Build A Container Home Review – What You Need To Know About it?

Build A Container Home
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What a unique idea! Using shipping containers (the large ones that go on freighters) to build a home. These modular units are strong, built sturdy, and are piling up in ports around the country. Take advantage of this surplus to recycle shipping containers that contain over 8000 lbs. of steel.

Download a program that is written by a professional container builder, Warren Thatcher, and learn to build a beautiful home using shipping containers. This program is the most comprehensive solution to DIY home building. Information was gathered through research and then Warren had it illustrated. Choose one of the sample container home designs in the book. Be unique and stand apart from all the other homes in your area.

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Before you build your container home, you need to consider:

  • How many people will live in the home.
  • What style or feel do you want your house to exhibit.
  • Plan your budget. Write down the minimum and maximum amounts.
  • Find a great location for your project.
  • Review the site and check out the soil bearing capacity.
  • Look at the building codes.
  • Determine how you will finance your home.
  • Be detailed. List the number of baths, bedrooms, kitchen, and fun areas.
  • Figure out the square footage you will need.
  • Put your design together using options and configurations.

What is in the Program

Great planning advice is yours when you download Warren Thatchers book. The author stresses that 90% of all good architectural building is in the planning stages.

With Build a Container Home you will receive ideas on how to put a shipping container to good use.

Discover what mistakes you need to avoid so your project is safe and sturdy.

Read the best ways to get your project finished and move-in ready.

How to save money and where to put your money for the best results.

The least costly way to build a container home.

Build A Container Home

Not only do you get professional advice, but the program also includes:

  • How to purchase a shipping container at the lowest price. This is important. A high priced container will cause you nothing but grief.
  • Insulation tips are important. Do not purchase a shipping container until you know how to insulate the container. Purchasing the wrong type of container could cost you a great deal of money. These metal building can be very cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Consider what types of insulation you will use.
  • You need to know how to obtain a permit. A full instruction kit to obtain a building perming including a checklist is available with this program.
  • Get layout and design tips from a qualified professional building contractor. It might seem like a simple solution when building a home with containers, but there are many options you need to be aware of. Tips on choosing the right size containers to stack and design your home is included in the eBook.
  • There are 15 3D container layout tips that will give you awesome ideas for building your container home.
  • You need to correctly prepare the site for footings and concrete foundations. There is a lot of detail in the downloaded program that include diagrams and pictures. Pay close attention to this part of the program.
  • In addition to strong foundations, you need to have a strong skeleton. This ensures that your house will not be destroyed by natural disasters. Learn techniques in the eBook to build a great skeleton.
  • You know that shipping containers are made from steel. If their protective coatings wear off, you will be susceptible to rust. The eBook gives you useful tips on preparing your home and keeping it from rusting.
  • Full diagrams of electrical and installation are yours with this program.

The entire program is well thought out and extensive. You will not find any other program that outlines exactly what you need to do to build a safe and secure container home.

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Cost and Guarantees

Right now you can get a guide for the price of $47. This is so low! The cost of house plans is far more than this price. All you need to do is download the program, put together the advice, and you will soon have a sturdy foundation for your family.

The guide carries a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with Warren Thatchers guide for any reason what so ever, send Warren an email and he will refund every cent back to you. There is nothing to lose except your hard earned money and lack of uniqueness in home building.

Get Instant Access!

Benefits of a Container Home

Its not an unusual idea; thousands of people have used shipping containers to build their home. There are several benefits to using shipping containers, and some of them are:

  • Containers are affordable. When you compare the price of a shipping container to building materials, you will see that you are saving quite a bit of money. You can modify shipping containers to create that sleek modern look that is gaining popularity.
  • You can make the container look awesome by playing with the design and maybe adding more shipping containers to your original purchase.
  • The majority of work is already done. You save time and just put the containers together.
  • A shipping container is unique. You can decorate your container just how want without looking cookie cutter.
  • A great advantage to shipping container homes are their environmental footprints. You are not cutting down trees and when you use old shipping containers you are recycling.

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Disadvantages of a Container Home

  • Zoning rules may prohibit using a contain in the area you want. You may have problems obtaining a building permit.
  • Unique moving and placement equipment is needed to get your container in the right configuration.
  • Shipping containers are used and many of them are old. Rust may become involved.
  • Paints and solvents used during manufacture might be harmful.
  • Some shipping container might have contaminants that were not fully cleaned up.


Shipping container homes are made from steel, are strong, and offer a fast and green approach to building. Intermodal steel building units are manufactured in a factory environment and they are standardized and reliable. You can use a storage container to build an average sized home that contains almost no wood.

The hallmarks of a shipping container home building are the time and money savings you will experience. Builders claim that it is quite a bit easier building a home using a shipping container than traditionally building a wood home.

Shipping container carry outstanding fire and safety ratings; this impresses insurance companies. It will take quite a bit to blow down or tear down a container home.

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– DIY methods by which you can create a living place of your choice by using shipping containers without any professional assistance.

– Find affordable containers and modify them according to your living needs by following the instructions as explained by the author.

– The program is 100 percent authentic and in case you do not find the methods useful, you can request for a complete refund for your investment within 60 days.

– Learn how to make a strong and safe homes by using containers for which you will have to properly follow the instructions as advised.


Shipping containers are difficult to move and you will be needing proper building permit before you start the job.

Summary: Build A Container Home is a helping guide made by Warren Thatcher which contains the most effective tips and methods to create a living home by using shipping containers. You can find containers at lowest rates and redesign them by using the methods as explained by the author to make a safe and comfortable living place.

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