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Bead manager pro is a software which is designed to create wonderful patterns of jewelry. You can create your own designs by following the pattern used in any photos and pictures. This software functions similar to an embroidery machine which lets you the design the pattern of your choice. The bead manager pro can be installed on both mac and windows for which there is no need to install any additional supporting software. This is a great way to improve your business as you can follow the latest trends and designs. If you are unable to understand the procedure to install the software, you can also avail the guide which contains all relevant information regarding the functionality of the system.


Features of bead manager pro

Along with the option to design the jewelry of your choice, the software can also be used to track the inventory. In this way, you need not to worry about managing daily transactions and sales records. To save a new type of jewelry design, you will have to update the database so that the system can make the design available for you in the future. The parts which have been used to create the item will be automatically removed from the inventory and you can get the updated list whenever you want. There are other options which let you manage your time as the software alerts you about low stock levels as well.

Along with the above mentioned features, bead manager pro will create separate record for the sales, retail and wholesale by which you will not have to mark the price for each item separately. With the help of the hourly rate calculator, you can get a detail about the charges which you have to pay to your workers. Moreover, it also generates profit and loss reports which can help you overview the progress of your business. Once the hourly rate has been set, the software will also generate a detailed report at the end of the day by which you can get information about the daily expenditures as well.


Lets you manage customer records in an efficient manner

Customer service is the most important factor which needs to be given attention by the business owners to achieve high levels of success. The bead manager pro will create customer lists according to your requirements by which you can easily manage routine tasks. It also lets you create alerts for special dates and particular occasions which makes it easier to stay in contact with your existing customers. Once you have developed strong relationship with your customers, you can increase the profit levels of your business in the future.

The software also allows you to create and export the date in excel format. By this way, you can solve your issues for invoicing, bills of material and catalogs. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the software, you can get additional features added according to your business requirements. There are several other types of business management softwares which do not allow its users to add more features to fulfill their requirements. The bead manager pro can also generate a final report in excel format by which you can fetch any information from the system by just a click of a button.


Get your data stored for future use

The bead manager pro understands the importance of your business data. There are features which protect the information stored in the system from unwanted access by which no person other than authorized can access the database. To stay safe from any type of data loss, bead manager pro also creates a backup by which you can store your information without any hesitation. In case your computer is not working, the information can be access from any other system by entering your login details at the website of the software.

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Here are the basic tasks which are performed by bead manager pro:

  • Allows the users to create the design of their choice which can be saved in the database for future use.
  • Once the design has been created, the system will generate a complete report in excel format which can be exported for various consignment orders.
  • The users can instantly print invoices, labels and design details. It also generates the price per piece automatically once you have entered the expenditure details.
  • Creates a backup for the stored information which can be accessed at all times by the authorized personel only.
  • Keeps a track of daily consignments and can give notifications and alerts once the task has been completed.
  • Calculates tax after completing invoicing and also performs marketing services for your product by which you can increase the sales levels in less time.

There are many added features which are given in the bead manager pro which can help you in improving the overall performance of your business. The actual price of the software is $127 but you need to pay more if you want to add any extra features. To purchase the premium version of the system known as Deluxe, you will have to pay double price as of the actual cost. The creators of the product are determined about its security and have implemented strong safety features so that you can store important data without any inconvenience. With the tracking facility of bead manager pro, you can also monitor the parts which leave the inventory for further use and once the procedure is complete, the system will also inform you about the materials which have been wasted during production.



Bead manager pro solves the hardest part of your business because it designs jewelry of all sorts according to your requirements. Moreover, you can keep maintain your customer lists, create labels, develop invoices and keep a track of consignments which have left your warehouse. Most of the business owners find it difficult to manage these things manually so bead manager pro has proved to be the best existing business solution.

Bead manager pro can be used for all countries because it contains complete currency details for each specific area. You can also use the system for calculating the correct tax code for your country and when the rates change, database is automatically updates so that you can get the perfect calculation. The software comes with a 60-day money back guarantee by which you can get a complete refund for your investment if you are unable to get benefit from the product. To get more information regarding updates, business owners must visit the website of bead manager pro so that they can avail discounted offers as well.

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– It let’s the users create unique set of pattern that is latter stored in the database such that one can use it for future reference.

– The software automatically creates reports following the creation of the unique patterns, the reports are presented in a very logical manner using the spreadsheet.

– After you feed the expenditure details the software automatically produces invoice for each design printed.

– With this software, you can be sure that your information is protected since it stores a back-up storage for all the patterns made.

– The software creates a daily record of all your activities including the consignment, therefore, it is a dependable software.


-The software is a little bit costly and thus some might not be able to access it, but consider all the advantages you are getting, it is really worth it.

Summary: Bead pro Manager is a software that has been made with the incorporation of some certain and very unique features that will help you make a professional jewelry and bead manager. The software uses the latest technology to make sure that you get the best attention and collection of jewelry making you the best in your league. Still doubting, well, this is your chance to glory. By clicking the red button below this words, you are guaranteed of two things, becoming a professional in the bead making industry and having the best and great patterns and this means you will never run short of designs. It is that special, you just can avoid it!

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