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If you are new to the betting world, you must be overwhelmed with the ocean full of options. Which company should you choose? What makes a company trustworthy? The claims that a company makes, are they even valid?

It is quite evident that all these questions can, indeed, make you feel overwhelmed. However, calm down because I have reviewed Betting Gods, whose author is Darren Moore, for you so that you get to know everything about this site. So, let’s get started with the Betting Gods review.

What Is It After all?

I will start with the basics first. Betting God by Darren Moore is nothing but a tipster management company. It uses professional tipsters rather than using its own prediction and betting tips.
It is extremely popular and is used by more than 120,000 punters. While writing this review for you, I saw around 16 pro tipsters covering all sorts of sports. This includes basketball, ice hockey, and horse racing.

You can register here for free. Also, once you register, you will receive free tips right away. The tips will be sent to your inbox. As a client, you will have to pay only for the services that you subscribe to.Betting Gods bags of money

Most Popular Tipsters

I’ve listed below some of the most popular tipsters for your reference:

Golf Betting Expert

Gold Betting tipster earns £283.11 as an average monthly profit. It has a strike rate of 9.13%. However, Golf Betting will require some patience, but this one involves betting on long odds.

Quentin Franks Racing

The next tipster that is quite popular here is Quentin Franks Racing, which is a horse racing tipster. It has been active since 2014. Quentin Franks Racing has a long track record and a high reputation.
As per this platform, it makes £241.49 as its average monthly profit. Its strike rate is 22.67%.

Top Football Tipster

Top football tipsters will give you tips on different football games. For football tipsters, you will receive one to two tips daily. As per the stats, it makes around £170.29 profit, and its strike rate is 67.75%.

Signing Up Process

If you want to sign up for it, the process is pretty straightforward. You will first have to visit the official site. On the home screen page, you will see the join for free option.
Enter your name and email address. That’s the primary requirement. After that, hit the ‘join for free’ option, a confirmation link will be sent to your registered email ID; click on that to confirm your account.

And that’s about it! No long forms, no unnecessary questions to answer. If you choose to stay with the free membership, you will receive hand-picked betting tips each day sent directly to your inbox.
The tips shared with you are from the top tipsters, which means you will get a lot of value by paying no money.Betting Gods Popular Tipster

The Key Features That You Will Like

Just to give you an idea of the items that you will surely like when you avail the package, I’ve listed them below:

You get access to expert tipsters

One key feature of this platform that I really like is getting access to quality tipsters available on the platform.

The tipsters available here have to go through rigorous testing; once they clear everything. Those who are experienced and clear the test get to become the tipsters. The vetting process is as long as six months, which is why they are considered to be good.

Here at this platform, you will come across 16 pro tipsters, and they cover a whole range of sports. Meaning, if you have a sport in mind, chances are, you will find it here.

Before you begin to follow a tipster, you will get to go through their monthly profit, total profit, and ROI. Apart from this, you will also get to know which sports they prefer to bet on.

You get free tips

The moment you register, you will immediately be sent out some fantastic tips for free. Even though you can go for a full upgrade, I recommend that you test these free tips for a few days. If only you feel sure and comfortable, go ahead and do as you please.

You save a lot of time

One pro tip that I would like to share is to always analyze and do adequate research about the bets that you want to place. It is incredibly crucial to beat the bookies in the long run.

However, one issue that might make you impatient is that this process is time-consuming. It is never quick. If you want to see the desired results, you will have to have time in your hands, and you must dedicate yourself.

But if you don’t have time and want to involve yourself in researching, I suggest going for these betting tips. You can simply follow a tipster who has a good track record. This will make the process easier.

Even though this will cost you money, but you have a massive chance of making an enormous amount in the long run; therefore, it is a win-win situation.

Betting Tips That Will Help You

Even though you will only find 16 pro-tipsters here on this platform, the range of sports you will get to choose from is humongous. You will definitely find a tipster that suits your requirements.
The main sports included here are- football, horse racing, cricket, eSports, greyhound racing, NHL, basketball, and many more.

You will come across tipsters who only focus on one sport, while others take a broader approach and cover multiple categories.

