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One of the skilled individuals that i have awesome respect for are artists.

If you are looking for a way to sell your artwork or photos via the internet, then, you should be interested in this review.

This review is about being paid to draw. Is it not right that you get paid for what you already can do?

In case you do not know, vector drawings and or any random photos are a hot commodity in the marke right now.


What the program is

It is a program which as the name implies shows you how to get paid for your drawings. It also guides on which drawing will fetch you a better pay.

In addition, you will also be taught how to create these drawings that you can later sell. However, if you already have the drawings already available partly because you are already an artist, you will be taught how you can sell your artwork.

The major benefit i see in this guide is that you can sell any image ranging from photos, artwork to paintings. By images and photos, i meant that instagram photos can also be sold.

Also, if you are wondering where you can host your images, then, the getpaidtodraw members’ area will provide you with a hosting service without you paying any additional fee.

Who is behind getpaidtodraw

Jules camber is the person behind this program and he is bringing his wealth of experience at selling arts to help you with selling your own art works


  • Though you will be making use of the site’s hosting services, you will not be paying any royalty fee to them
  • They will provide for you free customer service for your clients
  • You will be taking advantage of their partner websites where you will be able to have easy access to a pool of ready to pay clients. As you may have known, trying to sell your images is not always a fun activity and can be seriously depressing if care is not taken.
  • You will have access to places where you can easily sell your artwork and photos. To have access to these places you have to pay huge fees, but now no more. In addition to having access to this places, you can negotiate with them on your own without having to go through any third party not even getpaidtodraw.
  • You have direct access to jules – the creator of this program who will guide on what to do and answer your questions as you desire
  • You will be able to sell your works outside the recommended places by getpaidtodraw. There is a bonus guide in the members’ area that will help you out in this regard
  • You can start to earn even if you are new to selling your artwork
  • Also, as an experienced artwork seller, getpaidtodraw is for you
  • You can start this as a form of residual income earner and when you start making bigger profits, you can turn it into a full time gig
  • Aside from outright selling of your images, you can also allow rentage for your images in which case you will earn a passive income on the side. This though can only happen after you must have had a few hundreds of images on the site
  • You will be guided on the resources you need on how to setup your own online store and market it in the right way.


What is included in this program

You can only have access to the training guide via a membership site

The guide is in 2 formats, pdf format and video format. It contains a step by step instruction on how to go about it.

The guide is 50 pages in length. In addition to the main guide, you will have access to additional 7 guides that will aid your training and selling.

The video are labelled in the order by which you have to go through them.

This makes it easy for you instead of everything being lumped together and making you to wonder where you can start from

A guide on how to make use of the internet to further help you sell more of your works


Word of caution

  • While there are clams of artists making as much as $80,000, do not think that you can start making that kind of money right out of the gate. Making that kind of money will surely require time and experience.
  • Also, you will only be able to post the kind of revenues posted on the sales page within a few months only if you go into selling art work as a full time artwork seller. similarly, you need to be dedicated, and have as much works as possible uploaded.
  • This program will suit you the more if you already have a prior experience either as an artist or an artwork seller

Getting started

  • The following are a few instructions that I have found particularly useful when making use of getpaidtodrw and their partner websites
  • Ensure you upload your images into the right category and use the right keywords to describe your image
  • While traffic is good on the site, you can also increase the views to your work by promoting your work on all the social media platforms where you have an account
  • Join art sites and forums – Google them, participate on the forums and show them you have works to sell
  • You can partner with someone else – either a friend, relative or a family if there is need for it and own one account. However, note that both of you cannot be logged in at the same time
  • To get registered, you only need your full name and paypal email
  • There are no age restrictions to getting started
  • By making use of these sites, you will not lose the rights to your images. The only way by which you lose the rights is if you sell the rights. If you do sell the rights, then, you have an obligation to remove the image from their website
  • In order to receive your payments, several payment options are available – paypal inclusive
  • A high quality phone camera is recommended, but you can make use of any camera. The point is drawing an image is not compulsory
  • In order not to create an image that will not sell, it is better to get on the market place, and see which images are in hot demand before you create your own
  • The places where you can have your images listed wil deduct a tiny percentage of your sales


Your investment

$74. But, as a reward for taking action, if you sell your first image, you will be given $50 back.

So essentially you will be paying $24 for this training program. Another advantage of this one-time fee is that you will be provided with free customer service for your clients.


Get paid to draw comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you run into any kind of issues when asking for a refund, you should contact clickbank and they will help you out. Clickbank offers a no question asked money back guarantee and they ensure that the vendors making use their platform stick to this rule.


In conclusion, i believe this product is worth its price. You have incredible support at any time you need it. So with this, the reverse diabetes today product is given a score of 9 out of 10.


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– Outreach potential buyers and best online market places to get higher rewards.

– Easy to access website and selling places where you can log in and get the best price for your masterpiece.

– Guides and video tutorials which can help you learn effective trading techniques.

– Guaranteed results, if you are professional artist and know the actual worth of your creation, you can get your desired rate by trading through


The users of this website will have to update their membership regularly so that they do not miss the great next opportunity to sell their creations.

Summary: Get Paid To Draw is the ultimate online picture selling portal where artist can get a handsome reward for their creation. Exposure to market places and potential buyers is given through the website so that you can find the best deal without wasting any time. No matter you are beginner or a professional artist, Get Paid To Draw can help you boost your monthly earnings.

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