-responding customer service, with a preloaded data of Frequently Asked Questions; and many other helpful options that can offer you a great, personalized membership site in no time.

Something else you may like is that you can use designed themes for your site with instamember, the service offers hundreds of options, giving you more space to personalize your new website as well as offering a faster result.

The instructions are all well specified, honestly, you barely have to give a look to the user’s guide to see if the whole thing is running as it should be.

And finally, it is profitable, the system is affiliated to the biggest payment networks and evidently all kinds of famous credit cards that are marketed around the world.


What the reason Instamember exists nowadays?

Instamember is a professional’s response to the need for a complete tool that is uncomplicated and requires having not much or zero experience about web design, to create a membership page.

Suzanna Theresia wanted to create a system plug-in that could help anyone to promote their products from the ashes and start to make incomes month by month by doing almost nothing on the design and web maintenance area.

This way she came up with a plug-in service that takes the minus space of time possible and eases the processing of incomes, especially the part where you directly charge the monthly fee to your customer’s saving them from any scam.

What results would I get from this plug-in?

Surprisingly it translates to more money in your pockets very quickly. It makes your investments worth it no matter the odds and your products will be pushed faster than before.

This Plug-in is effortless to understand and put to work since it is all already figured it out and it would not take much time to make profits from it.

Besides, is the only plug-in, with all features included, you will ever need to build on your own membership site online.


You can work on more than one website simultaneously and increase the profits, the updates are loaded around a complete year and it has a full base of questions and answers to clear the user’s doubts

Furthermore, is totally armored, with no such thing as possible gateways and password to enter members’ only spaces.

Testimony of some Internet Marketers

Pat Flanagan says he was able to set up almost everything on his own, only consulting the documentation twice and tried to find a missing feature but it was all there.

On the other hand, Leon Henry thinks this plug-in is simply the best membership plug-in that he ever used, right from the start the instructions were easy to follow and very comprehensive.

In addition, Michael McKay states that he owns several memberships sites with more than five hundred members on each and he needed to ensure that everything worked as it should allowing him to concentrate on developing new business. And Instamember facilitates his duty.

So in their reviews, we can see how Suzanna’s work has given a deep breath into the internet marketers lives and the sense of relief abound everywhere.

Where can I find it?

You can buy Instamember on the internet, from the source official site, Suzanna’s site and other reselling sources.

With the original offer, it counts with worldwide shipping including the principal item and the other plus features that comes along with it.


The safest place to find it is at Suzanna Theresia’s official page or the product launch web. Your capital will be safe considering that it has a guarantee within 60 days.

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  • Quick response from the developing tools so that you can test your site under construction easily.
  • Allows predesigned sets, themes, and templates as well as more personalized site development.
  • Allows almost any type of online payment.
  • Integrates several tools for marketing besides the membership management in one plug-in.
  • It’s really easy to use and put to work.
  • Counts with a quick FAQ answering machine.
  • The price range is below other, not as complete, tools in the market.
  • Warranty: Full refund after 60 if the product doesn’t work


  • It doesn’t count with a trial system.
  • The payment system doesn’t accept cryptocurrency yet
  • The Plug-in does not have a constant accounting record, so you must pass accounting to another one during the year to keep track of the progress.

Summary: To conclude, the instamember plug-in is 100% recommended. Since there are few disadvantages with which you will face against the advantages that the service presents. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve the fitness of your membership website, try this plug-in that will make you rank, and gain, fast.

RatingRated 4.5 stars