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Even before the sprout of the internet age that sparked the trend of online books stores and online publishing sites I have been writing books. However, those books are published hard copy back in the day.

Writing using a pen to typing using office applications there is still a lot of work to do because the output of your work is in a hard copy and a lot of expenses and tremendous marketing work to be done just to make your book sell.

I haven’t found significant success in writing to tell you honestly maybe because of the lack of available tools back in the day. But despite that, I still continued writing because it is my passion to write.


The Rise of the Internet Age and e-Commerce

The innovation in the world of writing gave a lot more opportunities for writers like me because after writing your respective book in the form of eBooks you can publish it with just a click of a mouse!

I studied the platform specifically Kindle Publishing which is produced by Amazon and I guess it is time for me to level up my game by implementing new techniques and online strategies on my writings.

At first I experienced this culture shock thing because I am not really a techy person, however, I really tried my best in making myself familiar with the new system.

In this situation, I need to absorb the saying “The only permanent in this world is change”.

Because of this, I need to become flexible to adapt the fast-changing pace in the world of writing and I do not want to get behind.

After several months I was able to familiarize the platform. After I finished writing a Kindle book I immediately upload it on the platform and I have been getting several views on my eBooks.

However, I was not profiting enough because most of the views of the prospective customers are not converting into leads or in other words sales.

There is this one time that I felt that I just wasting my time in writing because it does not sustain the finances that I need to live every day. I was bankrupt in short.


Coping up from Depression

Because of this, I experienced some sort of depression from the stress of thinking that I am bankrupt because my profession does not earn me a sufficient amount of money to sustain my everyday needs and pay my bills in time.

Luckily I have a little bit of savings that is left on my bank account which I used for my basic needs.

I felt that I need to do something or else I will lose everything once my all my savings are consumed already.

The internet is my refuge so I search on it for some tips on how I can improve the sales of my Kindle book although I found a lot of guides on the internet most of them are suspicious and looks like a scam.

i came across a one of a kind product

After several hours of searching the internet for possible solutions for my problem. I found this product which is called “Freedom Self Publishing” it is an online course that is in the form of videos.

The product was well explained on their sales page and it really enticed me to take a second look at it. The product is really worth trying because it offers a 60-day money back guarantee if it did not work.

That was my turning point on which why I decided to buy the product eventually. Added the fact that the creator of this course had great success implementing his own techniques.

money in writing

The creator of the product was Adrian Ingram a known online publisher in the Kindle world (I researched about him online). Yes, you heard it right I did several background checks to verify his identity.

I just wanted to make sure because there are lots of products on the internet that are intended just to scam people. That is the number one worry that I have especially when purchasing online.

After purchasing the product I immediately gained access on the course, the deal was smooth and I did not experience any hassles at all. The buffering of his videos was really quick which made me satisfied that I made a right choice.

So I spent the whole day studying the course because I really want to learn on how to increase my sales and how I can be successful with Amazon Kindle.

What I have Learned throughout the Course

There are lots of things that I learned from Adrian Ingram, he shared his techniques wholeheartedly and with credibility. From the content of the course, I can say that this product is not made just for profits but to help people achieve what the creator had achieved.

One of the most important things that I learned is the power of leverage. Because before I write my books manually by myself that is why the turnaround time is very slow.

I learned that outsourcing people to write eBooks for me which will make the process easier and much bigger profits!


I also became a member of a top-secret group in social media that gives you the opportunity to exchange reviews in Amazon which is a great strategy that will help you gain customers.

The strategies that I learned throughout the course are priceless because it gave me an idea about the right pricing that can increase my profit significantly.

Now you are asking how much money do I earn in self-publishing?

After successfully implemented the techniques, gradually my profit is increasing until I reached this point of my life in which I am earning six-figure income monthly because of self-publishing.

I am very satisfied with my life now because of this product I can now support myself and my family without having a hard time and not only that I obtained a financial freedom that everyone is dreaming to have.

Although before I reached this feat, I experienced a lot of hardships it did not become a reason for me to give up but I used these weaknesses of mine to strive harder.
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Right now I am working freely whenever I want with minimal efforts already because I have the virtual assistants that work for me.

My Kindle published eBooks are making me this passive income which lets me do other things the additional source of income which is my retail business.

My Final Verdict

After the results that this product gave me I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is aspiring to have an income in writing Kindle books.

I also browsed a lot of forums and all of the people who tried this course gave 5-star reviews on it that is why this product is surely worth your time and money.


From reading my honest to goodness review of the product to the reviews of other people around the world you can surely have a glance of the benefits that you will get from it.
Although the method seems easy however you will still need to have a lot of patience and hard work for you to become successful in this because success does not come overnight.

All I can advice you is to buy the product now because we never know until when it will be available in the market. Because of the top secrets and techniques that this course is teaching its members, Amazon might take an action on it that is why grab the opportunity to buy it now until it is too late.

Good luck on your journey towards self-publishing, with hard work and perseverance anything is possible. Just follow the method correctly and implement it and learn to work smart and increase your productivity and maintain it to achieve your goals.


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  • Very affordable price.
  • Offers a 60-day money back guarantee that is why purchasing a membership to the course have no risk at all.
  • Easy to follow guides.
  • Videos are high-quality and audios are very clear.
  • Secured payments.
  • Videos are buffering quickly.


  • Needs a lot of work when you are still starting out.
  • You will need to find credible ghostwriters and virtual assistants to work for you and be sure that they will not mess up your business.

Summary: This course had taught me on how to build a passive income empire with the use of the Amazon’s platform which is Kindle Publishing. I learned the different techniques to boost my sales and let ghostwriters and virtual assistants work for me. So basically after the hard work of setting up my empire, I am now harvesting the fruits of my labor by letting my money work for me. Right now I am earning a six-figure income every month just by selling Kindle books.

RatingRated 5 stars