January 24, 2023
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Forex trading does not have to be difficult especially if you have the right guide either in the form of a tutorial or a mentor.

In the case of the forex mentor pro program, you have a combination of the two. Here is my honest review of this program


What you get

  • You will have access to the trading systems that the creators of this program use on a daily basis to trade profitably from the forex market
  • A detailed video analysis of what you need to do before you start trading even weeks before the actual trade
  • You will have access to the tools and trading indicators that the creators of this program use to make their trades very easy and very profitable
  • You have access to a step by step video training. This video trainings are useful to both beginners and pros alike.
  • Forum membership access. Having someone and especially people have your back is always helpful. The forex mentor pro will grant you access to others who are also traders like you and earn profitable trades as well.
  • Support. In addition to the help from other traders, you will get access to Marc Walton, Pierre Du Plessis and Omar Eltoukhy. These are the creators of this program. This will allow you to ask as many questions as you desire.
  • You will have access to live training sessions. This will further fast track your performance.

The team who are behind forex mentors pro

There are 3 persons behind forex mentors pro. They are;

  • Marc Walton. Marc trades full time, manages a hedge fund and he is the founder of this program. He has a personalized M1-M2 trading system which he also teaches to his students. He stays on canary islands and also trades from his house
  • Pierre Du Plessis. Pierre was a former student of marc. But now he also trades full time. He stays in South Africa and also trades from his house. The difference between Pierre and Marc is that Pierre has his own unique trading system which he named earth and sky. He also teaches this system as a mentor in this program
  • Omar Eltoukhy. He is also a former student of marc and also trades professionally. What he brings to this program is his unique ability of simplifying and explaining analysis in a fun way. This helps members have a better grasp of what they need to do and how to do it

Forex Mentor Pro

Foundation video course

This video course is for those who are completely new to forex trading.

The video training covers different aspects such as how to set up your trading station, how to understand the basics of the tech stuff which Marc, Pierre and Omar use on a daily basis for their trading.

After you have mastered this foundation course, you will be able to go to the more advanced aspect of this program.

Access to 3 proven trading systems

Proven trading system #1: simple trend trading.

This trading system enables you to trade without having to spend the whole day behind your computer trying to analyze charts. Forex mentor pro members are using this trading system to make huge profits every week while spending very few hours behind their computers.

One of the things you will be taught on simple trend trading is how to set up the simple trade trend, analyze it, and then filter out the good from the bad. If you want a live demonstration of how this trading system works, the 3 mentors will show you.

By perfectly understanding this trading system, you can apply the system to any other forex trading method including the M1, M2 as well as the earth and sky trading systems.

Proven trading system #2: M1 and M2 trading system.

This system consists of a detailed video training. With this training, you will see precisely how the mentors analyze the charts.

Also, the system is applied to various trading sessions. One of the biggest advantages of using the M1 trading system is that it allows you to trade the London open.

However, in the event that you are unable to trade the London open for one reason or the other, you will be able to make use of the other trading systems which are as good as the M1 trading system.

The real secret with the M2 trading system is that it enables you to catch the pullbacks in a trend within areas of high probabilities. A big advantage of this is that you can truly set it and forget it.

Proven trading system #3: earth and sky trading system.

It is a swing trading system that helps both on short and long term trading. With this system, you will be able to predict market swing in advance for several days ahead.

To accomplish this, you will have to make use of specific moving averages and FIB levels on a weekly basis. One of the mentors, Pierre, shows the basis by which he determines his entry points.

By combining this method with the other 3 methods, you are assured of a constant stream of profits.

Forex Mentor Pro 2

Daily video mentoring and analysis

With this kind of tutoring, you will receive first class help on how to go about your daily trades.

What this program is not

This program is not a signal service provider. What you get is a detailed training on how you can analyse trades and profit immensely from it.

Get Instant Access!

Your investment

It is a monthly membership program. Although, you can have access to the members area for the first 7 days for $1, you have to invest $47 every month to have access.

Also, since you are not under any contract, you are free to cancel at any time that pleases you.


You are backed by a 2 months money back guarantee

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I am recommending forex mentor pro for the following top 4 reasons;

You can get started for $1. This gives you access for 7 days and if you decide that it will not work for you, you can cancel and your credit card will never be billed again

You can get started even if you have a full time job. This is so because you will be making use of swing trading which allows you to set up your entry points, exit points and targets and all you have to do is check back when you are back from work.

It is newbie friendly and also works for professional traders. The foundation video course is for newbies, after which they can level up to the other methods. The other methods are for professional traders. So you are well covered.

You are backed by a no holds barred money back guarantee.

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– Trading system which is designed to give you great profits as it completes market analysis and generates a complete report so that you can invest accordingly.

– No fraud or scam. You will be given access to tools and trading indicators which will guide you through the whole procedure of Forex trading.

– Video lectures and training guides designed for beginners so that they can learn the most effective Forex trading techniques.

– Forum membership access so that you can communicate with professional traders and learn great market analysis tips.

– 2 months money back guarantee by which you can get a complete refund for your investment if you do not find the program helpful.


Forex trading has certain risk factors involved for which the users of this program must use their own intellect and invest accordingly.

Summary: Forex Mentor Pro is the ultimate Forex trading program which will help you make great profits through daily trades. So if you are new in the world of stock marketing and Forex trading, this program will surely keep you away from frauds so that you can find the perfect deals to invest on.

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