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Having influence and power over others is not a trait successful people are born with. They did not came into this world knowing how to connect with other, high-ranking members of the society on a fundamental level and persuade them to carry out their will and do as they command. Influence and persuasion is a skill that must be learned. Those who seem natural at it have practiced and studied it for many years until they became the masters of offering value in return for favors.

The video guide Connect with Influence is the greatest source of information and knowledge on this topic. Authored by John Corcoran, a man who worked at the White House by the age of 23, an attorney-entrepreneur and an author for Forbes and Business Insider, the video guide teaches you everything you need to know to start practicing influence over others the moment you put it down.


Connect or Perish

If you are involved in the business field at any level, it is essential for you to learn how to connect with those above you and how to influence their decisions so that they will favor you. If you want to get a job or a contract, if you are looking for funds and investors, but even if you are just a blogger who wants to reach a larger audience, it is essential to network and connect with others.

But there is a good and effective way to do so, and there is the way millions do it. The latter is a long and grinding process riddled with social awkwardness and boring or annoying discussions, the former is what John Corcoran will teach you in his Connect with Influence video guide.

John is coming from an average, middle class household with little to no political influence. He achieved a B.A. in English from a simple college without outstanding grades or achievement, yet by the time he turned 24, he was working at the White House.


His key was to build and maintain relationships with just the right people with people who had power and influence. He realized that this is the right way to achieve professional success after studying the life and history of so many highly esteemed, successful people, finding out that they all shared this trait of seeking out influential people and building connections with them.

From then on, he started to implement the techniques of seeking out, building relationships and influencing powerful people in his own life and he achieved tremendous successes. Now he shares everything he learned throughout the decades of his professional life with his readers, to help them earn success, wealth and influence.

In his video guide he talks in great details about the mental blocks of entrepreneurs and professionals that are actively preventing them to climb the ladder of success through social means. These psychological mechanisms are what stand between millions of people maybe including you and outstanding professional achievements. In fact, he argues that these mental blocks are what holding everyone back from gaining power and influence, and breaking them will also break the wall which prevents you from seeing and reaching for the life you always wanted.

These psychological barriers include the following: you may suffer from a lack of self-esteem and self-respect and believe that you have no value to offer in return of value, and therefore you would be unable to gain influence. But as the author argues this is a self-fulfilling prophecy which prevents you to engage in the creative process by which you find and produce value.

The second mental barrier that he lists is the belief that building and maintaining social relationships requires tremendous amount of effort and time which you simply cannot spare from more important daily chores. But this is simply wrong, and as John Corcoran says, a relationship requires less, than 10 minutes a day propelled by a well-built daily habit.

The third mental barrier is that there is a magical key to unlock and unleash an untold professional possibility, and you only need to find that one or a couple right persons to achieve it. But it is sadly untrue, and Connect with Influence was created exactly to solve this issue.


The Art of Influence

The Connect with Influence video guide consists of 8 modules. By going through all of them, heeding their advice and following their very easy, step by step instructions, you too will be able to unlock professional potential undreamed of.

In the Module 1 you will immediately learn how to break through your psychological barriers and assume self-confidence. It teaches techniques used by the most successful entrepreneurs and professionals to effectively connect with other people in their network, and it shows how to overcome the dread that arises from the possibility of rejection and failure.

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The Module 2 helps to shatter even more mental barriers by teaching you the most effective methods of time management. It will teach you habits and activities with which you can maintain your relationships even if you have more than one job and you want to allocate time for your family as well.

Module 3 will help you how to categorize people, organizations and events into 3 lists to help you save the most time and find those relationships that offer the most value, and purge those that only consume time.

Module 4 is going to teach you how to effectively use social media to nurture your relationship with powerful people by using only 15 minutes of your time each day.

Module 5 is the guide for face to face, real life communication and networking which includes tips to get over the initial social anxiety, and how to win over the hearts of those you talk to with sincere compliments.

Module 6 will help you master communication through e-mail marketing software to manage and nurture your relationship with hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously.

Module 7 teaches you how to manage and see through the history of each relationship.

And finally, Module 8 will offer tools to keep an eye on the revenue you earn from your network.

people network


Connect with Influence is a guide every single person who wants to achieve career success needs. For as little as $27, it will give the key to professional success into you hand, and it will help you build and maintain relationships with the most powerful people. Once a study has shown that you are six degrees of separation from anyone you wish to meet, and Connect with Influence will help you break through those degrees to gain influence even over the most successful businessmen.

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– It is a guide that will define all the methods that you need to implement in order for you to attract success in your business.

– Comes with seven modules that are explained in details and that you need to start using right away to be successful in your business.

– The program will help you to know how to establish a communication and networking interface and also help you to overcome your social anxiety.

– The guide will help you to win the hearts of many people in your organization making you one of the trusted guy.

– It is cheap and affordable. Why don’t you try it out at only $27? It will surely not fail you.


– You can only access the guide through the internet. This therefore means that you cannot purchase the guide offline.

Summary: This is a program that will help you to connect and influence most people in your business field. The guide digs deep explaining why connection is important and not only that, it shows you how to exactly make all the connection that you need.

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