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For the past 20 years that I am in the real estate business, I had a lot of ups and downs because as we all know the business is evolving day by day.

Back In the day when there is no social media and advertising sites on the internet. We used to market our real estate products through the use of radios, TVs, and newspapers.

The medium of advertising is effective; however, it is really expensive to advertise back in the day. I remember that my company spends a lot of money on advertisements.


But the good thing is we are making conversions out of those advertisements. So we get our investment back because before people who are buying real estate mostly relies on those three mediums such as radios, TVs, and newspapers.

An Evitable Challenge

Because of our fast-paced technology, there are a lot of changes happened in the world real estate.

As the rise of social media and buy and sell sites, the traditional way of advertising is becoming obsolete because right now many people are focusing on the internet.

This took a toll on my company because as the owner of the company I am not that acquainted with online advertising. Our sales went down for almost a year so I decided to change things up.

I came up with the plan to cope up with the online marketing trend. So I tried to search for professional web developers and the price of developing a website for our company is no joke.

Because our company is already big we needed a professional-looking website. Unfortunately, I have hired a lot of web developers in the past but the website that they created for my company does not suit my criteria.

I spent a lot of money on horrible websites that they created for us and the sad thing is all the money are wasted.


Trying to Find a Solution

I want to find a real solution to my problem which is to have a complete and functional website that will suit our needs. What I did is I researched the internet for services that will suit the needs of my company.

I found a lot of sites that offer that they will create their clients a very good-looking and functional. But I was a little bit skeptical about them because ass we all know there are a lot of products on the internet that is just created to scam people.

That is my number one dilemma when it comes to dealing with products on the internet.

Until one service caught my attention which is called the “Done Deal Website”. It has all the functionality that I needed because of that I was enticed to avail their services.

But before I purchased their services I did a background check on them to see if they are really legit. Thanks to the different forums because of them I got an idea of how satisfying their services.

Trying Out their Services

Because of the good reviews of the product, I came up with the decision to avail their services.

I used my Paypal account to settle the payment and afterward I have talked to their developers through chat and I told them the website that I need for my real estate company.


They are all polite and I know that they are all professionals and expert on creating websites on the way they talk.

So after I gave them an outline of my desired website, they promised that they will deliver the website after a few days.

As what they have promised after 3 days the website is done and it also comes with a lot of landing pages with it.

I tried the website myself first to see if it will pass my standards.

Because to tell you honestly I have very high standards when it comes to quality of work and I was very observant to details too.

After less than an hour of navigation on our new site, I can say that this is the best website that I came across. From the features and functionalities to the design all was perfect.

The Implementation

So I decided to implement the website to our offices because of its awesomeness. All of my employees are really happy with our website and they are all excited to try it out.

I did not saw any flaws on the final product that this “Done Deal Website” guys had given me.


All I can say is everything is perfect. After several months of using our website, I am already seeing a significant improvement when it comes to our sales.

Many people are also eager to inquire because it became easier to for them to ask questions from us because of the website. Also, the landing pages that are included in the deal are a great additional wow factor to our prospective buyers.

Our sales charisma had increased because of our website. Before I was really skeptical of trying to innovate my company to the latest trends in business which is online and I did not regret my decision to deal with them.

Our Company Expanded

We managed to triple our sales by the first quarter of this year with the help of the website. Because of our increasing profits, I managed to expand my company to two more offices.

We also added a lot of products from our catalogs like condominiums, commercial spaces, and townhouses.

Because of the website, the future of my company is really bright as we head towards 2019 which will be another year to sprout the growth of my real estate empire.

I hired additional employees to supply the needs for my increasing workforce. This is also where I learned that by taking risks I can make a change in people’s lives.

Because of the continued success of my company I provided a lot of jobs which can help people to feed their families.

I am very contented and focus towards our goals to increase profit and at the same time provide quality houses and other buildings to our clients.
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The Conclusion

I, therefore, conclude that in dealing online you must check the services or product thoroughly first before paying. Because of my being vigilant I made an assurance to myself that the services that I want are really legit.

Luckily, I came to the right direction and the service provider that I chose is really nice and professional that makes it sure that the business needs are met.

Availing the services to create my real estate company website is my first time to have an online transaction with strangers. And I am very happy that I did not waste my time on them.

I also realized that the only constant thing in the world is change. Because if you will not adopt changes then you will just remain the same and will not grow further.


My Final Recommendation

All I can say is if you are in the real estate business then their services are definitely worth trying.

Do not take a chance on other web developers because I tell you these guys from “Done Deal Website” know what they are doing and you will surely never waste your money on them.

They offer a very affordable rate of only 37 USD per month. You will do nothing but to sit back and relax and let those guys do the maintenance to your website.

No need to think of hassles and website-related problems anymore.

I also advise you to take your business now online if you are still into the traditional offline marketing because it will do you no good.

As the world evolves your business strategy must also be in line with the current trends.

Thank you for reading my honest to goodness review of the service and I wish you good luck on all your future endeavors.


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  • Very affordable rates.
  • Polite customer service.
  • Very good after sales.
  • You will just sit back and relax and they will do all the work for your website (creation, maintenance, and etc.)
  • Secured payments.


  • Although their work is perfect there is a slight suggestion that I can give them. They must provide a video instructionals so that people who are not that good in navigation can study the functionalities of the website.
  • The payment is monthly basis. I would suggest that they have must have other options like annual payments and semi-annual. So that website owners will not deposit to their online accounts from time to time

Summary: “Done Deal Website” is a great service provider that you can choose to build a professional-looking and very functional website for your business needs. Because of the website that they created for me, my real estate business expanded significantly.

RatingRated 4.5 stars