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Electricity is expensive, and the utility bills you get every month can sometimes become such a pain. Even if you get it from the best energy-producing companies, when natural calamities hit, they fail. Not just this, even power-producing companies and sustainable energy sources, for example, wind power and solar power, also fail during these times! To combat such challenges, Ryan Taylor came out with a guide known as Easy Power Plan.

Ryan is from Memphis, Tennessee, and through his guide, he teaches us how we can set up our own Power Plant! According to him, this home-based power plant will generate enough electricity for everyone to use and help you cut down your electricity expensed by almost 60%. This is my genuine Easy Power Plan review, and I will try to cover almost everything that will help you decide whether you should go with this guide or not.

Easy Power Plan Go Green Save Green

What Is Easy Power Plan by Ryan Taylor?

It is a DIY guide that will help you reduce your electricity bill. Through this guide, you should be able to build your very own power plant that will become a backup energy source allowing you to survive during adverse weather conditions and outages. As per the author, this guide has already helped many save money when it comes to their electricity bills.

While thoroughly going through this guide, what really impressed me is its practicality and simplicity. The guide is easy to follow and practical because it lets you get started right away without requiring any legal permission. All you need to do is follow the guide step-by-step without missing out on the tiniest of hints.

A Little Bit About Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor is neither an electrical engineer nor a scientist; instead, he is a teacher in Memphis. He decided to make use of his instructional abilities and convert them into useful guides that will be easy to follow and understand.

Ryan once struggled a lot when his home lost power for a prolonged time caused by flooding in Mississippi. That’s when he and Jason Newman teamed up to prepare a detailed guide, and they came up with this practical guide that can teach anyone to create a small power plan right at their home.

What Will the Guide Include of Easy Power Plan?

This guide is available in a digital format. You will get a PDF link along with a few links to videos. Apart from this necessary content, the guide offers tons of other bonuses as well. Since this is a digital guidebook, you will need an internet connection to be able to go through the content. The guide will include the author’s contact details, which means, if need be, you may reach out to him.

The Bonuses of Easy Power Plan

This guide includes a few supplements. The value of these additional supplements is hard to predict because you may or may not like them. Go through them to see for yourself whether these bonuses are worth your time or not.

Money-Saving Tips for Family

Even though the internet is loaded with lots of money-saving tips to reduce your electricity bill, this 15-pages book is adequately prepared. These tips will enable you to save money on your electricity bills.

Easy Power Plan Money Saving Tips

Saving Power- Save The World

This is a 34-page guide, and I think you should read it before jumping into building your own small power plant. This guide has ten chapters and will make you understand everything about renewable sources. Starting from solar plants to energy-saver bulbs, this guide covers everything.

Go Green, Save Green at The Same Time

Even if you find the time to go through the other bonuses, I recommend reading Go Green, Save Green at The Same Time. This guide has 125 strategies that will allow you to supplement your small power plant. It has practical techniques, which you can apply to save money on your own power plant.

Easy Power Plan Save The World

15 Top Ways to Save Cash

This e-book has nothing to do with your power plan; instead, it shares some tips to save money on insurance, mortgage, car loans, etc. But the tips are useful, and if you have time, go through them.

How to Be Environment-Friendly

 If you are one of those who would like to live an environment-friendly life, this e-book is suitable for you. Learn how you can reduce carbon footprints, natural therapies, and organic gardening.

Should You Buy It or Not?

Apart from being able to save tons of money on your electricity bill, the ability to have your own power source should make you interested in this guide. Unlike alternate power and renewable wind, which will largely depend on external and outside factors, here you have an independent power plant right at your home, and it is independent of the electric companies.

Let me share a few salient features of the Easy Power Plan:

Easy to Understand

When I first heard about this power plant guide, I thought it is going to be a highly complex task. But after going through the guide, I found the process to be straightforward.

This simple guide will let you go through each step smoothly. The instructions are detailed and thorough. Parts that will be required to build the solar plant will be available in the market easily.

Clean Energy

We are so accustomed to seeing gas and electric generators that we don’t really pay attention to how much these things could be polluting our environment. Once you build a power plant on your own, you will take the first step to lessen carbon footprints, and that is a proud feeling.

Detailed Instruction and Video

The PDF guide is very detailed, and the videos make the whole solar plant building process easy. The PDF has been created with thoughtful intent and has visual directions.

Low-Maintenance and Useful

Apart from bringing a practical and useful guide, the materials you will use will be low in maintenance. In fact, most of the materials will not require any maintenance. This happens because two standard batteries help in generating power. You can easily find the materials in the market.

Is It A Scam?

I have reviewed Easy Power Plan thoroughly, and nowhere did I felt like the author is trying to scam us. It is a useful guide for those who want to build an in-house small power plant. Having a small power plant in your house will set you free from power outage issues.

This guide comes along with multiple bonuses as well, which are yet again pretty impressive. Not that all of the bonus guides will be useful, but some definitely are.

While going through this guide, I did feel like it will be challenging to execute for those who aren’t familiar with technical things. However, the material required to build this power plant is readily available in the market.

That’s one thing that I liked. A small power plant in your house will save you from increasing electricity bills. But one needs to know how to set it up properly. That’s why going through the guide thoroughly is essential.

Make sure that you read the guide carefully and get the materials asked. Otherwise, building your own small power plant will become problematic.

Easy Power Plan – My Verdict

I believe that Easy Power Plan is worth the money, and even if you don’t want to build a solar power plant on your own, you should at least give it a try. I haven’t come across a lot of products with such detailed instructions.

This e-book is for all, whether or not you have technical knowledge. If you want to save money on your electricity bill and build your own solar plant, you should go for it.

Go through the e-guide once, and see it for yourself whether you are able to build the small power plant or not. I hope my review will help you make an informed decision.

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• Build a clean and affordable power source with this guide.
• Unlike other gas-powered appliances and independent power sources, it allows building a solar plant, mostly maintenance-free.
• If something happens to its parts, you can always replace them.
• The step-by-step instruction is easy to follow. Even if you don’t have the technical knowledge, you will still be able to build a solar plant on your own.
• It comes with lifetime support. If you have any questions or queries, you can always get much-needed support.
• Bonus materials that come with this guide are commendable.
• It comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee.
• The materials that will be required to build the solar plant are readily available.


• Since it is a do-it-yourself guide, you will have to replace the malfunctioning part.
• The bonus materials that are offered are available all over the internet.
• If you are not a computer-friendly person, this digital guidebook will be challenging.

Summary: Have you ever thought about the increasing electricity bill? Or have you wondered what you would do when there is an outage or when a natural calamity hits? Ryan Taylor, the author of Easy Power Plan, comes out with a solution.
It is a digital guidebook that will help you make a small power plant at home, allowing you to lower your electricity bills and never worry about running out of power when something worst happens. In this review, I will evaluate everything from how effective this e-book is to its pros and cons so that you get to make an informed decision. Read this review to find out all the details.

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