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A foreclosure means a homeowner has defaulted on a mortgage. Usually, you are given three months before the bank catches up to you for non-payment, but they will catch you. The property in a foreclosure is listed as distressed because the owner at the time is in financial distress. Once the bank has moved the owner out and taken over the property, it becomes a bargain if you know where to find foreclosed properties. Bank are not in the business of selling real estate; they only want to loan against the property. This gives a savvy buyer an excellent opportunity to bargain.


Want to find foreclosures and bank-owned properties at huge discounts? You have come to the right place. Foreclosuresearch.ca is the number one trusted website for foreclosure listings in Canada.

Start your 7-day trial and search for foreclosed houses in Canada before someone else snatches up the deal. Simply join the program, put in your parameters, click the search button and you will soon find the house of your dreams.

Your 7-day trial is only $7.00 and is risk-free. You have seven days full access. If you cant find an excellent deal in that amount of time, then you have come to the wrong place.

Customers say that they are satisfied with the customer service at foreclosuresearch.ca. Customer service knows the home markets in all the provinces in Canada, are patient, and care about your wellbeing.

If you want to continue being a member of the website, you will be charged less than $50.00 per month. When you think about it, this is a minuscule investment.


Why Join this Website?

The financial crisis across the globe has caused a new and booming industry purchasing and selling foreclosed properties. There is lots of profit in dealing with undervalued properties. Statistics show that there is a great increase in foreclosed homes on the market, so the potential for making money or finding your dream home is high.

Foreclosuresearch.ca emphasizes that real estate investing is the best way to make money and huge profits. Prices of properties have increased dramatically over the past few years and along with the economic downturn, changes in bankruptcy laws, and unemployment. This has caused a boom in the foreclosure market.

This guide gives you tips and tricks to understanding the laws governing foreclosure. You will be in a great position to play in the foreclosure market if you know about these statutes. If you want to make profits and own your dream home, this guide is for you.


This guide is much better than any realtor. You do not get the full contact information on a listing of a foreclosure. Brokers make their commissions by being your buyers agent and try to control the buying process.

The authors of this guide make no commissions. They give you the full contact information of the listing agent of the property. Now the agent is the buyers and the sellers realtor and makes commission from both ends. If you are a great negotiator, you can often convince the agent to give you a discount which saves you lots of money on a foreclosed home.

When a foreclosure hits the multiple listing service (MLS) these homes are not usually listed as a foreclosure. The sellers often do not want their neighbors to know that they are in foreclosure and have problems. MLS does not give you a foreclosure list. Avoid searching through the MLS It is huge, and you dont have the time to research one property at a time.

You can try and get foreclosure listing from the courts, but this is an expensive way to find foreclosures. Hundreds of dollars and an untold number of hours will be spent looking through documents. Join the site and you will have foreclosure listings right on your computer. Foreclosed homes become easy to find.

Banks do no give information on properties they have foreclosed. Offer them money, but they will not release information to you. Releasing information on private citizens is against the law.

The conclusion is, foreclosuresearch.ca is the best website on the market to find foreclosed homes and get the best bargains in the market.


How do you Start the Program?

The steps to becoming a member of foreclosuresearch.ca are very simple. All you do is register. You will become a member and have total access to all the listings, reports, and information you need to find the home of your dreams. If you do not register, you will be able to see some of the listings, but not the entire bank of information.

There is no shipping involved in the program. You simply register online and become a member. If you have found your home and want to cancel the service, just call the cancellation center. Their number will be on the website.

When you sign up for our service, you will be charged the monthly fee whether or not you use the service. We need to cover our expenses for providing the information and wedo not know who uses the services or not. It makes our bookkeeping easier to charge all members.

Get Instant Access!

Advantages of foreclosuresearch.ca

When you become a member of our website, you have access to foreclosed homes across the entire country of Canada. No province is out of the loop.

You have the opportunity to bargain for lower prices.

You can also get a mortgage for a home using foreclosuresearch.ca if you are qualified for a loan. Click on the Loans link found on the website, fill out the application, and cross your fingers.

Foreclosuresearch.com partners with lenders of all types. Some of these lenders are willing to provide a loan for a buyer with poor or damaged credit. There are also programs that will finance 100% of the loan with no down payment required.

Disadvantages of the Site

Remember when you start your 7-day trial, you must confirm cancellation by the seventh day. If not, you will be charged the full monthly installment until you do cancel.



Never before has it been such a very good time to buy and invest in real estate. There are thousands of foreclosed homes just waiting to be purchased. Take for example a foreclosed listing in Alberta Province. The Home is listed at $355,762 but is worth closer to $500,000. The home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and 2800 sq ft of living space. New kitchen and wood floors grace this home. This is an absolute bargain.

Want a home is gorgeous British Columbia? Sitting right now on the site is a 2300 sq ft home in the middle of a 4,500 sq ft lot. The home is immaculate and ready to move in. It is priced more than $150,000 below the value.

Just a taste of these listing should give you an idea of what you will find when you start your $7 7-day trial.

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– Resolve any complications regarding mortgage or foreclosure properties by getting services from our expert agents.

– Tips and tricks to get the best and authentic foreclosure deals with complete information on listings and bank requirements.

– Access to multiple lenders who provide instant loans to buyers and sellers without any down payment.

– Information about various agents which can help you find the cheapest mortgage houses and foreclosure properties.

– Services and support from where you can get an instant solution for each of your query regarding sale and purchase of foreclosure properties.


The website requires its users to pay a monthly subscription fees and in case you need a refund for your membership, you need to file the application within 7 days.

Summary: ForeclosureSearch.ca is the most trusted and authentic websites which includes the best foreclosure listings in Canada. Now you can buy or sell your foreclosure properties without any risks or problems as the website gives all services and support to its members. So if you are in search of the best foreclosure property deal in town, this website can help you by all means.

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