January 21, 2023
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Because I grew up in a country where football is the number one sport, I can say that I am a fanatic of the sport. I have all the collectibles and memorabilia that you can think of.

I also played the sport when I was in my younger years, but nothing exceptional when it comes to my personal game performance.

Also because of this sport, I was addicted to online betting for the purpose of thrill and enjoyment and at the same time make a profit from the game that I love.

money winner

My Betting Life

So I gave you an introduction a while ago that I was addicted to betting which is a form of gambling.

And as we all know being involved in gambling is not a good thing because it can cause you to become bankrupt if you do not play your cards right. By the tone of my voice, I know that it is obvious that I got bankrupt because of gambling.

My losing streak in online football betting started several months ago when I went completely all in because of previous winning streaks that is why I am tempted to gamble it all.

I lose a hefty amount of money that is equivalent to my life savings. I was really devastated and do not know where to start because the money that I saved through the years of working are now gone.

My house and car are also on the brink of repossession and foreclosing because I already have no funds to pay for their respective responsibilities.

Football Value Tips

I was depressed for several weeks because of my losses, but eventually, after I recovered my consciousness I started finding ways on how to cope up with my failures.

My medium is the internet, this is where I did most of my research and luckily after few hours of searching I found this “Football Value Tips”.

The program seems legit and does not look like another scam on the internet and there are a lot of reviews regarding the product and they are all satisfied with the results.

falling money

Deciding to Buy the Product

Because of the positive reviews and my urge to bounce back from my losses I bought the product because of its discounted price of £5.58 a month that is why there is no harm in trying it.

It gives a 100 percent money back guarantee if it does not work for you, which gives me an assurance
I bought it and I paid using my Paypal account, after the process of paying I immediately got tips direct on my email. I know that I made a really good decision when I purchased a membership on the program.

The emails that they are sending are really loaded with information that will be useful for increasing my odds of winning my bets.

These are the known techniques that I learned from the Program

Knowing that I had a bad experience previously about online betting which cost my whole life to be ruined. Because of this program, I am really positive that I am in good hands.

Here are some of the techniques that I learned from them

• I managed to have a wider understanding on how to look for bets at odds that has a greater value which will have a higher chance of beating the bookies.
• This program is great for selecting and weighing bets for a better rate of winning. For this reason, a subscriber of their program will prevent some possible losing streaks.

info tips
• I managed to profit immediately after implementing the secret techniques that they thought me.
You can find a lot of never been told information about online betting through their program. Because of the program I gradually gaining back my financial status.

Reviews from Other Clients

Aside from my positive review of this program, there are a lot of other clients of this product gave their 5-star review of the product. They managed to make a superb monthly income which can replace their 5 to 9 jobs.
Get Instant Access!

Here are some of the reviews from other people:

There is this one guy from Canada who made 70$ just by betting over the weekend. He used the techniques that the program is persuading its members to do and it is worth it.

His odds in winning significantly increased by meticulously following the guides that are sent by the creator of this system.

Not only, Tim, there are also women who are having fun doing online betting and at the same time having profits from their past time.

Most of them have perfect winning odds and some of them has 5 is to 1 ratio which is really an excellent achievement because as you can see from the gambling odds of losing is higher than winning.


Why People Are Putting their Trust on this Product

So maybe you are asking on how easily those people have put their full trust on the product. Why not?
The program offers a money back guarantee if it did not give you the results that it promises which will put you in an advantage of trying the product and see if it works.

Next is Phil Rushton (the creator of the system) is a top notch football bets analyst which ensures you that the information that he is giving you is legit and no bullshit at all.

He explains his method step-by-step through a series of emails which he sends several times weekly which will surely skyrocket your profit.

Coping up from Losses

After several months of online football betting with the help of the program, I managed to gradually gain back my financial status. I am earning more than £5867 a month just by betting it surpassed its promises of the money that you can earn by using the technique.

I am really thankful to Phil Rushton for sharing his knowledge of the world of online football betting.

If it was not price that low I would not take a chance on the product because as I told you earlier I was facing bankruptcy. For that reason, you will see his sincerity in teaching the techniques because he is not about the money.

As we all know the guy has made millions of pounds because of online betting that is why he did not need the money anyway.


My Final Verdict

As what you have read in my honest review regarding this “Football Value Tips” I was completely satisfied and thankful that I came across this wonderful product.

There is no amount of appreciation that can suffice my gratitude to Phil Rushton. The only way that you can understand me is if you buy the product for you to experience what I experienced.

This product is highly recommended and I guarantee you that you will keep on betting and making a lot of profits because of this. And one thing is for sure you will have a very high odds of winning bets that you think that is impossible

What I can advice you is to buy the product now until it is still on the market because we do not have any idea until when it will be available.

Many online football betting websites and other betting organizations are also putting their eyes on the product because it can eventually lower their profit.

That is why buy the product now until it is not too late, there is no risk at all I tell you. If you want to make a guaranteed high profit in football betting then this one is for you.

I hope you have enjoyed my transparent review of the product and please stay away from other online betting techniques because most of them are a scam just focus on Phil’s techniques and you will never go wrong.

Good luck on your online football betting journey and wishing you all the success.

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  • Easy to understand method.
  • Inexpensive membership fee.
  • Offers money-back guarantee if the method did not work for you.
  • Easy to access guides because it is sent directly to your e-mail.
  • Secured payments.
  • Has a discounted price for your first months on the program.


  • You must have a full knowledge of sports betting especially football to have optimal results.
  • You must have an internet connection to access the guides because it will be sent via e-mail only.

Summary: This one of a kind product that gave me success in the world of football betting, from being bankrupt I became financially-free in just a short period of time by just implementing the techniques that Phil has taught me. It significantly increased my odds of winning and eventually made a decent income just because of betting.

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