The quality of tipsters available here is fantastic, and it will take not more than £10 for each bet. This means you will get to compare different tipsters before choosing the best one for you.

How easy is it to use?

Overall, the platform gives you a great experience. I found their site to be user-friendly. The availability of a mobile application makes everything even better. The layout is easy to follow, and even if you are not a pro at betting, it won’t disappoint you.

You can easily find top tipsters on the site. You will get to see their stats, which is another bonus. Users get to analyze each tipster based on their stats, making it easier to choose the best one.
All in all, I liked this platform, and I don’t think this site is a scam whatsoever!

How successful are the tipsters here?

One question that even I had in mind before going through the site is how successful these tipsters are! It is crucial for these tipsters to be successful because it will have a direct impact on your results.
After comparing the tipsters and evaluating the site, I can say that the tipsters are of high quality. In fact, I found out that some profitable tipsters available out here have more than 20% returns.
This should tell you that these tipsters are indeed better than most of the other tipsters available on different sites.

Will you have to pay for betting tips?

There are tons of free betting tips available on the site. However, the problem is you don’t know where these tipsters are coming from. Who they are, what are the odds of winning these predictions, and whether they have a good track record or not!

Now, whether you want free betting tips or you want to go for the paid ones here at Betting Gods will mostly depend on your needs. You need to ask yourself a simple question, and that is how you want your betting strategy to be.
If you want to maximize your profit by investing time and effort, I say go for the paid tipsters. Paid ones are comprehensive, and they are, of course, better.
But if you don’t want to pay, you can always stick to their free betting tips. You will receive free tips in your inbox daily.Betting Gods Free Tips

All the good and bad

This platform has built its reputation in the industry. They have earned their customers’ trust by working hard for it.

A tipster management company needs to be transparent with its information. The platform is here for more than five years now, and they have a considerable following. Unlike other similar companies, it ensures to conduct its business transparently.

What I Loved!

The first thing that attracted me the most is the high-quality and consistent tipsters with a proven track record. I came across many sports, which is impressive.

One shouldn’t have any issue using it because the platform is quite user-friendly. You get free tips every day and almost immediately when you sign in. Betting Gods gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. The customer service is exceptional and usually responds the same day.

It is always better to follow the high-quality tipsters because they have a proven track record. And this will enable you to make a good profit by following their trustworthy tips. Betting Gods won’t disappoint you in this regard.

Things That Need Improvement

The site needs to have more than 16 tipsters so that people have more choices. Also, if you want pro tips, you need to pay for them. I would like to see a few free pro tips before spending money. Hence, there are a few scopes to improve.

My Final Verdict

I found Betting Gods’ site by Darren Moore trustworthy and quite valuable. Even though they only have 16 tipsters on their platform, they are pros. These tipsters don’t just get selected randomly, which is another advantage for people like us.

This way, we get to follow only the top tipsters knowing that they can help us earn more profits.
It has a simple and easy-to-use website, and the daily free tips are brilliant. That’s how you can be sure whether you should pay for their paid services. And I don’t think it is yet another scam site at any cost!

If you want to win your bets and learn from the pro tipsters, then yes, Betting Gods are the ideal platform to join.

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This platform has high-quality and consistent tipsters with a proven track record.
• A whole lot of sports are covered, which is impressive.
• The platform is straightforward, simple, and easy to use.
• You get free tips every day and almost immediately when you sign in.
• It gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee.
• The customer service is exceptional and usually responds the same day.


• The site needs more tipsters.
• If you want pro tips, you need to pay for them.

Summary: If quality tipster service is all you are looking for, and you want to be sure that you are learning the right tips to win your bet, Betting Gods could be the right platform to join. I have reviewed this site thoroughly to give you a glance at what this tipster management company is all about.
Knowing that there are many tipster services available makes sense to get to know them before you start investing money in them. This one is a top-rated tipster site, and the tipsters this site has are professional and have a good track record.
It brings together 16 tipsters after evaluating them. This means that the tipsters that you will come across offer the best advice. And there are many sports and categories to choose from. Read my full review on Betting Gods to make an informed decision.

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