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I have worked as a government employee for almost 10 years as an admin staff, it gave me a stable income, however, I was not satisfied even though I am able to pay my bills at the right time, send my kids to school and provide food for my family.

I know that it was not enough because I have a very tiring day job and yet I do not have that kind of savings that I truly wanted.

Having a traditional work most of the time eats up my time for my family and time for myself. Because of this, I feel this emptiness inside of me for the reason that I know in myself that this was not my passion.


A long time ago when I was still a student at a university I used to sell different kinds of kinds of stuff and I know that it was my passion.

After several hours of brainstorming of asking myself “What makes me happy?” the first thing that came into my mind is “Entrepreneurship” because I know that it was my passion to run any certain type of business/

I Came Across this “A Lifetime of Homework” eBook

One day after the whole day of super tiring work, I decided to search the internet for some possible businesses that I can run. I accidentally came across this eBook after searching for several hours.

The eBook is entitled “A Lifetime of Homework” and it promises great results about the concept of running a business from home.

It was great to know that there are certain programs that are offering people some guides on how to run a home-based business.

I browsed their sales page and I know that this is a great opportunity for me to take as I will have a chance to leave the traditional job and jump on to self-employment which will give me the freedom and the unlimited opportunity of earning the money that I wanted.

Weighing the Options Self-employment vs Regular Day Job

This was a hard decision to make as I have 2 kids that I support to go to school and our day to day expenses as a family including my wife.

Those are the main reasons why my other foot is behind in this decision because if I fail there will be a lot of consequences. I might lose the ability to support my family which is a great shame if it happens.

And most of all it can compromise the future of my kids and the confidence of my wife on my decision-making skills.


However, my urge to chase my long-time dream is what I wanted more so I decided to take a risk that is why I bought the eBook, it does not look like a kind of scam at all because there are a lot of positive reviews of the product.

Actually, there is no risk at all because the creator of the eBook has a 100% money back guarantee if the program did not work after trying it and added the fact that I do not have to quit my job right away.

Because the system can be done full time or part time you can make a testing phase onto it if you are still employed for you to

What Did I Learned on the eBook

So I bought the eBook and after that I immediately browse the eBook for the knowledge that I wanted as I expected it surpassed my expectations because the eBook is loaded with a lot of knowledge when it comes to starting and running a home-based business.
Get Instant Access!

These are some of the things that I learned from the eBook:

• I learned how to accumulate a large customer base.
• Business ideas that I can implement on any possible financial condition.
• The business idea can be done online or offline which is great because you do not need to become an online marketing guru to implement the program.
• There are no particular requirements to become successful with the business you just need hard work and you must follow the steps carefully in order for you to reach your goal.
• The method of the business will mostly revolve on selling which is my forte and my first love!

Those are only a few of the many techniques that you will learn if you buy the eBook and I am glad that is one of the chosen few who have already purchased it.

home office

A High Caliber Author

The author of this one of a kind product is no other than Mr. George Haylings a man with a vast experience in the home-based business. He has 48 years of victory in the business which puts a high credibility on him.

You can also see his sincerity in the way he teaches people how to implement the business. You can see that he knows what he is talking about and does not talk nonsense.

He also promises that people who implement the program will surely accumulate great wealth.

With Additional Three eBooks which are for Free

The main eBook itself is really a great deal already with the additional free eBooks which makes the deal really one in a million. You cannot find any deals like this anywhere.

The free eBooks that I got from the deal are:

Overseas Mail order Money Makers –Upon reading this eBook I learned about the top secrets operator of mail orders and entrepreneurs that are utilizing in various countries globally.

It also tells the different stories of people who found success in this system, and how they create millions of dollars using those techniques.

Think & Grow Rich – This is also one of the best eBooks that I have read in my entire life which is second to “A Lifetime of Homework”. Many people have found success in this program and became rich.

Most of all that is why it is very informational because it is written by Napoleon Hill a well-known author that focuses on improving your financial status.


The Final Picks – This is where I learned about the different businesses that have an unusual niche and possibilities on how you can be successful with those niches.

Because there is a big chance for you to hit the mega jackpot on those niches because those niches are not yet saturated for the reason that they are not that not that well known.

Because of this, you will a higher chance of having a large number of sales because of you no or fewer competitors at all.

My Final Verdict

After a year of applying all the techniques and methods that are written in the eBook
I have managed to generate a 6 figure income monthly by just staying at home.

I already quit my day job because of the massive income that I am gaining from the home-based job that I learned from Mr. Haylings and I truly appreciate his generosity of sharing his techniques for a very little price of 77 USD.

Upon reading this review maybe you will think that I am completely biased on the product. However, I am just telling the truth here this is what I have experience with the product and I will give an honest to goodness review to it.

I encourage you to buy the product now until it is still on the market because it is a one of a kind item that can surely bring wealth to you and your family. Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity that could completely change your life.


Good luck to you on reaching your goals I know that with proper knowledge that you can get through the use of this eBook everything will be in place.

Just put some hard work and consistency you can surely become what I and others have become which is to have a financial freedom.

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  • Very affordable which only costs 77 USD.
  • Has 3 Free eBooks and 1 free eBooklet.
  • The modules are very easy to understand and to implement.
  • There is no big capital required to start the business.
  • Buying the eBook is risk-free because it has a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it.


  • This is not for people who are impatient because of the process of the business you will need to wait for a little longer for it to generate the income that you wanted.
  • You need to be great in sales talk and rapport with potential clients in order for you to generate sales.

Summary: Because of this eBook I managed to have a financial freedom and it has changed my whole life. Before I was an ordinary government employee but now I have a business that produces a six-figure income every month.

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