AliExpress Affiliate Plugin Review: Read Before Buying

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin
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Plugins make it easier for you to customize any theme and include all the functionalities you need to have in your website. The main purpose of plugins is to make work easier for web developers and website owners. There are different types of plugins that are created to add different functionalities in a website. The WordPress plugins are some of the most popular plugins. These plugins can be free or premium. Free plugins are given freely to be used while premium require you to pay some money. Most premium plugins are very reliable and are often worth the cost. If you own a woo commerce website, you need to invest in AliExpress Affiliate Plugin to reduce your work by 50% and also save time that you would have spend manually adding products to your website.

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Product Description

The AliExpress Affiliate Plugin is a WordPress plugin that makes it easier for you to add thousands of AliExpress products to WordPress website fast. The plugin is uses category, keywords, price, commission rate, purchase volume to find some of the best products to post in your website. This makes it easier for you to quickly add the right type of products in your website thus saving time. Thousands of products are added to your website automatically with just a few clicks. Imagine how much you would have saved with the AliExpress Affiliate Plugin. Looking for the right kind of products to add to your website is a whole load of work and adding the products one by one is even more time consuming. With this WordPress plugin, you can ejoy adding new products to your website without any struggle within the shortest time possible.


  • Live statistics
  • Auto updating
  • Auto translation
  • International exposure
  • Built-in themes


Live Statistics

The plugin makes it possible for you to check the performance of different products on your website. You can be able to see the number of views and directs to AliExpress all the products on your website are getting making it easier for you to know which products have a higher demand and are more likely to sell and those that have low demand. With this information, you can add all the products that have a higher view and leave out those that do not have a view or have lower view the next time you want to add products to your website.

Auto Updating

The auto updating feature in the AliExpress Affiliate Plugin ensures that the information about all the products added on your website is always up to date. New information about each product is automatically from AliExpress.

Auto Translation

The plugin uses a unique module linked to AliPlugin that automatically translates products titles and descriptions into over 40 languages in just a click.


International exposure

The AliExpress Affiliate Plugin provides you with international exposure thus making it easier for you to increase your sales and in turn increase your commission. You can get sales and earn commission from different parts of the world.

Built-in themes

The plugin comes with a number of professionally designed themes that are easy to change and customize to suit your needs. The themes are very compatible with the plugin and can work effectively without interfering with the plugin.

How to Install AliExpress Affiliate Plugin

To install the plugin in your website, you can use two methods; using the WordPress dashboard and using the shortcode. You will first need to register with AliExpress Program to get your personal affiliate IDs. After this, you will need to download the AliPlugin.


The WordPress Dashboard

Using this method, you will have to go to the WordPress dashboard and navigate to plugins and click on ‘Add New’. After clicking on ‘Add New’ choose ‘’ that you downloaded from your computer. Upload the file and click on the activation button to activate the plugin.

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Using shortcode

While you are using this method, you will have to have access to the FTP.vExtract ‘’ from your computer and upload the ‘aliexpress-affiliate’ directory to your ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory. Go to the WordPress Plugins dashboard and activate the plugin.

How to use the Plugin

This plugin not only add thousands of products to your website but it also adds your affiliate ID to all links back to AliExpress, so that you can get commission for all sales referred to You need to configure the plugin to suit your needs. To be able to configure the plugin, you will need to provide API key, tracking ID and Digital Signature. After this, you can use shortcodes to display ads. Remember to update the default category. In the event that no category or keyword is given in the shortcode, the default category ID will be used to get the ads.


  • The plugin is made for WordPress thus it is compatible with all WordPress websites
  • The plugin is designed using a simple and user-friendly interface making it easier for anyone to effectively use the plugin.
  • With this plugin, you can easily and quickly search and upload products to your website.
  • The Auto updating feature ensures that the information about the products in your website is always up to date.
  • There are no geographical limits with the AliExpress Affiliate Plugin, you get international exposure and increase sales while increasing your commission.
  • Live statistic feature makes it possible for you to see all the views and directs of all the products on your website.
  • The plugin comes with built-in themes that are easy to customize to suit your needs and are also compatible with the plugin.
  • You get full customer support thus you can always consult if you are having any problems with the plugin.

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The AliExpress Affiliate Plugin is a very useful plugin to anyone with a AliExpress affiliate website. You can easily increase your sale and improve you commission using this plugin. If you have been struggling to make sales for the products on your website, this plugin is the answer to your problem. Many people who embark on AliExpress affiliate marketing always find it hard to make sales and increase their commission. Let no one lie to you that affiliate marketing is a waste of time. The truth is that it is possible to make so much commission from AliExpress products if you have the right tolls. You do not have to be one of those website owners who are struggling to make sales on their website. Get yourself this powerful plugin and enjoy increased sales and commission. You will be grateful that you purchased this plugin since it guarantees you a return on investment.

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– Simple and user friendly interface introduced in AliExpress plugin so that you can get the best sales results.

– Live statistics feature by which you can overview the traffic and sales rate over your website.

– Easy to install and update plugin from where you can chose the theme and functionalities of your choice.

– In case you are having any issues with the plugin, you can directly contact with customer support to get an instant solution.

– Auto updating facility which gives you access to the latest WordPress features on a click of a button.


The number of traffic and sales growth is never guaranteed as you need to promote your product and website to get best results.

Summary: AliExpress Affiliate Plugin is the best method to add new AliExpress products to WordPress sites by which you can improve your sales and get the best returns. So if you are in search of a reliable WordPress plugin, AliExpress can meet all of your affiliate marketing needs.

RatingRated 4.5 stars