January 25, 2023
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Why do people never break even from betting? I’m sure we all have that relative or friend who always spends his paycheck at the races. Though he might win sometimes, his winnings are always lesser than his losses in the long run. And when he loses, the anxiety is always higher than his excitement when winning.

For most people, they lose when they bet because they aren’t lucky. So they keep playing, hoping that one day their luck would change for the better.

For others betting or gambling, in general, is a scam as “the house always wins”. These set of people believe that the games are set in such a way that an average person cannot make a consistent profit from it.

No matter what side of the argument you belong to, your perception about betting, horse betting, in particular, is about to change.


The notion that horse betting cannot make you consistent profit is based on a fallacy. The fallacy is in the fact that horse betting is seen as an art rather than a science. Thus, you make your choice of horse based on “gut feeling” or whatever superstitious factor that has worked for you in the past.

There is, however, a scientific approach to betting. This approach sees a bet as an investment. This way, before you place your bet, you would consider the risk and reward of the decision you are about to make. When the juice is not worth the squeeze then you simply let go.

With Absolute Certainty, your luck is definitely about to change. Absolute certainty is a miraculous system that helps you make consistent profit from horse racing. This system ensures that you win over 80% of your bets on a consistent basis.

This system, introduced by the Betting scientist, takes a scientific approach to place bets on horse races. Being a statistician himself, the scientist uses statistical information to decide horses with the best chance at winning. This invariably reduces the risk of losing in general.

While researching for an assignment for a statistics course, the betting scientist found some patterns in the win rates of favorite horses. These data followed by in-depth research on individual horses led him to develop this system that has generated a consistent result for a period of 25 years.

How the system works

In analysing a race scientifically, this system uses three major metrics to pick consistent winners. A review of these metrics is as follows:

horse race

Always bet on favorites

In simple English, horses that have a high probability of winning are referred to as favorites. These horses by their track record have been marked for consistent success. Not minding the fact that they usually have lower odds compared to other horse, this scientific approach protects your cash.

However, just doing this wouldn’t get you regular income; some favorites in a particular odd bracket are less likely to generate consistent profit while others have a better win percentage. This system would teach you how to find favorites with the highest win percentage.

Bet for a place only

Psychologically, humans are wired to always strive for the best. In horse racing betting, the second or third best just might do the trick.

While making the first place would make you profit some of the time, this is not a scientific approach. This is because even for a favorite, the chances of finishing first reduces drastically once the race starts.

Also, there are a lot of factors beyond your control that can make the difference between first and second. Would it not be better to simply stake your money on finishing in any of the places?

Though this would again reduce your odds, it greatly increases your chances of winning each game since you are not aiming for certainty in wins.


Watch out for the risk factors

If you consider only the above-mentioned factors, you would still not make a consistent profit. This is because of a phenomenon known as the gambler fallacy.

A gambler believes that if a horse has won his last 5 games it would keep winning till eternity. But this time might just be when that horse ends its streak.

This is why the scientist has created an extra threshold for assessing the risk factors of the individual horses before the bet is placed. By looking at the risk factor in each horse, you can separate a consistent horse from one whose streak might be coming to an end.

Want to find out what these risk factors are? Then keep reading till the end of this review to find out how to purchase this great system.
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To summarise this manual would show you how to do the following:

  • Access the risk of every horse
  • Find favourite horses on a consistent basis
  • Learn the modalities of betting for a place rather than the win

betting system

Why you need this system

Let’s take a minute to review the amazing reasons you need to purchase this system.

  1. You learn how to take the gambling out of betting by picking bets based on scientifically proven methodology. This means that you take a systematic approach to horse betting.
  2. The manual is written in the easy language. Don’t worry about your lack of understanding of statistics and your lack of betting knowledge.
  3. The system is made to suit different budgets. What the system guarantees is a high win percentage whether you place small or large bets.
  4. Implementing the ideas represented in this system is not You only need 20 minutes on each race day to place a bet.
  5. The system is specifically designed for the sceptics. So if you think the claims that have been made so far is impossible only a trial would change your mind.
  6. You’ll make over 80% profit on a consistent basis if you learn to implement this system the right way.
  7. These rules can be applied for a lifetime. The manual teaches lifetime skill you can use at any time so long as you are betting on horses
  8. The manual would also teach you how to go after mid-priced winners in place of long-priced winners.
  9. You get a money management system that shows you how much risk you should take per game and what your return should be before placing a bet.


User reviews

Maybe you are still not sold on the idea. I mean, it seems too good to be true and your scam alert is already screaming.

Don’t just listen to the scientist; listen to any of the satisfied customers from all over the world who have achieved amazing results with this system.

Jason Mann, a racehorse trainer, tried the system and confessed that losing abet is virtually impossible when you use this system.

Chueng Fung from Hong Kong, on the other hand, claimed that implementing the system “makes gambling almost not gambling”.

Finally, John Hillock from Texas grew his betting account to a whopping $16,000 by betting only over the weekend with this system.

How much is it?

For the amazing benefit you have just been introduced to, you only pay a paltry $49.95. This price gets you the manual including the quick start guide you can always refer to when in doubt.

However, if you want this deal you need to act fast as the offer is for a limited time only. Due to the ingenuity of the content of this product, the scientist might want to make more money from the manual in the nearest future.


What we think

This product is clearly first among equals. You may have lost all your life savings while betting or you’re just plain skeptical about betting in general. The absolute certainty system would definitely clear your doubt. The system would make you more money than the little sum you would pay for it.

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  • it is affordable.
  • it doesn’t require you to place large bets to be successful.
  • it is written in an easy to read format.
  • It can work in several countries so long as its horse betting.
  • it would get your win percentage to at least 80%.


  • The manual can only be used for horse betting.
  •  you do not have a return policy.

Summary: This system is at the top of the food chain when it comes to horse race betting. Your betting result would get a facelift just by going through its content.

RatingRated 4.5 stars
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