January 21, 2023
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What if you would never have to buy any batteries in your life, how much money would you save? I am sure that you would be able to save so much money if you would never buy any batteries in your life. By batteries I mean car batteries, solar panel batteries, laptop batteries and rechargeable batteries among other types of batteries.

Now I know you are wondering what alternative you would be using for batteries now that I am suggesting that it is possible for you to go on with your normal life without having to buy batteries. To make you understand what I am talking about, I am referring to reconditioning your old and dead batteries so that they look like new again. With that, you do not have to buy new batteries since you can recondition old batteries and reuse them.

If you are interested in knowing how you can recondition your old and dead batteries and reuse them then the EZ Recondition Batteries course is what you need to learn great tips and tricks to use to recondition old batteries.


About Tom Erickson

The EZ Recondition Batteries course is a useful course that helps you learn how to recondition old batteries and restore them just as they were new. The course was made by Tom Erickson and Frank Thompson. Tom is a resident of Charleston, South Carolina where he lives with his 3 children and wife. Toms passion in reconditioning old batteries began seven years ago when he was working for a golf cart company.

While working for the company, Tom and his workmates would get old carts with dead batteries and would have to replace the old and dead batteries with new batteries. At the end of the month, they had a large collection of old and dead batteries. Frank Thompson used to come to the company and collect the old and dead batteries. The manager of the company kept wondering what Frank would do with the old and dead batteries. He was however glad that Frank was taking the burden on having huge collection of dead batteries lying at the companys stores.

It was after seeing Frank taking the old and dead batteries every month that Tom became curious to know what Frank was doing with the batteries. After asking him what he does with the batteries, Frank told Tom that he would recondition the dead batteries and sell them for huge profits. This aroused so much curiosity in Tom that he kept pursuing Frank and asking him how he reconditioned the batteries.

At that time Tom was planning to set up a solar panel at his home which would require him to spend so much money of expensive solar panel batteries. Frank was reluctant to share his secret of reconditioning old batteries with Tom but after pursuing him for a long time and explaining that he was planning to have a solar panel at his home but did not have enough money to finance the project at that time, Frank agreed to show him how to recondition old batteries.

rechargeable battery

Tom was surprised to find that the tips and tricks to recondition old batteries was easy and did not require any technical skills. Frank showed Tom to ways to recondition dead batteries and that evening, Tom tried to recondition an old car battery at home and was amazed to see that the battery was restored like it was new after using one of the tips Frank shared with him. He also reconditioned an old laptop battery using a second method that he had learnt.

After becoming successful in reconditioning the car battery and the laptop batteries, Tom decided to build his solar panel using golf cart batteries that he would get from the company for free and recondition them. By using the reconditioned golf cart batteries in his solar panel, he would be able to save $1000 that he would have otherwise used on new batteries for the solar system. After being successful in reconditioning and effectively using the golf cart batteries in his solar system, Tom thought that it would be wise if he would share the information he got with people to help them save money.

He talked to Frank and persuaded him on creating a course that would guide people on how to effectively recondition old batteries. Frank was not convinced about that idea but after he was persuaded into seeing how many families and individuals they would be helping to save money with the course, he agreed and the EZ Recondition Batteries was birthed.

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About the Course

The EZ Recondition Batteries course is a step by step guide that helps you effectively recondition any type of old and dead batteries and restore them as if they were new. By reconditioning old batteries, you would not need to buy new batteries that you would be able to save so much money over a long period of time. Any household uses so much money on batteries for cars, phones, solar systems and other devices that use batteries.

After Frank accepting to create the step by step course to help people learn how to recondition old batteries, they started creating the course. The main aim was to make the course so easy to follow that anyone can be able to use the course and successfully recondition any old batteries. They worked for several months and come up with a program but they were uncertain that the program was easy enough for anyone to follow. They gave the program to 87 people and using the feedback they got from the 87 people who used the program, they improved the program to make it even easier to follow without having any knowledge about batteries.

The EZ Recondition Batteries was the final product after improving the program. This program is easy to follow and use to recondition any old or dead batteries. The course involves the use of simple and easily accessible supplies that you might already have in your kitchen or garage thus you will not have to spend any money to recondition the batteries.


What to expect from the Course

This recondition batteries course is a very easy step by step guide that is easy for anyone to follow. There are no technical skills required for you to be able to understand and use the course. The course consists of pictures and illustrations that guide you on precisely what you should do thus making it easier for you to follow and achieve good results. Whether you have skills and knowledge about batteries or you do not know anything about batteries; the course is ideal for everyone. Some of the topics addressed in this program include:

  • How to recondition rechargeable batteries
  • Where to get cheap or free deep cycle batteries
  • How to recondition batteries and sell deep cycle batteries for huge profits
  • How to test your batteries with multimeter before reconditioning them

Get Instant Access!

How to Recondition Rechargeable Batteries

The course teaches you how to easily recondition any type of batteries using readily available supplies in your kitchen or garage. You will be amazed to see how easy it is to recondition any type of batteries with simple steps. The course shares different methods to recondition different types of batteries.

Where to Get Cheap or Free Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are often expensive and require you to part with hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get a new deep cycle battery. The program lets you know places you can get old deep cycle batteries and recondition them.

How to Recondition Batteries and Sell Deep Cycle Batteries for Huge Profits

Are you struggling financially and you are looking for ways to make some extra cash? Forget about the online jobs, there is a fast and effective way to make huge cash of money without spending even a penny. The course shows you how you can get some of the most expensive old batteries for free and reconditioning them then selling them for huge profits.


How to Test Your Batteries with Multimeter before reconditioning them

You will be able to learn how to tell if the dead battery you got can be reconditioned or not. The course teaches you how to test the old batteries that you have gotten using a multimeter prior to embarking on reconditioning the batteries so as to avoid wasting time on batteries that cannot be reconditioned.


The EZ Recondition Batteries program is an easy to follow guide that can be useful to families and individuals who are looking for ways to save money. The course has been used by many people who have successfully been able to use the course and recondition old batteries in different parts of the world. Save money by getting yourself a copy of the recondition batteries program.

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– Bring back to life your old and torn out batteries so that they can provide energy for a greater time period.

– Easy to implement techniques for which you need no professional assistance.

– You can learn how to recondition batteries which have completed their life span and sell them with great profits.

– Even if you lack professional skills needed to recycle batteries, this course will uncover the hidden secretes to help you by all means.

– Save money by not purchasing costly new batteries and get maximum benefit from your old battery.


You need to be careful while handling old batteries as they contain corrosive fluids inside which can damage your skin.

Summary: EZ Recondition Batteries is the perfect solution for people who want to get maximum benefit out of their worn out batteries. You can now recondition and recharge your batteries by following the simple and effective methods explained in the program and save money by following the guide.

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