Tony Richardson’s DCC Model Trains Handbook Review – Worth It?

DCC Model Trains Handbook
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Having fun is an important part of everybody’s life. Experts say the day that has twenty-four hours divided into three which means one part for sleeping, another part for working or studying and the final part to recreate.

But, in order to make it possible we need to invest money and time, right? There are many, many options out there to enjoy a nice part of our time and sometimes it is hard to choose which one of those options can be really great to play with.

And when it comes to fun for adults, things also change quite a lot. There are several options and different types as well. But if you are here, you are probably into train models.

model railway

I hope you are. In that case, having a DCC model railroad gives you one of the kind perspectives that reviews what fun means for the big ones. It could be simple or could be complex just depends on how much are you willing to dedicate to it.

We all know that Digital Command Control is a standard for an operating type of system to control model railways in a digital mode. That way the locomotives can run through the same piece of track and be controlled independently.

Despite all that, we can’t forget about the main problems of DCC model railroads and yes, I am talking about the intricate wires and connections that could be the real scam of the trains. Save for, let’s face it, we are not all experts in the electric field.

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What does the DCC Model Trains Handbook have?

For a starter, these eBook reviews are some source of instructions, guidelines, shortcuts, and techniques to facilitate the operation and control of the trains in the railroads.

It teaches you how to have complete control over all of the features that the locomotives brings with it such as speed, direction, lights, sounds and works with almost any scale or gauge.

Other topics that are a touch here are how to adapt the whole system so you would not have to lose everything that you have work so far with the rails explained by nothing less than the expert Tony Richardson.

What do we know about Tony Richardson? Who is this guy?

Tony is a long-term lover of the whole system of DCC model trains since the first ones were created. He was a young boy when he developed this interest in building his own toys and discovered in the meantime how bad he fell for the trains and railroad games.


As he was growing up and becoming a man: his passion for the game was growing too. So he put his hands at work and started to do some research in order to achieve the goal of being the master of scale railroads.

While doing the research he writes, watches, modifies and set everything up until he manages to create his biggest work up to now which is obviously the DCC Model Train Handbook.

Tony is the kind of person that thinks that knowledge should be scattered around people, especially when it comes from his favorite “not much a hobby anymore”. This way, he aims to save people from scam manuals and help people like you and me to have as much fun as possible and taking some profit at the same time.

What is the magic inside the DCC Model Trains Handbook?

railway station

What specifically differentiates this eBook from others is the exhaustive study the author made, having, as a result, a practical guide containing the secrets of the best forms to perform the DCC model into the best shape and potential that could merge from it.

In addition, makes clear all of the probable doubts that could arise while working with the complete set, more specifically, dealing with wiring, installation, speed and the glossary or DCC terms, smoothing the progress even more.

What can I find in this PDF that I won’t be getting somewhere else?

This eBook includes exclusive and original content like a direct line to Tony’s head which would make the set up so much easier to carry on and moreover others plus like additional pdf. It also enlightens topics such as how to avoid many costly mistakes, a DCC help, wiring, and frequent trouble’s solutions.

This way, the book talks of scenery and layout construction ideas too, model train techniques, model railroading handy tips with around 110 clever ideas, and incorporates confessions of a mobile layout builder with the video that comes along. As well as access to the Online Model Train Club for a complete month.


Why the DCC Model Trains Handbook came to life?

Tony Richardson was looking for with this handy review to help:

  • Everyone to become a master in the DCC train models’ control with realistic operating machines with all the bells and whistles included.
  • To create a shortcut for the owners of the locomotives to upgrade their experience with it and gradually adjust the brand new system in a way that anyone would be able to incorporate the best technology on the bright side.

Which results you will get from it?

You would be able to adapt from HO, OO, N, S, Z, TT, O, G scale to it, so you could switch the whole system into yours easily.

Also, we can save ourselves time, frustrations, complexity, doubts of installation, criteria, clears what are the different power districts, how much energy do you need to use it, helps you to run your locomotive more smoothly, and others very necessary items as well.model train

Testimony of a DCC Model Train Handbook user:

  • Gerell from Texas says as a retired man he recovers the time to spend again in his favorite hobby and after all these years of excitement this eBook open ups doors of thinking and the ideas needed for his grandsons to build similar dreams. Thanking for the help given through it.
  • Also, Brian G from New Zealand finds all items as a help offered and finds it great to read and use, describing as a long-term user of the DCC model trains.

Be careful with…

They are many sites online that offer things alike and are enjoyable too, of course, but scams abound around the web so if you are looking for a guide you must find trustable and secure places for your money.

For example, you can buy the DCC Model Train Handbook from his original main site online and purchase it directly from there without worrying about it.

train station

The shipping is worldwide and you can have a copy on your computer, device, burn it into a CD or even print the pages needed at the moment.



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  • The cost is pretty low and does save you a lot of searching. On the other hand, guidebooks with similar costs constantly bring less content that I didn’t find adapted to my needs.
  • You don’t have the urge to look for any other manual besides this one.
  • You can get inside the train model community straightforward.
  • The handbook comes with easy and clear instructions.
  • The price is well below the average, especially if you consider that you won’t need other manuals.


  • If you don’t have already the whole set, you need to make a bigger investment to complete it
  • While you do the above, that one-month membership can fade away before you can use it.


Summary: The handbook is really easy going, written in a familiar language to ease understanding, the video clips are a very handy tool and helped me a lot to clear every doubt that surged during the process of adaptation, installation and more.

Besides all features it includes many secrets that create shortcuts on the way to go, the lighting, the sounds, the speed, everything work out perfect and in less time that I thought it will take me, surprisingly making me a complete expert within a few hours.

Get this manual, and you will have a better experience with your Train Models

RatingRated 4.5 stars