February 1, 2023
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There is a subsequent trend of life coaches throughout the internet and I was once a client of it. Because before there was a time in my life that I was really depressed.

The reason for my depression and stress is when things in my life went wrong. For example, the recent broke up with my wife, termination from my job, and financial problems.

Because of this that is why I hired the services of a life coach online. The payment is done through an online gateway which is Paypal and immediately after paying I gained an access on the coach’s webinars, podcasts, and live coaching sessions.


For several months of undergoing the life coaching sessions from a known life coach. Because of it I eventually picked up the missing pieces of my life and putting everything in the right place.

I remember that I paid a large sum of money before on the membership of that life coaching site. Because services of life coach never come cheap for the reason that we have a notion that their services are mastered by them through a lot of practice and years of studying.

My problems are solved and right now I am wondering how much money those life coaches are making per month. Right now I am working as an office staff for a multinational company however my salary is not that enough which can provide my needs but not my necessities.

Thinking of a Career Change

Because of my salary constraint, changing of career had crossed my mind and one of the career that I want to take up is life coaching.

In this instance, I already have an idea of how much a life coach is earning per client that is why I thought of trying to become one of them.

Although thinking about the work that it will take to become one is really frightening. But I still pursued my goal that is why I searched the internet for some tips on how to become a life coach.

I saw a lot of resources regarding the topic however the methods are too lengthy and will require a massive amount of training for me to become one.

That is why I continued searching the internet for more resources on how I can become an online life coach. Luckily, I found one which is the Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification which promises that I can build a life coaching career just in the comfort of my own home.


Added the fact that they are claiming that I can earn up to six figures per month with the help of their coaching services.

Imagine they are coaching people to become life coaches too! One of the determining factors why the product caught my attention eventually is that it has a solid plan on how I can become an online life coach.

Change of Heart

So after knowing that the product has a money back guarantee, I did not take a second thought. I purchased a membership of the coaching sessions and started my journey right away.

Because the creator of the product is a credible guy in the world of medicine which is Dr. Steve Jones. I know that this system will help me and will not tell lies about anything because the creator of the system will not risk his reputation just to give out wrong information.

After paying the price of the product using my Paypal account I immediately gained an access to their site. I spent my whole day studying his method and I am glad that the methods are very well explained and easy to follow.

The positive reviews regarding the product are all accurate, it is not a scam. It is a great stepping stone for you to get into that field of work.


Online Coaching is the Newest Trend!

Online coaching is a very in-demand service that people are seeking nowadays with the prevalent problems in our society and the emotional feelings of people.

People tend to seek help online rather than personally because they are ashamed to let other people know of what problems they are encountering.

This is where the online coaching business comes into place and makes money from people who are seeking advice.

I learned the techniques on how I can sound an expert on a lot of areas in the field of life coaching. I also learned how to build a great landing page that people will surely be enticed on availing my services.
Get Instant Access!

It is not yet sinking on my mind that I learned all of that in just a single day. Although it might sound a little bit shady I am just telling you what I experienced studying the product.

Now I know that it is possible to study the field of life coaching in just a single day. It is just further exaggerated by different institutions to make money from life coach wannabes.

It is very fortunate to know that there are shortcuts to learn to coach easily and start right away without spending a lot of time training.

Starting with my New Career

So I resigned on my job as an office staff and tried my luck as a full-time online life coach. All the tools are set like my website, skit, and other kinds of stuff.

What I did is I began marketing myself through the different means that the creator of the system told me, because of that clients are naturally flowing to seek my services.

It is not a long time waiting that I made my 1st dollar through this online life coaching thing. I earned a whooping 1000 USD on my first client!

new skills

I was so amazed at the results that I got from my first client that is why I was more eager to get more clients and love my work more.

More clients are coming into my online coaching business and I am earning a lot more than I expected because I was just starting.

I did not expect to earn this much with the use of the techniques that I thought it will scam my hard earned money away from me. But thankfully I tried it that is why I am experiencing this kind of success.

My Life with Online Life Coaching

Right now it is been over a year since I started doing online coaching sessions with people and I am completely satisfied with it.
Because of this job that I have now I have my financial freedom and I am earning a six-figures per month which is more than enough my daily needs.

For this reason, I am enjoying the leisure and luxury that I have not experienced before I became an online life coach.

Because of the success that I am experiencing, I bought a Porsche and a big house in Miami and I stayed full time working at home. I also built several businesses with the wealth that I accumulated by doing online coaching sessions.

I am also happily married now and soon to be a father and I know that I can give the life that my wife and my unborn child that they want because of my high earning income from online life coaching.


The reason why I wrote this review is that I want to help you, people, to make the right decision if you will going to buy the product or not. With my honest review regarding this product, I am sure that you already made your decision.

All I can say is buy it now until it is still in the market because we do not know until it will be available because the big life coach training players might shut it down for exposing their dirty secrets.

That is it thank you for taking time on reading my review regarding a very wonderful course. And I wish you success and good luck on your journey towards success.


Click Here to See More Details About Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification


  • Very affordable price.
  • Easy to follow steps. A great technique that shortcuts your way into becoming an online life coach.
  • Secured payments.
  • If you implemented the fundamentals correctly you can make a living out of it and if you are lucky enough like me you will have a financial freedom.
  • High quality video and audio.


  • You will need a stable internet connection for you to access the modules of the course.
  • Much better if it has a readable copy of the courses if the user wants to study it offline.

Summary: This is a great course if you want to become a life coach and earn a decent amount of money from it. I made a living out of it and just because of being an online life coach. A one of a kind course that is created by one of the finest in the industry.

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