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“Get Rich Schemes” and ways to make money are popular in todays down-turned economy. One up and coming money making idea is App Coiner, a simple platform where you test new mobile apps and write a review about them. You submit your review and get paid.

With all the thousands of apps continually being developed, your willingness to use these apps and give feedback is almost a godsend. The platform is open to anyone around the world and is known as mobile software.

You do need a smartphone or tablet, a willingness to learn and earn through using these devices, and you do need an internet connection.

By using App Coiner, you can consider yourself in the technology testing business. There are thousands of new apps released into apps stores, and developers are experiencing a difficult time getting their apps noticed. As app production is increasing, people rely on independent reviews from real users to give them honest opinions and information.

Most people, before they purchase a new app, search for reviews and information. Your reviews will be vital to the success of new apps.

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Using App Coiner

Find the newly built mobile apps you are interested in, load it on your phone, use it and review it. Turn your reviews into App Coiner and you will then get paid for your reviews. Sounds easy, and it is, but there are questions on how exactly this works.

  • There is a small charge ($27) to use the App Coiner Program. After your payment is accepted, you are taken to an exclusive members area where youchoose the apps you want to test.
  • App Coiner is an affiliate of the different apps. You will be provided with a unique link to the apps you want to test. You cannot just test any app from the PlayStore you want. Links will be provided by App Coiner.
  • You are not charged extra once you begin.
  • You find a category you are interested in and App Coiner will provide specific apps in your field of interest. You rate these apps according to consistency, interface, performance, speed and other parameters set by the developer.
  • App Coiner asks you, to be honest, and critical. Remember these apps are going to be released to the general public and they need to be perfect.
  • No experience or technical knowledge is necessary. If you have ever used apps, you will know what a good app should do and what it should look like. Base your decision on what you already know.

If you are looking for extra money, this is an excellent opportunity. It is possible you could test apps full time and make this your only job. There is no limit to the amount of apps you can check. Once you have started with App Coiner, you can consider yourself a beta tester.


Pros of App Coiner

You can rest assured that you will get paid weekly for your work. You choose to receive payment by check, direct bank transfer or Payoneer. New apps are being added to the catalog every week and you will probably never run out of apps to test. App Coiner will check out your reviews to ensure that they are done professionally. You will have a website, and App Coiner will teach you how to promote your reviews on your website. Basic writing skills and a good command of the English language are all that are required to be an employee of App Coiner.

Get Instant Access!

Once you have tested the app, login into your App Coiner members area and write the review. After you have finished, sit back and let App Coiner monetize your reviews. It is easy to check your earning status by using the dashboard. While you wait for your money, just keep testing more apps, wiring reviews, and posting them to your website.

  • This is a user friend opportunity that can prove to be lucrative. App Coiner has been tested for consistency, and ease of use. They need your feedback to be successful.
  • There is no limit the number of apps you can check. Earn as much as you want.
  • The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. In other words, if you dont make money with App Coiner, your $27 will be refunded.
  • There is no advertising. You get paid for testing and writing your reviews.
  • Everything is very straightforward and above board.
  • Once you are provided with your user ID, just log on and start earning money.
  • App Coiner is accessible via smartphone or tablet 24/7.
  • You always have one on one support from the support team.


Cons of App Coiner

Just like other types of work-at-home programs, App Coiner takes willingness, dedication, and work. You will need to follow the instructions, or you will not get the best results, and you will not get paid. There is a certain skill level that is required by App Coiner. You need to be savvy enough to test apps, find out the weaknesses or strengths of these apps, and you do have to have an internet connection.


App Coiner is not a scam. The program is recommended by many different reviewers and has proven to be an excellent way to earn money and test pre-launched mobile phone apps. Games, health and financial apps, exercise and food apps, in fact just about every app that has been developed is available in App Coiner. This program has been used by millions of people all around the world.

If you do not make money, just request your $27 back. Remember that this $27 is a onetime charge to give you the access to the testers platform. Once you are on board and have your own login and password, you will find that customer service will be there to help you.


The more time you spend testing apps, you will gain more experience and become more valuable to App Coiner. Your credibility rises, and you will be offered more and more apps to review. This is a very real opportunity, and if you are good at using apps, can write a simple review, and have the time to be a beta tester; you can make good money.

Do note that like all home-based businesses; you use App Coiner at your own risk. The company does endeavor to keep the information up to date, but they make no promises as to how much you can make. That is totally up to you. App Coiner does include different links that tie back to the app, but the company does not necessarily imply a recommendation of the client website. Your only job is to test, review, and make money.

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– There is certainly not limit set for writing reviews by which you can increase your earnings as much you want.

– The program is no fraud or scam as you are given a complete money back guarantee upon your registration.

– Simple and easy procedure to test application and write paid reviews.

– You will be given personal login details by which you can work whenever you want.

– Excellent online earning opportunity for beginners.


There is certainly no fixed amounts which you can earn by testing and writing reviews for various applications.

Summary: App Coiner is an effective online money making program by which you test, write and give recommendations for newly launched applications. The reviews are paid for which you will have to purchase membership and start testing applications of various categories. So if you want to make a fortune by writing reviews, App Coiner can be your perfect selection.

RatingRated 4.5 stars