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Why grow your own vegetables? What possible reason could be behind spending long hours in the dirt, maintaining a garden when you can just go to Walmart and buy all the things you could grow in your backyard? Who in their right mind would sacrifice days he could spend on productive or entertaining activities and spend that time among soil and the thousand queer creaturesof nature from insects to flowers?

There are several advantages for maintaining a garden. And I’m not talking about survivalism, preparing for an impending economic collapse of historic proportions that only those who areself-sufficient may survive – however you may never know – but about something more mundane. You see, when I was a kid I lived in a tiny village with my parents, grandparents and even my great grandmother. Fruits and vegetables were always in abundance, the elders of the family worked in the huge backyard as a hobby, growing all kinds of plants that may possibly be grown.

As I grown up and moved from there to an urban realm, the taste of the fruits and vegetables vanished from my life. They were there, I bought tomatoes, onions, potatoes, apples, strawberries and countless other goods but something was missing from them. They lost their essence and became nothing more than your averagesupermarket product produced inindustrial proportions. They had no taste.

And sometimes, when I visited my grandmother, I was able to taste true fruits once more,ripe and delicious.

Those products you buy, grown in the other side of the world, shipped in vast amounts,travelingthrough the world will be nothing more than a lifeless shell by the time they land on your platethat once contained nutrition, vitamins essential for your health and had anunparalleled, but now it is nothing but dead leaf and water.


Rebirth of the Veggies

This is why you should grow your own food. But maintaining a garden is more easily said than done. It requires a vault of knowledge and expertise, understanding when to plant and when to harvest, how to take care of every unique herb, protecting them from pests and a countless other things that make it possible to harvest your own food and taste fruits akin to that of the paradise.Food4Wealth is a well-researched, comprehensive guide written for those who want to learn gardening from the ground up and build a self-sufficientecosystem that provides food for an entire family forever.

You do not need any prior knowledge.Food4Wealth, written by Jonathan White,will teach you how to build a garden with minimal effort and time investment so that you won’t have to make it into a part-time job. It yields crops through all the seasonsregardless of your geological location. It allows you to grow your organic fruits and herbs that will naturally repel pests and insects and will not let weed nestle amongst them.

You won’t need to purchase various chemicals and fertilizers. With the method of Jonathan White, you will only need water to protect your plants.

The method Food4Wealth shares with the reader is not only a great way to produce your own food. It is such an effective and unique way of gardening that it yields highly effective results and an abundance of fruits and vegetables at harvest. Since these are foods that have yet to lose their essence – when you taste them, your mouth will experience the highestecstatic joys – you can sell those that you won’t consume and you may easilyoutcompete even the greatmultinational retail corporations in your neighborhood who sell only green junk.

Why It Works

The effectiveness of Food4Wealth comes from Jonathan White’s radically new method of producing food. Instead of using the traditional, classical techniques of horticulture, he developed a brand new type of garden that is based on ecology, and operates not as a man-planted field of different plants but as a living, self-sustaining ecosystem which produces food on its own with very little required human intervention.


Food4Wealth includes every bit of knowledge you need to set up your own ecosystem. It contains a manual that guide the reader through it step by step, including illustrations. You will also receive the content of the manual in audiobook format. Furthermore the product includes more than a dozen video tutorials that show you how totend the different vegetables.Food4Wealth also includes checklists, plans and to-do lists so that you will always see the objectives ahead and make sure no part of your ecosystem dies due to neglect.

You will have full access to your personal, living, edible domain in your backyard. You will get to harvest and sell food that is so delicious and so rare in these days of global trade that everyone who tastes it will be completely addicted to them, all the while you are withdrawing your contributions from environmentally destructive activities.

All around the world the soil is being overused so heavily that it will take centuries for it to heal. The mass transportation of tons and tons of foods and vegetables pollute the air and murder the planet we cherish. Multinational companies drive out local competition that is unable to provide goods for their low prices, which you can fight with selling your fruits or seedlingsand helping local folks back into the business.



We have lost our way from nature. We eat fruits and vegetables but they have no soul anymore, and what made them valuable and praiseworthy in the first place has now vanished out of them, only their colorful, empty body remains that tastes like water and it provides just as muchnourishment as eating paper. To return where we came from, to restore our connection with the Earth, and to restore our planet into a sustainable path, we have to embrace personal connection with the soil.

Not in a hippy-spiritual way, but the only solution to the great environmental problems is the decentralization of agriculture.

Imagine people using their own backyards as the sole source of their foods and vegetables, and you will see a world where the demand for exploiting the soil until it dies vanishes, where people may use water asfertilizer and not toxic chemicals that get into the plants and into the consumer, and where the local folks of villages and towns may make a living out of producing food for others instead of mighty, subsidized company-monsters destroying their livelihood and source of income forever by dumping an abundance of tasteless junk called fruits and vegetables imported from the other side of the world, depriving mankind from the experience of tasting the ripe and fresh products of the soil.


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– Step by step guide to prepare your personal ecosystem where you can grow each type of natural food and vegetable which is 100 percent safe to eat.

– No need for purchasing expensive chemicals and pesticides which can greatly damage the growing food.

– You can now grow your favorite natural food which is rich in taste and is meant to give you unlimited health benefits as well.

– Methods by which you can take complete care of your ecosystem so that it gives maximum output each time you are growing fruits or vegetables.

– The system absolutely causes no harm to the environment as it is properly tested while in use.


To prepare the ecosystem as advised by the author, the followers will be needing to have some technical skills so that they can avail maximum output in terms of food growth.

Summary: Food4Wealth is a great program developed by Jonathan White which can help you prepare your own ecosystem for growing natural vegetables and fruits. Considering the tasteless vegetables available in the market, the author has worked hard in working out a solution which can be followed by each nature enthusiast who wishes to grow healthy and natural food in their own garden. So if you are determined to learn the best gardening practices, this program can help you in great regard.

RatingRated 2.5 stars