CRAZY LITTLE BETS Review – A Complete Look

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Ever watch horse racing. The crowd goes crazy, and you can see the look of amazement on faces in the crowd. They are cheering both for the winning horse, but for the fact that they placed crazy little bets on the winner. Betting is exciting; it leaves butterflies in your stomach as you watch the race. It is also disappointing well. One minute you are up in funds and the next you are totally broke. Wealth has been created from horse racing betting. Putting people in the poor house has also been a consequence of horse betting.


Crazy Little Bets is a remarkable betting system that wins big with only a small amount of money placed as a bet. Normal betting systems require bets between $10 to $100 to win, and there is a significant probability that you wont even make 40% return on the money you invested. Crazy Little Bets says all you need to do is place $1 to $3 bets, and you will make a profit.

Bring your odds closer to becoming a winner. This is not a complicated program and if you want to make lots of money in a short time, forget the Las Vegas slots and turn your hand to horse betting using Crazy Little Bets.

What is Crazy Little Bets

This is a program developed by Ashley Cannon, a man who has made a fortune on horse racing betting. His program gives you tips on betting and gives you the confidence to place six bets a week without even batting an eye. With Cannons program, you will have the knowledge on how to bet, what horse to bet on, and when to place your bet.

There are techniques in gambling and with Ashley Cannons program, you have higher chances of winning. The program will give you the upper hand in betting. Those who think they know how to work a betting program will be amazed at your winnings. You might even get slaps on the back and invitations to drinks.


How does it Work?

First and foremost, Crazy Little Bets gives you knowledge. You will have an excellent way to use a few dollars and make hundreds. The system analyses the betting exchange and provides you with trends. Then, and this is the good part, it gives you advise on how to bet.

Ashley Cannons program is confident that you can place $90 bets and win over $300 off that bet. He claims that all you do is spend a few minutes a day using these strategies, and you will make money. The program also saves you time. You dont have to do your own analyzing of the field, Cannons crazing betting program does that for you.

To make money, you must spend money, and this system follows that principle. There are several ways you work the system, and they begin with:

  • A membership fee of $60 per year. That is not much money to invest in a program that can bring you thousands on one bet.
  • Once you pay your fees and are on the system, you get the full program. Study it at home before you go to the track and you will save time.
  • Results on all the winning horses will arrive in your inbox each morning. Knowledge is power, and your ability is knowing what is happening at the race track. You dont have to understand anything about horses. All you do is follow the recommendations.

Try the program out for sixty days and if you do not win more than your $60, you will get your money back. Using the program, you can expect to earn 10x your $60 investment. Ashley Cannon claims this is a fully approved system that carries up to a 97.6% accuracy.

Get Instant Access!

As a member of Crazy Little Bets, you will receive an email every evening with updates on the next days bets. You will have information on the best odds, the chances that are available, and recommendations on where to place your bet. This will give you the knowledge to place your bet at the right time and on the right horse.

The system gives you all the information you need to know about betting. You will have analyses helping you choose the right bets, and recommendations following the explanations. The nightly email updates will give you more information.

A great benefit of this program is Ashley Connors willingness to offer you assistance. This makes the program safe and gives you the opportunity to make your betting simple. Read the techniques used in measuring the chances of a horse to win. This part of the program is designed to give you a heads-up when placing your bets. You will have the confidence to venture into the betting game. You just need as little as six minutes to understand what to do.

Pros of the System

  1. You receive information about the best in real time. This will save you time and give you enough information to place your bets.
  2. It is a simple program. There is a unique betting formula that is yours when you sign up for Crazy Little Bets.
  3. You just invest a little bit of money and the possibility to earn a fortune is yours for the taking.
  4. The program is well explained and programmed. You will realize that betting is quite simple once you have mastered Ashleys techniques.
  5. Sign on to the system and received an immediate discount.
  6. You can make as much as you want using this betting system.
  7. You will receive multiple payment systems that are very secure.

Cons of the System

  1. The system is strictly an online-based program. If you are not online, it will not work for you.
  2. You must first sign up for an account before any information is forthcoming.
  3. You must follow the steps. If you try and skip a step and you do not make money, you will not get your money back.



If you are ready to transform your life, try Crazy Little Bets. Crazy Little Bets is a smart tip sheet if you want to make a good living out of horse racing betting. You betting will be straightforward and secure.

This program has been used and approved by thousands of people who have made money using Ashley Connors program. The system will explain to you all the information you need to know how to place your bets. It will provide you with analyses concerning bets and give you advise on what horse to place your bets. It will also give you updates about the bets and these will come to your email box nightly.

The 100% money back guarantee is your assurance that this program is legitimate, tried and tested, and can help you make a change in your life.

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-Best for entry level users as they can get to learn the most effective betting techniques.

-No need for heavy initial investment amounts, all you will be needing is clever betting tricks which are mentioned throughout the course.

-Learn methods to perform analysis before you start betting so that you can avoid any complex scenarios.

-Easy to understand and implement betting methods designed to give guaranteed results.


People who are using Crazy Little Betting program are supposed to pay annual membership fees which might not be acceptable for entry level users.

Summary: Crazy Little Bets is a program made by Ashley Cannons for betting enthusiasts so that they are able to maximize the number of wins. By just spending some time to learn tips and tricks for effective betting, players can increase their earnings by achieving guaranteed results.

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