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Competition in the free market is a complex warfare that requires a lot of time and effort to win. Even in the fields of online marketplaces, success consists of much more than simply putting out the product cheaper than the other vendor. You need timing, you need precision, you need to pick your battles and know when not to get involved in selling, and you have to have an eye that sees all the business activities, the different prices and that can spot an open field to conquer.


You want to make money but the ultimate key for doing so is not furious undercutting and sniping for a great deal but instead a tool that will make these things possible and just a matter of seconds.The way to maximize the revenues and economically expand any enterprise is by producing the same exact resultsbutusing less resources than before. In fact, this is the definition of economic growth. If an economy achieves the same outcome with less used resources than before than those resources may be used up to further expand the pattern of production.

ASINSpector Pro is a tool that frees up vast amount of energy and time for anyone dabbling in the industry ofe-commerce.



It is the upgraded version of the browser add-on ASINSpector, which is a must-have tool for everyone who is trying to sell goods online. With one click, the user can scan the whole online marketplace from Alibaba through eBay and Amazon to Walmart for every single listing of a given product or type of product. You can ask it to search for the product you are considering to sell and it will show you a vast database of currently available listing.

The user may see the price of each product, see what is the lowest price, calculate a Return on Investment based on estimated costs, look at the rating of the product and the number of reviews each listing has received, the estimated sales and the estimated revenue in USD that is calculated by a complex mathematical algorithm that goes through constant upgrades and refinements to deliver perfect results. Apart from these, the user may ask the add-on to show a number of other data available about the listings and evaluate the market for these products within minutes to see whether it is worth itto enterthe competition.

By using ASINSpector, you will instantly see who the best seller of any item is, you will be able to look for products that you yourself could sell by using the ROI calculator, and fundamentally you will own a tool with which you can constantly keep an eye on and scout for possible sources of income.

This is the key to victory in the free market competition. You achieve the same results, you will be aware of the dabbling of your competitors but with using only two clicks and observing a table of data. This saves you tremendous time that you can use to actually expand your business and dominate more and more segments of the market.


Level Up!

ASINSpector Pro knows much more than the basic version. In the Pro version, it is possible to apply filters to the results and find only those that meet a certain criteria in any of the columns. You will be able to see what keywords people used when they have found a selected product. You will be able to open a specific product you choose from a general list in a new ASINSpector page, view its data and ask the software to get similar results.

If you are looking for new products to sell, the Pro version has a Brainstorm feature which will give you randomized keywords and search the results to show you what other people are selling in thoseniches and to generate ideas for you by exploring the market.

You are now able to mass search products by their ASIN numbers. You can either import or copy a vast amount of ASIN numbers into the add-on and it will scan through the online e-commerce market for every single item you asked.

The add-on provides search engine information about any selected product. It will show you how many people have looked for that particular item throughout the years and what keywords did they use before they found them.


The developers also include to the Pro version of ASINSpector a mobile app. This app lets you scan any barcode you come across, save the barcode to the device and send itto the PC whenever you want to have it show you all the details about the product from data about where you can get them to data abouthow much does it cost or how much revenue the sellers are making.

ASINSpector Pro also has a reverse search function. You may go to online marketplaces such as Walmart or eBay and search an item you are interested in. Then you will need to click on the icon of the add-on and it will instantly search for all the items you just searched from all the online stores, showing you every data available about them.

And finally, it also includes a separate tool calledASINspector Product Tracker. Using the Tracker you can always keep an eye on the products of your competitors based on parameters such as sold units or revenue, inventory, pricing or profit margins. The Tracker includes an alarm system so that when it finds what you seek, you will be instantly warned.

The Pro version ofASINSpectorcosts$8 a month, including the Tracker.



If you are in the business ofelectronic commerce, I cannot stress highly enough how useful this add-on is. It will save hundreds of hours from your life that you will no longer have to spend searching for the items you want to sell individually in numerous different sites. You will see what to sell or what to avoid selling, you will be able to calculate ROI with one click, the software will calculate you how much estimated revenue a seller is making out of their product, and many more.

You will be given the keys to a vault of arcane knowledge, the ability to send your spies and always keep an eye on your enemies, to use software-generated keywords to find new niches to enter. ASINSpector is a tool that gives the user ultimate advantage over others in the market by letting the user peer into the database nobody else can access. You remain hidden, while you will see your competitors from the skies and you will be alarmed the first time they make a bold move so that you may obliterate them.


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– With the program you can be able to track and estimate your monthly revenues.

– You can be able to find your niche, That is the range of products that you may wish to specialize in.

– You can be able to track down and know what your competitors are doing.

– The program is not restricted in terms of geographical functionality, it can work anywhere in the globe.

– You can be able to find products on other sites and compare e.g Alibaba, Ebay etc

– Graphs with your history pricing.


– The major con with this program is that it is only accessible through the internet and tracking the performance can only be done through the internet.

Summary: It is an analysis software that will help you find the trends in the performance of your product. The program uses the latest technology helping you to effectively beat your challengers in the market. Therefore, get on top of your game with this guide. Actually, this is what you just need in order for your product to effectively perform in the market. Therefore, join the many other guys in the market who are already using the services of this product.

RatingRated 1.5 stars